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Captain Jack’s Disneyland Paris Review – Restaurant des Pirates!

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Ahoy there matey, did you know that you can eat inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Euro Disney? 

The pirate restaurant, or restaurant des pirates, is called Captain Jack’s at Disneyland Paris and it will transport you back in time to the pirate hideout in Tortuga!

You’ll be seated by a moonlit lagoon and served up a range of tasty Caribbean-inspired dishes amongst jolly rogers, wanted posters, treasure chests, palm trees, and pirate music.

Although Captain Jack’s is one of the most popular restaurants at Euro Disney for the decor and vibes it does tend to get a bad rap for the food.

So, I thought I’d write an honest Captain Jack’s Disneyland Paris Review and whether it’s worth it. 

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me. We pillage, we plunder, we rifle, and loot, Drink up, me ‘earties, yo ho. We kidnap and ravage and don’t give a hoot, Drink up me ‘earties, yo ho.

Captain Jack's Disneyland Paris Review
Captain Jack’s Disneyland Paris
Captain Jack's Disneyland Paris Review

What is Captain Jack’s Restaurant des Pirates?

Captain Jack’s Restaurant des Pirates is a pirate-themed table-service restaurant in Parc Disneyland at the Disneyland Paris resort.

It’s an incredible restaurant experience as you actually get to dine inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride! 

The tavern feels like you’ve travelled back in time to the Golden Age of Piracy and pirates like Jack Sparrow would be conspiring just around the corner. 

Captain Jack’s serves up a pirate’s feast in a range of Caribbean-inspired food and it’s an amazing immersive experience for fans of the franchise!

Captain Jack's Disneyland Paris
Captain Jack’s Disneyland Paris at night
Pirate pumpkins Disneyland Paris

Important information for Captain Jack’s Disneyland Paris

So, landlubbers, this is the code for eating at Captain Jack’s. There will be no parley;

  • You must have a valid park ticket to eat at Captain Jack’s Restaurant des Pirates
  • It’s a table service restaurant located in the Pirates of the Caribbean area of Adventureland. You’ll find it right next to ‘Le Coffre du Capitaine’ shop at the exit of the ride.
  • Disney Meal plans are accepted starting from Standard up to Extra Plus
  • It is open for both lunch and dinner. The first slot for lunch is at 11.30 am and the last table sitting is usually around 60-90 minutes before the park closes. 
  • Vegetarian and Vegan options are available 
  • The restaurant is tiered with steps to access the bottom and top floors but the middle tier is flat and accessible
Captain Jack's Disneyland Paris
Captain JAck's Disneyland Paris review

What is the decor like inside Captain Jacks’ restaurant?

Okay, so Captain Jack’s restaurant honestly has such a vibe. As soon as you enter, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time to a pirate’s tavern like the ones in Tortuga.

It’s quite dark inside which makes you feel like you’re on a Caribbean island next to a tropical lagoon at night time. 

It’s all palm trees, bamboo walls, colourful lanterns, barrels, wanted posters, treasure chests and jolly rogers!

You’ll even find Jack Sparrow’s flag with his symbol of the red sparrow in the corner. Eek. It’s just like his pirate flag in the movie “At World’s End”. 

Captain Jack's Disneyland Paris
Captain Jack's Disneyland Paris review

What I loved about Captain Jack’s Disneyland Paris was the fact that the restaurant was tiered on three floors. So, although it was busy, it didn’t ‘feel’ busy as there were only a few tables in your tier/section. 

There were lanterns on every table to help you see the menu and the jolly pirate music really added to the atmosphere.

One of the coolest parts was the fact that you’re actually in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride itself so you can watch the boats heading on by if you’re sat by the water. 

It was such an amazing place and I absolutely loved it. As a huge fan of Pirates of the Caribbean, Black Sails, Monkey Island, Sid Meier’s Pirates, Sea of Thieves, and anything pirate-y really I ended up eating here twice as the vibes were immaculate. 

Note: unfortunately, due to the current climate, Captain Jack Sparrow does not meet and greet at your table anymore. Hopefully, they will bring this back in the future.

Captain Jack's Disneyland Paris
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What food do they serve at Captain Jack’s Disneyland Paris?

