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Personally, I’m very much of a last minute planner when I travel long term. Sure, I look at a few places I want to go but I don’t have to time to do a load of research and plan an itinerary.

That’s why I’ve been using a new concept called GPSmyCity. It’s a travel app that let’s me download travel guides as apps straight to my phone. It’s like having my own travel guide in my pocket. What’s awesome about it, is I don’t even need the wifi or 4G to be guided around!

Now, I’m proud to say that even some of my own travel articles have been transferred into shiny new apps for travellers to download!

What’s more, as a celebration of launching them, I’m giving away some FREE upgrades. Keep reading to find out more.

GPSMyCity is an awesome new travel app which let’s you download city articles, guides and walks directly to your phone for FREE.

The company has sought out travel influencers and bloggers from all over the world and hand picked their best city guides for the app.

These are articles from people who have actually been to the city you’re interested in. What’s great is that they have done all the hard work for you by finding the best places to go in that city. All you need to do, is follow in their footsteps by using GPSmyCity.

Simply go on the app, search for the city you need to navigate, read the articles and download the ones you like onto your phone.

This way you can access the article from anywhere, even on the plane! What’s better is that these apps can be used offline and don’t take up any of your data. This is perfect to avoid those super expensive roaming charges when you’re travelling abroad.

Each travel article has been expertly converted into an individual app. Each app has GPS coordinates added in to guide you around the city, like having a travel guide in your pocket!

You can enjoy the travel app as much as you want but to enable the GPS coordinates, you do need to upgrade. But, it’s super cheap and easy at only $1.99.

gpsmycity review

Sounds great! How do I download the app?

Simply go to your App Store or Google Play and type in ‘GPSmyCity’! The App is completely free.

Although you will need to pay to upgrade each travel app you would like GPS coordinates with for $1.99.

Alternatively, you can go on their website

gpsmycity review

Is it for everywhere? Or just cities?

It is just city locations for now but there are over 1000+ cities to choose from! So, wherever you are in the world you know you’ll be able to find your way around.

gpsmycity review

My city guide to Warsaw is up there too, click here to access!

Why should I upgrade? Can’t I just look at your blogs for free anyway?

Yes this is totally true, you could just look at my blog posts for free. But, you may need to keep trying to connect to wifi or use your precious data to access the guide every now and then!

When you download the guide from GPSmyCity, you can access it offline. Even when you upgrade with the GPS coordinates, you’re still not needing to connect to wifi or data to use it.

Pretty cool stuff. Personally, I try and avoid using data when I’m away. I don’t even buy a SIM card, so this would suit me down to the ground.

gpsmycity review

My FREE App Giveaway!

To celebrate a whopping 35 of my travel articles being transferred into awesome travel apps, I’m going to give away some FREE upgrades on the below articles.

This will only be from Monday 12th of February until Sunday 18th February 2018, so get downloading quick!

Click on each picture below to access through the website! 

Want to see more?

If you’re interested in seeing more of my travel articles on GPSMyCity, you can access them by clicking on the links below. My articles always give you the best places to go, eat, stay and play!

Don’t forget my articles are FREE to download but if you would like to upgrade to receive offline GPS coordinates, you only need to pay $1.99.

With thanks to GPSmyCity.

Just a note to say that there are affiliate links in this article and upgrading any of my blog posts will give me some pennies at no additional cost to you! This money will keep me blogging. You rock, thanks for your understanding. 

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