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Ah, Paris! I adore it! There’s nothing more chic than walking down Champs-Elysées, passing the designer brands and cute cafés as you approach the L’arc d’triomphe. I always feel I’ve made it to Paris when I do. There’s also something better than this to tell me that I’m in Paris and that’s the many stalls selling its famous Macaron!

When it comes to sampling Macaroons in France, I can only think of one café that I would go to every single time without fail, Ladurée. It’s premium patisserie boutiques which are dotted around the city are always a treat to visit. With their dainty, pastel coloured packaging and it’s elegant and stylish logo in gold on the front, is it any wonder that there are queues for miles to purchase a box?


Although the packaging is nice, the macaroons themselves are to die for! They come in every colour and flavour you can think of. My personal favourite was a turquoise green, Marie-Antoinette (typical I know). I believe the flavour was a mixture of Rose and Vanilla. Caramel, Coffee, Pistachio, Raspberry, Strawberry and other delights are on offer for you.  They also have gold and silver macaroons which I wanted to get my hands on but alas, there weren’t any!

The Boutique & Breakfast

I decided one morning that to set me up for the day, I would visit their boutique on Champs-Elysées for breakfast. I decided to arrive early to make sure I got a seat as places are limited. You shouldn’t have to book for breakfast, but if you are planning to dine later in the afternoon it is recommended to reserve a place!

I managed to bag a seat at the bottom by the window which was perfect to watch the world go by as I sipped on my coffee. I don’t normally people watch so much, but you never know who or what you’re going to see on the streets of Paris!

I’m partial to French Toast and I decided to do the tourist thing and try it as I was in France. It. was. AH-mazing. It came served with it’s own mini bottle of Ladurée syrup on the side!


I ordered a Café Noir (or Black Coffee) from the menu to accompany my meal and it came served in a silver jug with protector on the side. If the restaurant wasn’t so stylish and filled with people wanting to peacefully enjoy their breakfast I would have squealed with delight!


Everything in Ladurée is perfection. I couldn’t fault a single thing with the service, the staff are so friendly and the boutique is stunning! Every room is decorated in boudoir style and you can relax while taking in the atmosphere.


An Afternoon Treat

It was so good, I went back a second time to duck out of the January rain. This time, I tried their ‘Ladurée Isaphan desert’, a pink supersize macaroons with raspberry filling and custom rose petal on top! I have to admit, it took a long time for me to choose as there is so much on their menu! It was absolutely delicious and I urge you to try it when you’re next there! If you don’t fancy it, they have a vast range of boutique cakes waiting for you to try. Including their famous Eclairs. So naughty, but so nice!


If you’re in Paris, I would definitely recommend visiting one of Ladurée’s premium patisseries in the city. Even if you don’t decide to dine inside, you can purchase a box of their macaroons to have or to take home. If you’re looking at the hefty Euro price tag, you can just purchase one or two as well. You must try!

Put Ladurée on your list when you next visit Paris, indulge in Parisian luxury.

Have you sampled Ladurées Macaroons? What did you try? Comment below?