So a few months ago, I decided to be a tourist in my Capital City of London. One of the many places that I’ve been meaning to go to for years is Abbey Road. The home of The Beatles recording studios and famous picture on their 11th studio album cover.

I didn’t really know what to expect at all, but I knew it would be a popular tourist attraction as so many now go there to grab a photo to the distaste of regular driving commuters. It was an entertaining experience and a bit of a scrum, but I ended up getting a nice picture as evidence for my bucket list tick off!

So I want to manage your expectations – it won’t exactly be like standing with Lennon, Ringo, Harrison and McCartney when you go as its few decades past since that infamous photoshoot but, it’s still worth the visit and one for your history books.

Here’s my video of my crossing while there – Read below for more information on how to get your own!

Getting Here

You can catch the Jubilee line on the Tube and get off at St. John’s Wood. Make your way up the escalator and follow the crowds to the crossing.


While you’re there

I had to laugh as it was so busy! There were so many tourists queuing to cross a zebra crossing – If you had no idea who The Beatles were, or their album, you’d probably think everyone was crazy. There were crowds who just sat and watched the people come and go and laugh at all crazy poses and angry drivers with road rage!

If you are visiting on weekends, it will be busy. So make sure you plan enough time into your day if you do want a good picture.

How to get a good snap

I would recommend visiting on a weekday if possible and after rush hours (7-9) and (4-7pm) but it can get quite busy on the roads at all times of day – it is London after all!

  • Wait your turn
    If you’re looking for a photo without anyone else in it. You’ll need to wait for a good moment to cross. There will be people approaching the crossing all the time, who aren’t prepared to wait but just let them get on with it and have their photo. There’s plenty of time.
  • Be Patient
    You will need to be patient if you want a good photo at the crossing. There’s tourists, pedestrians, tour groups and others all waiting for a photo. If you do want a good one without anyone in it, just be patient and your time will appear. Plus, you’ll need to be mindful of traffic.
  • Mind out for Traffic
    For the most part, the drivers understand that this is a tourist attraction. But others aren’t so mindful and they do have a point! It is a main road above a tourist attraction. There will be buses, bikes, cars, vans and trucks all wanting to get through and some won’t be prepared to wait. Be careful and thank the drivers who wait for you.

Visit the cute Café and gift shop!

After your trip you can head back to the station and pick up a nice little souvenir for your visit on top of your photos. The café at St. John’s Wood Tube station is a lovely little shop which sells you a nice cuppa and has a range of Beatles merchandise and ‘I crossed Abbey Road’ gifts.

What better than the top off my tourist visit to London with a plectrum to commemorate it? Drum rolls for a prize for the cheesiest souvenir goes to….

FullSizeRender 166

If you want more

I also decided to extend my tourist musical visit to a pay homage to David Bowie at his memorial in Brixton. There are some real gems in London that celebrate our little countries amazing musical history – so make sure you check them out!

FullSizeRender 165

Have you crossed Abbey Road? What’s your favourite Beatles song?  Comment Below!

Sophie Pearce

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