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Hardwick Hall Harry Potter Filming Location – Visit Malfoy Manor in Real Life (2024)!

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Where are my fellow Slytherin’s and Draco fans at?! This is NOT a drill. Did you know that you can visit Malfoy Manor in real life? 

That’s right, the Hardwick Hall Harry Potter filming location can be found in Derbyshire near the Peak District and it’s where they filmed the Malfoy’s ancestral home in the Deathly Hallows.

Now, it might not look exactly like it did in the movies as the Wizarding World used some CGI effects to make the manor look more mysterious.

But, I’d still say that it’s worth paying a visit to the home of Draco Malfoy if you’re a fan! After my craze with DracoTok, seeing the real Malfoy Manor gave me the chills.

Here is a complete guide to the Hardwick Hall Malfoy Manor filming location with all the Harry Potter magic you can find there!

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Hardwick Hall Harry PotterMalfoy Manor Filming location
Hardwick Hall Malfoy Manor

What is Malfoy Manor in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? 

Of course, Harry Potter fans, Slytherin house members, and the Draco Malfoy obsessed will need no introduction to Malfoy Manor. 

But, for those visiting who are not in the know, Malfoy Manor is the ancestral home of the Pure-Blooded Malfoy family.

In the books, Malfoy Manor is described as a handsome manor house with a gravel driveway and huge iron gates.

The Malfoy Manor floor plan includes six rooms, a grand hall, kitchens, and a swing door that opens by itself.

It’s patriarch, Lucius Malfoy, runs the household. You’ll find that he owns albino peacocks that wander around the gardens which is graced with a large fountain.

It features heavily in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Book and you’ll see it in the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.

Harry Potter Hardwick Hall Malfoy Manor Deathly Hallows
Malfoy Manor Deathly Hallows filming location!

Where was Malfoy Manor filmed?

A lot of people ask where is Malfoy Manor located in real life? Well, although Malfoy Manor is located in Wiltshire in the books (where I live!) they didn’t actually film the manor there.

The Malfoy Manor real house location is Hardwick Hall which is in Derbyshire on the fringes of the Peak District National Park! 

It’s a National Trust property so the great news is that Harry Potter fans can easily visit this filming location for themselves. 

Although not as popular as other Harry Potter filming locations in the country, fellow Slytherin’s will love seeing the home of Hogwarts notorious bad boy, Draco Malfoy. 

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Hardwick Hall Malfoy Manor
Hardwick Hall is the real Malfoy Manor filming location

What Harry Potter was filmed at Hardwick Hall?

The Hardwick Hall Harry Potter Deathly Hallows filming location only featured in one movie and that was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 filmed in 2010.

They only ever filmed the outside of Hardwick Hall as Malfoy Manor here. But, the interiors of the house heavily inspired the sets which were built for the movie.

The team came in and measured the rooms inside to create similar looking replicas for a film studio.

If you watch the film again, you’ll definitely recognise features of Hardwick Hall Great Hall in all of the interior scenes at Malfoy Manor. But, it’s not the exact same room.

Hardwick Hall Harry Potter filming location
Hardwick Hall

What is the Hardwick Hall Harry Potter connection?

Here are all the Hardwick Hall Harry Potter Deathly Hallows filming locations. Plus, some of the scenes which used Hardwick Hall as an inspiration:

  • Firstly, we see Snape flying over the house to visit the Death Eater Headquarters for a summons with Lord Voldemort. 
  • Immediately after, you’ll recognise Malfoy Manor as the base of operations for Lord Voldemort’s Second Wizarding War. He gathers his Death Eater army around the long table by the fireplace.
  • The Golden Trio are caught by Snatchers for discovering Lord Voldemort’s Horcruxes and brought to Malfoy Manor. They arrive at the gate and then are dragged in.
  • Draco ‘fails/refuses’ to recognise Harry after Hermione casts a Stinging Jinx spell on them to make their faces disfigured. Harry and Ron are then imprisoned with Garrick Ollivander, Luna Lovegood and Griphook.
  • Hermione is tortured by Bellatrix Lestrange when being interrogated and gets ‘Mudblood’ carved into her arm.
  • Dobby comes to rescue his friends during The Skirmish at Malfoy Manor but it all ends in tragedy!