Captain Jack’s serves up a mix of exotic seafood, Caribbean inspired and vegetarian dishes in this pirate tavern.

So, think of aromatic flavours and mild spice in your seafood, chicken, prawns, rice, vegetables, etc!

A lot of their dishes are labelled ‘island style’, ‘tropical’ or ‘exotic’. There will be coconut sauces, curried meat, exotic fish, fresh salads, and fruity desserts.

Some people may not enjoy this style of food but, for me, I was grateful to have something a bit more flavourful than fries and burgers at a theme park. 

Note: Younger children and picky eaters may not enjoy the food options at Captain Jack’s. If in doubt, check the menu before you book.

Captain Jack's Disneyland Paris

How much does it cost to eat at Captain Jack’s? 

As a table service restaurant at Disneyland Paris, you can expect the meal prices to be quite high. 

They have an A La Carte menu but the mains are very pricey at around 38 Euro each. However, don’t panic! There is a set menu that is far better value for your pieces of eight. 

Most people dining at Captain Jack’s Disneyland Paris will opt for the Pirate’s Treasure menu which is 42 Euro for an adult. 

This is a three-course set menu that includes a starter, main, and dessert. This doesn’t include drinks but soft drinks are only around 4 / 5 Euro each.

Depending on which Disney meal plan you’re part of, you may get one soft drink included. But, always double-check before you arrive.

Magic tip: Make sure to read the message from Captain Jack on the front of the menu. He’ll tell you how he won the establishment from Angelica Teach!

Captain Jack's Disneyland Paris
Message from Jack Sparrow at Captain Jack's
A message from Jack Sparrow at Captain Jack’s

Captain Jack’s treasure menu review

Like most diners, I opted for the Pirate’s Treasure menu which was 42 euros without drinks. 

I actually ate at this restaurant twice and so I was able to try different options from the set menu so I can give an honest opinion on both.

I didn’t eat any of the vegetarian or vegan options but they are available if this is your preference. 

Captain Jack's Disneyland Paris Review

Pirate’s Treasure Menu Starters

From the starters menu, you had the option of;

  • Chopped smoked chicken salad with green papaya and pickled vegetables
  • Island-style fish soup 
  • Or, Quinoa salad with spicy cashew dressing (vegan).

Personally, I preferred the chicken salad over the fish soup. Although the fish soup was more comforting in cold weather I had to ask the waiter if it was actually fish soup as I couldn’t taste any fish. 

It was pretty bland, heavily tomato focussed, and full of ‘filler’ vegetables instead of prawns or chunks of fish.

The chicken salad with green papaya however was very refreshing and flavourful, if a little spicy! But, I didn’t mind that. 

I would go for the Chicken salad option if I had the choice to go again. 

captain Jack's chicken salad
Smoked chicken salad
Captain Jack's Fish soup
The Island-style fish soup

Pirate’s Treasure Menu Mains

For the mains on Captain Jack’s treasure menu, you can choose from;

  • Oven-baked Mahi-Mahi fish steak with coconut sauce and bell peppers (rice included)
  • Caribbean chicken and prawns with Captain’s rice
  • Vegetable, lentil, and plantain curry (vegan)

I actually loved both the Caribbean chicken and prawns and the Mahi-Mahi fish equally. I loved the sauce on the chicken dish but the Mahi-Mahi fish steak was really juicy.

Just a heads up, the fish is completely covered in a heavy tomato sauce (like the soup) and the chicken/prawns have a light coconut sauce!

I loved the fact that the rice came in half a coconut shell which added to the Pirates of the Caribbean atmosphere. 

Captain Jack's Caribbean Chicken and Prawns with rice
Caribbean chicken and prawns with Captain’s rice
Captain Jack's Mahi-Mahi Fish steak
Mahi-Mahi fish steak

Pirate’s Treasure Menu Desserts

My favourite part of any meal has to be dessert. You get the choice of three again at Captain Jack’s Disneyland Paris.

You can choose from;

  • Island-style rice pudding with mango puree
  • Exotic fruit soup, Muscovado sugar and coconut and cashew emulsion (vegan)
  • Shortbread, roasted pineapple, and bourbon-vanilla whipped cream

Rice pudding is the most popular dessert dish here and I get it, people love rice pudding. But, I’m just not a fan. I can’t stand the texture and to me, it’s just like baby food or porridge which I hate too.

