One of my favourite times to visit the Red Square was at sunset. Watching the colours of the sky change over the square and the lights of the GUM shopping centre slowly light up was something I could never get bored of. If you weren’t thinking of visiting the square at night, I hope this post changes your mind as you will literally see the buildings transform before your eyes. I found that it didn’t really get dark for a few hours after sunset and so the sky had blue, purple and even pink hues which was stunning to capture. It is definitely worth the extra visit and will be the most spectacular end to a day of Moscow sightseeing.


St. Basil’s Cathedral lights up and looks even more stunning than it already did during the daylight hours. Strollers by, walk along the cobbled streets down towards the river and it makes for such a romantic setting. When there is a clear sky above, the colours change by the minute. From blue, to pink, to purple, to indigo to black! The cathedral spires also light up and reveal their amazing colours too. It’s really spectacular to make sure you have your camera at the ready to capture it!




The GUM shopping centre reminded me of Harrods in Knightsbridge. The first thing I noted was how it all shone up in lights from early evening and made for a spectacular affair when wondering around the square. The shopping centre is open until around 10pm and so you have lots of time to explore.






The Kremlin wall and Lennin’s tomb also is lit up by the shopping centre and it’s probably the quietest time of day to get a picture when there aren’t any tourists around. One of things you can see from miles around is the Communist star light up in red on top of the Kremlin Wall tower spires. It’s beautiful and can always be used as a beacon to navigate your way back there.







Moscow’s Red Square is a beauty whatever time of day that you visit but I would schedule a night visit into your itinerary if you haven’t already. It’s definitely not something you want to miss!


Have you visited the Red Square? Do you have any tips for visitors? Comments below please!

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moscow red square at night
moscow red square at night

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