As soon as I saw Café Palladio pop up on my Instagram feed, I was obsessed. I would stalk pictures and hashtags just to get a little look inside and find out more. The wallpaper and design was so on point, I just had to visit!

When I knew I was coming back to India and starting off my adventures in Rajasthan, the first place I made way to was Palladio. My friends and I dropped in for a coffee and I was not disappointed.

As I landed in India during monsoon season, finding funky cafés to hide from the rain is a must. Palladio is like candy to the eyes and so this was a welcome distraction for a few hours.

Here’s a peak inside the gorgeous Café Palladio!

cafe palladio jaipur

Café Palladio is located in the new side of Jaipur, on 100 JLN Marg. My Tuk-Tuk driver had a little bit of a mission finding it. It’s best to take the number of the café down and if you’re struggling ask the driver to ring them for directions.

Although you enter on a little bit of a grim bit of a side street road, when you walk inside either from the Café entrance or bar entrance you’ll be greeted into a haven of perfect design. It’s a stunning location for a drink or lunch with friends.

café palladio jaipur

cafe palladio jaipur

The menu

The menu offers a lot of international dishes which was a welcome sight. Although I hadn’t been in India that long, I knew that I would have A LOT of curry in store so it was nice to see something different on the menu.

I opted for a coffee here and was so glad I did. The espresso actually tasted like real coffee which was a change from some of the ‘coffee’ like Bru which is offered here in India. It’s just not coffee, more like brown water. So, I was happy to feel actual caffeine in my veins! Also at 110 rupees plus GST tax, it’s pretty cheap for the setting you’re in!

I wanted to try some of their Baklava here, as it’s my favourite pastry, but it wasn’t available as it was probably off season.

They serve up some amazing healthy salads, authentic Italian pastas and mezze platters to wet the whistle too. It all looked so yummy, I wanted it all.

cafe palladio jaipur

cafe palladio jaipur

The setting

I think the pictures speak for themselves here. I just love a boutique design and it was so lovely to be in awe for a couple of hours. The colours scheme was heavenly, I was in my element.

If I could decorate my room any way I wanted, this would be it. I want the wallpaper in my future home (if I wasn’t living out of a suitcase of course!).

cafe palladio jaipur

cafe palladio jaipur

The verdict

This café was fantastic and I fell in love with the design. The atmosphere can be a little stuffy but the funky music definitely helped to liven it up a little. It also has some great wifi, so if you wanted a safe haven to bring your laptop to work – this would be a great office space!

There is a Bar Palladio next door which was closed when I was here, but it’s on my list to peak inside the next time i’m in town! It’s decorated in the most amazing shade of blue, so I’m excited to have a little drink in there.

Next time you find yourself in Jaipur, head on over to Café Palladio for coffee, brunch, cake or all three!

For more information you can find the link to their website here.

cafe palladio jaipur

cafe palladio jaipur

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Do you know any other great cafés in Jaipur? What do you think of the design? Comment below!