I did try it on my second visit but I wasn’t really impressed. Don’t get me wrong, the flavour was good but it was just the stodginess I didn’t like. 

Personally, I preferred the shortbread with the whipped cream, it was super tasty and came with a chocolate garnish too! 

Captain JAck's shortbread dessert
Shortbread with pineapple and bourbon vanilla cream dessert
Captain Jacks' rice pudding
Captain Jack’s rice pudding

Captain Jack’s cocktails

Every table service restaurant I went to in Disneyland Paris served up a varied selection of alcoholic drinks. 

As France is very much a wine country, you’ll always find wine pairings with almost every meal available. 

But, what I loved about Captain Jack’s was their menu of exotic and tropical cocktails. I mean, you can’t go to a pirate restaurant and not enjoy some rum, right?!

I had a Mojito on my first visit but I actually preferred the Planteur’s Punch which was very fruity. It had white rum, peach cream, guava nectar, orange, pineapple, and passion fruit juice.

It even came in a little Tiki glass with a garnish of pineapple on the top. Drink up me hearties, yo ho!

Captain Jack's cocktail
Captain Jack’s Planteur’s Punch!

Captain Jack’s Moussaillon Menu

There is a set menu for children as well which is 22 Euro that also includes a starter, main, dessert, and a drink included.

It has more suitable options for picky eaters like vegetable tartare, pasta with tomato and vegetables, and a Mini Mickey cake. 

But, for those children that don’t mind spices they have Mahi-Mahi fillets, pan-fried chicken breast with a side of sweet potato mash, rice, or vegetables!

Captain Jack's Disneyland PAris Review

How to make a Captain Jack’s Disneyland Paris reservation

Unfortunately, unlike a real swashbuckling pirate, you can’t just rock up to the tavern and demand a table (and mugs of Grogg).

You do need to make an online reservation for Captain Jack’s before you arrive to eat. There may be walk in’s on the day but you may be waiting a while and it’s not a great use of park time. 

It’s far more convenient to have a reservation. Here is how to make a reservation at Captain Jack’s on the Disneyland Paris app:

  • From the home screen click ‘Book a table’
  • Find Captain Jack’s from the restaurant list 
  • Click on the date you are visiting the parks 
  • Select the number of people
  • Then select your time slot when you want to visit 
  • Input your contact information, and special requests and confirm 

Then you’re all booked me hearties! Make sure to check for an email from Disneyland Paris to confirm your table reservation to make sure you’re booked. 

You can also find all your table bookings on the app by heading to ‘Account’ > ‘My Table Bookings’. 

Captain Jack's Disneyland Paris Review

Captain Jack’s reservation tips 

The number one complaint I see about eating at Captain Jack’s Disneyland Paris restaurant is the fact that it can be quite difficult to get a reservation.

It’s one of the most popular restaurants at Disneyland Paris due to its location inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and the connection to the infamous Jack Sparrow. 

Disney Hotel guests can make restaurant reservations at least 12 months in advance of arrival and normal park ticket holders can make a reservation around 2 months in advance.

It’s not an ideal situation if you’re a last-minute booking. But, I can assure you, you can get last-minute reservations for Captain Jack’s Disneyland Paris. I got all my bookings a few days before.

Captain Jack's Disneyland Paris

If other diners cannot make their reservations on the day, they will usually cancel them so that others (like you) can make it.

That means it’s the perfect time to start booking your table! Of course, you do have to be flexible with times but it’s easily done if you’re a couple or a small group. 

My top tip would be to keep checking the app for table bookings each day running up to your visit, it doesn’t take long and you may get lucky. 

If you’re willing to risk it, waiting until the day or the day before your visit is also a good option.

Captain JAck's Disneyland PAris

How long does it take to eat at Captain Jack’s restaurant? 

The one thing I found about table service restaurants at Disneyland Paris is that they are a bit of a time suck. 

If you’re the sort of person that wants to maximise their day and get on as many rides as possible, or if you only have one day at Disneyland Paris, I’m not sure a table service restaurant would be the best choice. 

