“When The Music’s Over, Turn Out The Lights”

Any one that knows me knows of my love for The Doors and Jim Morrison. I’ve been obsessed since a young age. So, when New Year came around and I had a look at my bucket list I was shocked to realise I hadn’t been to Paris to visit Jim’s final resting place

A Little History

If you don’t know who Jim Morrison is, you should certainly know who The Doors are. An American  rock band influenced by blues, starting off in the Whisky Go-Go in L.A and then moved onto world fame  through the 1960s.

In Jim’s later years, when the band split up, he decided to move to Paris with his girlfriend Pamela Courson to concentrate on writing his poetry.

According to legend, just days before Jim died, he visited the cemetery and expressed how he wanted to be buried here amongst the greats. Then, when he did mysteriously die in his Paris digs (with answers even today left untold) they gave him his final wish and buried him here.

Finding the Lizard King

Pére Lachaise is the worlds most visited cemetery and largest in Paris and so it can be easy to get lost. As soon as I pulled into the City, I made my way over on the metro stopping off at Pere Lachaise station.

My, how I underestimated the size of it! I followed what other Doors fan tipsters had said and tried to purchase a map but there were no map vendors in sight so was stumped on what to do next.

Luckily, there are maps with the locations of famous graves and so I would recommend taking a picture of it as you make you’r way around so you don’t get lost. But, even if you do, it’s no biggie. The cemetery is absolutely beautiful and you should make the most of your tour around.




Each numbered dot represents a famous tomb and Jim Morrison is by far the most visited plot out of them all so you could opt to follow the many fans who flock there. Or, you if there aren’t any in sight, Jim can be found in Division 6 and his number is number 30.

While you’re there


It is pretty touristy so if you want to visit at a quiet time I would go early when the grave site opens. It is a beautiful location and you will find people reciting poetry, playing guitar, smoking weed, drinking whiskey in remembrance which I thought was a nice touch.

Jim’s parents, to prevent vandalising, did express a wish to have a barrier put up to protect the grave so if you have planned to bring some offerings – be prepared to throw them over the fence. Your best bet is to bring something small like a bracelet or something to tie to the fence. That way you can pay your respects but be mindful of the gravestone itself.

There used to be a tree which you could carve into but they have now put a covering over it for protection. In it’s place is the masses of chewing gum and signatures from other visitors to the site. Apparently there are camera watching over, so be careful you could incur a hefty fine for damages!




Even if you aren’t a Doors obsessed fan like me, it’s still worth a visit and you can pay your respects to many other famous people from all over the world. Oscar Wilde, Moliére and Chopin are all here. The graveyard is so beautiful and you can walk around for hours taking in the sights.

I have wanted to visit here since I was 13 years old and so it was an absolute dream to finally tick this off my list. Make sure you add Pere Lachaise onto your itinerary when visiting Paris as it’s a must see!


Want to see the Jim’s grave from the beginning? Click here to see a visual history from MojoParis (I’m at the bottom!)

Have you visited Pere Lachaise? Are you a fellow Doors fan? Comment below!

Sophie Pearce

Sophie Pearce is the founder of Third Eye Traveller. Always having itchy feet and a restless soul seeking adventure, she has now travelled to over 30+ countries, many of them solo. Leaving her heart in India, which gifted her a “Third Eye”, she felt inspired to share her travel stories in the hope of encouraging others to explore this big beautiful world of ours.

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  1. July 10, 2016 / 6:04 pm

    Nice post. Will you post your photo with the banner on your Instagram? I’d like to include it on my website. If you’re interested, let me know.

  2. July 11, 2016 / 11:15 pm

    Thank you! Very kind of you. I enjoyed your article. I had a very similar experience. And love the photo too!!

  3. April 8, 2018 / 8:35 pm

    Great post. I regret that during my trip to Paris my time was limited and I could go to this place. But at least I’ve got one more reason to visit Paris once more. And from what I see on your pictures, I need to take one extra hair band with me.

    • April 8, 2018 / 9:15 pm

      Yes definitely! It’s 100% worth seeing 🙂 and definitely take a bracelet or something to leave. It really adds to the vibe there. Thanks for reading, Sophie x

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