There’s something so therapeutic about taking some time out and indulging in an afternoon tea. It’s an escape into some peace and quiet with a cup of cha and a few (a fair few) delicious treats savoury and sweet.

New Delhi is definitely a massive culture shock when you land off the plane. It’s hot, dusty, manic, bustling and all the rest. So, what better than to escape into a luxurious oasis in the centre of the city?

I was on the look out for an afternoon tea that fit the bill and the Imperial seemed to check all the boxes. A luxurious five star hotel? Check. A gorgeous range of tea and treats? Check. An affordable price? Check.

I was so excited to book myself for The Imperial Tea Ritual in their Atrium and enjoy a bit of pampering . Here’s my full and honest review of the whole experience.

afternoon tea imperial delhi review

How to book yourself in for The Imperial Tea Ritual

The Imperial is open for High Tea in their award winning glass domed Atrium each day of the week. The peak time to arrive is from 3pm to 6pm. To book a table you can visit their website and fill in their reservation form. 

Alternatively you can call (+91) 011-41116606.

It’s good to note that you don’t need to reserve a table for High Tea on weekends from 3pm – 6pm. 

afternoon tea imperial delhi review

Getting here & away

The Imperial New Delhi is located near Connaught place and is only around a 10 minute drive or 20 minutes walking from there.

New Delhi has a variety of amazing transport options to take advantage of;

  • You can book a taxi – both Uber and Ola are great apps to download. Not only can you pay by card or cash through the app, you don’t get ripped off either.
  • Take a Tuk Tuk or Auto Rickshaw – A 3 wheeler is also a good option as it’s convenient and there will always be one available. However, you may find that the hotel will not allow the 3 wheeler to pull up outside reception! Most 5* places don’t. BE CAREFUL of scams with Tuk Tuks, it’s notorious in Delhi. Always haggle.
  • Metro – Delhi has a super cheap metro line that runs through the heart of the city, all the way to the International Airport. Alight at Janpath on the Violet Line, it’s a few minutes walk from there. For more metro information, see here.

afternoon tea imperial delhi review

A look inside the Imperial Hotel

As soon as I arrived the staff were so friendly! I definitely felt a little out of place pulling up to such a swanky hotel in Delhi so it was lovely to be greeted at the Imperial with open arms.

afternoon tea imperial delhi review

And the welcome was even better when I walked through the doors. I was immersed into the magical air conditioning and every room was wall to wall opulence!

It had such beautiful decoration infusing modern class mixed with Delhi’s heritage. As I meandered, snooping from room to room, I couldn’t help but gawp and have a twinge of jealousy of the guests that were lucky enough to stay there!

If you did fancy having a look at the prices for rooms or availability, see here.

afternoon tea imperial delhi review

afternoon tea imperial delhi review

afternoon tea imperial delhi review

The Imperial hotel grounds

As I was a little early for my afternoon tea, I had a good wander and stroll about the grounds! Pathways were laced with swaying palm trees, calm classical music played as you walked around and the smell of jasmine filled the air. Surely, I had to pinch myself to check it this was real.

It was such a contrast compared to the manic, hot and busy streets outside. I could only imagine waking up at sunrise and going for a swim in their pool. If you do find yourself here, make sure you have a walk around their lawns, they’re honestly divine.

afternoon tea imperial delhi review

The setting: The Atrium

As I walked through the atrium, I could only smile and look up! Whereas the rest of the hotel was a little dim, the glass domed roof of the Atrium let through the sunlight. Casting a warm glow on the setting for tea.

afternoon tea imperial delhi review

The colour of the orange cushions really popped against the white whicker chairs and tables and I couldn’t wait to choose my seat. As I was sitting alone, I decided to pick a seat in the corner!

It was super comfy and magnificent yet totally relaxed. There was no straight back or stiff upper lip needed here. The music in the Atrium was so lovely to hear and I just felt like I could unwind and enjoy.

afternoon tea imperial delhi review

What’s included in the afternoon tea & the price

I was slightly surprised that it wasn’t your normal afternoon tea affair with a cake stand and finger sandwiches. It was actually a buffet style which everything laid out for you. Although it was convenient to just get up and grab what you like in abundance. I was slightly missing the tier. Usually that’s one of the perks.

There was a wide range of international teas available to order from English Breakfast, smoky Assamese, Chai all the way to your Broken Orange Pekoe. It was a hard choice but I simply wouldn’t be a Brit if I didn’t choose the all time classic, English Breakfast.

There was a wide range of savoury snacks on offer which were mostly an Asian style. There was chicken satay skewers, samosas, curries, chutney’s, flat breads and bruschetta.

Also they had some ‘healthy shots’ in interesting combinations including cucumber and lemon. They were delicious.

afternoon tea imperial delhi review

Then it was onto my favourite course of sweets. They had some amazing artisan chocolates, jellies, cakes, scones and all the naughty things you could think of! I certainly over indulged to try and get the most for my money.

The price of the afternoon tea was 1300 rupees per person, that’s pre-tax. Don’t forget that India add’s on 20% GST and also sometimes a ‘luxury tax’ at fine hotels. Luckily, that didn’t happen here. That made the total price around 1640 rupees or there about.

afternoon tea imperial delhi review

The verdict

I have to admit, it didn’t feel as luxurious as most of the afternoon teas I have taken. There’s something so lovely about getting your afternoon tea served on a tier. But, the atmosphere in the Atrium and the location more than made up for that. Plus, for the price you’re paying for an unlimited 5* buffet, you can’t really complain.

It was simply lovely to take some time out of the bustling city of Delhi and unwind. The service was incredibly efficient and the staff truly make you feel welcomed into their extravagant hotel.

Make sure that you put having an afternoon tea at the Imperial in New Delhi on your list!

afternoon tea imperial delhi review

Need some travel tips for Delhi?

If it’s your first time in the capital of India, it can be a bit overwhelming to decide what to do first. So, I’ve created a first timer’s guide to Delhi of how to spend your first 24 hours here.  In this guide, I take you through all the must do sights to tick off your Delhi bucket list.

afternoon tea imperial delhi review

With thanks to the Imperial in New Delhi. All thoughts, reviews, photos and opinions are my own. For reservations, please see here. For room bookings, click here. 

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afternoon tea imperial delhi review
afternoon tea imperial delhi review
afternoon tea imperial delhi review

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  1. March 28, 2018 / 6:24 pm

    I love the honesty of this post, and how you’ve clearly thought about your opinion before writing. Those grounds look incredible! That alone would tempt me.

    • March 28, 2018 / 9:48 pm

      Thank you ! Yes, sometimes I feel that reviews only talk about the good. It’s always handy to have a few of the truths thrown in 🙂 they’re gorgeous aren’t they? I could have spent hours strolling if it wasn’t so hot! Thanks for reading. Sophie x

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