Istanbul which is the heart of Turkey, boasts some pretty amazing food culture.

Kebaps, Turkish delight and their Turkish Ice cream are all cuisine which can be purchased from street vendors around the capital city but there is one food that you HAVE to try beyond all else! You may feel sorry for your waistline after I tell you this, but it is so worth it – Baklava.

Oh, Baklava – How I love thee! It’s possibly the most amazing pastry you can try in this world. Inherited from their Greek colonists Baklava is thin layers of pastry piled high, with lashings of sugar between each layer and best served with pistachio! I know, sounds tasty right?

In my opinion there is only one place that you should try it in Istanbul and that is Hakki Zade, Hafiz Mustafa.

Their luxury boutiques can be found dotted around the city and they are a delight to visit! Whenever I walked into a shop of theirs, I was instantly handed tasters by their friendly staff. I had to start refusing as I was sure, as soon as I walked in I put on a pound!

Their pastries, sweets, treats and delights are of the highest quality and can be purchased by the kg so you can get as much or as little as you like. As soon as I discovered their pastries, I had to buy a box or two for back home. Pistachio, Chocolate, Double Chocolate, Chocolate Pistachio – yeah, I went to town!

I’m a bit of a sucker for packaging and they definitely didn’t disappoint in that department. They had a stylish white and gold boxes, bags and carriers and my purchases came in a beautiful bag with gold straps. What more could a girl need but some stylish arm candy (quite literally)?!


Dine in style when you experience Turkey’s cafe culture

What is even better than their shops, are their fashionable cafés. You can sip on one of Turkey’s famous tea and coffees and nibble on their amazing pastries – bliss!

My favourite café of theirs was in Taksim Square. This is a complete contrast to the ‘old city’ and it’s completely cosmopolitan. You can join the many businessmen and locals who sit outside to get their caffeine fix. If it’s a sunny day, I would recommend sitting outside and just watching the world go by. I would give anything to be right back there, sipping my tea, eating my Baklava – sigh, It’s such a lovely atmosphere!

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Make sure you give it a visit if you ever find yourself Istanbul. I would recommend taking a few boxes home as you may miss your fix when you fly back! Dine in style at Hafiz Mustafa’s luxury boutique!

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Have you tried Baklava? What did you think? Comment below!

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