Ever since my heart was captured by travel, I’ve been keeping memories and keepsakes from my adventures. I keep postcards, magnets, tickets, boarding passes; you name it, I’ll keep it. I think there’s something about keeping souvenirs that brings me right back. A recent habit of mine is also to use instant printing machines to print off photos for a collage on my wall. The thing is, my wall is only so big and I’m running out of room!

Not one to have the patience or time to make scrapbooks, I decided that I wanted to capture my memories in a more timeless way. Well, I’m happy to say that my adventures have officially hit the printing press! I’m a published traveller.

Haha, okay just kidding, technically I’ve not been approached by a book publishers (yet!). But, I have made my own printed book of travel memories that I can keep for a lifetime. My own little keepsake with Colorland.

Why choose Colorland?

There are so many photo book companies on the market, it can be hard to choose one that you know will be worth your money. But, with Colorland the process couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is;

  • Go to their website (
  • Select products > Photobooks
  • Choose the type of quality you want (Classic, Exclusive etc.)
  • Pick your theme
  • Start loading in your photos using their editing software
  • Once finished, load your book into the cart and pay
  • Your book should be with you within 7 working days

What’s the quality like?

This is probably the burning question, so, I’ll get this one out of the way first. I always get a little nervous over the quality of photos being printed. Especially as some are from my phone. But, I was shocked at how beautiful the book was when it arrived in the post.

Even when the photos were stretched out fully on an A4 page, the photo was really detailed and sharp. This was a total relief.

colorland photobook review

The difference between ‘Classic’ and ‘Exclusive’?

All the books on Colorland come with a difference price as all the products are different quality. If you choose the ‘Classic’ version, you get to choose the cover which will be hard back. But, with ‘Exclusive’ you will be an eco-leather cover which adds a touch of luxury to it on your bookshelf.

colorland photobook review

So many themes to choose from..

I’m naturally an outside of the box sort of person so for my first Classic book I didn’t go for any particular theme. I like to be creative so I went for the Universal/Simple theme and added my own quotes, cliparts and background pages.

I decided to capture all my India travel memories in one photobook as I lived there for over a year and then all my travels from 2017 as a keepsake for a fantastic year of travels. I really wanted to make something special to look back on when the travel bug bites.

But, there are so many themes to choose from via the editor. You can capture wedding memories, your babies first year, a family holiday or occasion, school books – you can even have it as a wedding guest book if you choose!

The possibilities are endless and you can choose a theme based on how many photos you want and how much time you want to take on the book. Personally, as I like everything to be perfect, I took quite a while to prepare mine. But, with some themes you could be done within an hour or less.

Colorland photobook review

Unlimited photos

Never one to be minimalist and knowing the fact I couldn’t choose a certain number of photos, I loved the fact that you could have an unlimited amount of captures in my book. As long as you don’t go over the amount of pages, you won’t be charged more. Each page within the book can be changed to suit you. So, if you want one photo per page, two, three, six or ten you can do so within the editor.

colorland photobook review

The perfect gift for yourself or a loved one

My grandparents are not social media users. In fact, they’ve never had a computer, wifi, a smart phone, not even an ipad/kindle. They’re very much old school and like to read a physical book with pages. Therefore, my Mum usually has to show them my travels when she visits through her phone. Or, they’d never catch up with me or see my travels.

This would be the perfect gift to give your loved ones to showcase all the amazing memories you’ve made.

colorland photobook review

Your exclusive discount

As a thank you for my travel tribes continued support, I’m so pleased to announced that I have partnered up with Colorland to bring you an exclusive Third Eye Traveller discount.

(plus shipping £5.99 making the total £10.98).

That is an amazing discount as usually these products start from £28.99 exluding the shipping cost. So, I would definitely order your printed photobooks before the end of July to make the most of this deal.

All you have to do is subscribe to Colorland’s website via the link above and you’ll be sent your exclusive discount.

colorland photobook review

Capture your travel memories in print

I’m honestly obsessed with my photobooks, I couldn’t stop looking at them and I know that in years to come they will be a treasured keepsake I can look back on. One of my favourite travel quotes at the moment is; “In years to come, you’ll look back at your photos and say; that was me” and what a wonderful way to do it this way with a printed photobook!

With thanks to Colorland for my wonderful photobooks. Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link but I will not profit from these sales. 

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colorland photobook review
colorland photobook review

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Sophie Pearce

Sophie Pearce is the founder of Third Eye Traveller. Always having itchy feet and a restless soul seeking adventure, she has now travelled to over 30+ countries, many of them solo. Leaving her heart in India, which gifted her a “Third Eye”, she felt inspired to share her travel stories in the hope of encouraging others to explore this big beautiful world of ours.

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