The restaurants are very busy and the waiters are trying their best to accommodate everyone but it’s not a quick experience by any means. 

I would leave around 90 minutes to two hours to eat at Captain Jack’s Disneyland Paris restaurant. This will allow you enough time to enjoy your meal without being rushed.

Magic tip: If you want to see the illuminations or parades, I would try to book your meal times way before these take place. You’ll need around an hour before the show starts to get a good spot.

Captain Jack's Disneyland Paris Review

Is Captain Jacks Disneyland Paris worth it? 

100% yes! This was one of my favourite restaurants at Disneyland Paris and one I would say is worth the hype. I came back as I loved it so much.

The decor, music, and vibes here are spectacular especially if you love Pirates of the Caribbean. I mean, when can you say you can eat food inside the ride?!

Lots of people always say that the vibes are good but the food isn’t but I would heartily disagree.

The food was really nice with lots of flavour, especially the chicken salad that was super fresh and the Mahi-Mahi fish steak. 

The cocktails were also a welcome bonus and it was just a great place to relax, take a break and eat some food while hustling around the parks. 

Don’t miss out on this incredible pirate tavern when you’re on a trip to Disneyland Paris!

Captain Jack's Disneyland Paris
Captain Jack's Disneyland Paris review

My top tips for eating at Captain Jack’s Disneyland Paris

  • If you want to sit by the water, ask the staff at the front desk if they can accommodate you. I asked twice and they were more than happy to seat me there both times.
  • It can be quite dark inside so if you’re the sort of person who likes to see their food clearly it may not be the restaurant for you. There are lamps on each table though.
  • Make sure to book your table as far in advance as possible if you can. If not, keep checking the app for openings
  • Reserve at least 90 minutes to two hours of your park day for your dining experience. Table service restaurants are a lot slower than counter service.
  • Photos can be difficult but most smartphones have great low light/night settings now! I took all my photos in this article with the iPhone 13 Pro Max.
Captain Jack's Disneyland Paris Review
Captain Jack’s Disneyland Paris

Is Jack Sparrow at Disneyland Paris?

YES! Although he is not shown as a character meet and greet on the Disneyland Paris app, Jack Sparrow is at Parc Disneyland. 

It’s not an exact science of when he will appear but the cast members told me it’s usually around 11 am – 2 pm in Adventureland. 

They always say that Captain Jack’s arrival ‘is a surprise’ and it may not be every day but most days of the week. 

Jack Sparrow doesn’t stand still, in fact, he marches around the Pirate Beach, Skull Rock, and Pirate Caves checking everything is in ship shape. You also may see him on the balcony in front of Captain Jack’s too. 

He may spring up on you like he did to me taking a photo or you’ll usually find him marching around with a big group of people in tow behind him.

But, yes, he is there! You just need to keep an eye out for him. He doesn’t stand still for long so make sure to ask for a photo and be quick. He is a busy captain after all. 

Captain Jack Sparrow at Disneyland Paris

Is there a Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland Paris?

YES! This is one of my favourite rides at Disneyland Paris and it is very similar to the ones in California and Walt Disney World. 

But, the Pirates of the Caribbean in Paris has a few twists like extra drops and a photo opportunity that you don’t get on the original rides.

Disneyland Paris Pirate Beach
Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland Paris

You’ll get to see Captain Jack’s restaurant at the very beginning as you sail by before you enter the main part of the ride. 

Make sure to look out for Jack Sparrow in the middle of a barrel trying to steal a treasure map and at the very end with all his treasure and the parrot. 

He speaks and sings in French and English which makes him even hotter if you can believe it haha!

Disneyland Paris Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow

Don’t forget to explore Davy Jone’s locker, Skull Rock, and the Pirate Beach!

If you’re a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean, you will love exploring Adventureland in Disneyland Paris. 

Although there is one main ride, there are other pirate attractions you can explore whilst you’re here.

There are some great photo opportunities to be had around Skull Rock, Pirate Galleon and on Pirate Beach.

Or, why not explore the Pirate’s caves and try to find Davy Jone’s Locker whilst you’re here?!

Pirate Ship Disneyland Paris
Davy Jone's Locker Disneyland Paris

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Captain Jack's Disneyland Paris Review Restaurant Des Pirates