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Hardwick Hall Malfoy Manor filming location
Malfoy Manor!

Hardwick Hall Harry Potter filming locations

So, you’re probably wondering what are the Harry Potter Malfoy Manor filming locations?

Well, although they only filmed the outside of the hall for the movies, there are plenty of rooms in the house that inspired the movie sets.

So, although they are not *exact* filming locations, it does still feel like you’re walking around Malfoy Manor in real life. 

Here are all the Hardwick Hall Harry Potter Deathly Hallows filming locations and inspirations that you can see!

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The real Malfoy Manor house location Hardwick Hall Harry Potter Deathly Hallows

Hardwick Hall Malfoy Manor exteriors

This was the main Hardwick Hall Harry Potter filming location that was used to film Malfoy Manor. 

According to sources, they used a helicopter to film the beginning scenes of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.

This is where we see Snape flying towards the house at night. He then lands on the driveway and makes his way over to Malfoy manor through the gardens for the Death Eater summons with Lord Voldemort. You can do the exact same walk on your visit!

The production team altered Hardwick Hall significantly with CGI for the movie by adding a fair few spires and extra towers to make it look more like Malfoy Manor. Also, it looks like they added the iron gates too.

At the end of the movie, we see the outside of the manor again as the Snatchers bring the Golden Trio to be interrogated about the Horcruxes. 

They did a fabulous job and as you approach the house through the gates you’ll instantly feel like you’ve been transported to the Wizarding World!

Hardwick Hall HarrY Potter filming location real Malfoy Manor
The real Malfoy Manor
Hardwick Hall Harry Potter Deathly Hallows

Did they film the inside of Malfoy Manor at Hardwick Hall? 

I’m sorry to tell you but no, they didn’t film the interiors of Hardwick Hall for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. However, parts of the house will certainly look familiar!

The production team came into Hardwick Hall to measure the interiors in order to recreate the rooms for Malfoy Manor as a set in the Warner Brothers studios! 

Filming in historical houses is expensive and can easily cause damage to the property. Not to mention filming in a studio is easier as there is less noise pollution and everything can be controlled for the production.

You’ll notice that the oak panelling and fireplace look similar as well as the long table where all of Voldemort’s Death Eater army gathered round. But, it was made on a much larger scale with a few different touches.

Never fear, there is still lots of magic to be found inside the hall for Potterheads and you’ll find inspiration at every corner. 

Here are some of the interior Hardwick Hall Harry Potter locations that *may have* inspired the movies. Or, places I felt were pretty magical. 

Inside Malfoy Manor Hardwick Hall filming location
Inside Malfoy Manor

The Great Hall, long dining table & fireplace – The Death Eater Headquarters?

The main inspiration for inside Malfoy Manor has to be the Hardwick Hall Great Hall, fireplace and the long table found here.

You’ll see this room right at the entrance as soon as you go in. It’s so impressive and the interiors will take your breath away. 

Although they didn’t film this scene inside Hardwick Hall, it looks eerily familiar and you can almost imagine the Death Eaters all gathered around the long table by the fireplace – minus the huge chairs of course. 

As this room is right at the entrance by the ticket counter, it does get pretty busy so you may have to find a quiet moment for a photo. 

Also, if you fancied recreating that Death Eater scene, you’re not allowed to sit at the table I’m afraid. 

Malfoy Manor Hardwick Hall Harry Potter
The long table at the Death Eater Headquarters?
Inside Malfoy Manor Hardwick Hall

Hardwick Hall tapestries – Slytherin Common Room? 

Beyond the amazing oak panelling and portraits that can be found at Hardwick Hall, the thing that it is most famous for is the record collection of tapestries.

There are over 100 tapestries here at Hardwick Hall and many date back to the time that Bess Hardwick lived here in the 16th-century! 

They cover the walls, the stairs, a 50 metre long gallery, and entire bedrooms! Some of them, like the Gideons, are the longest recorded tapestries in the country.

Many of the glass windows at the hall will be covered in order to protect their colours as they are precious items. 

Although not a Hardwick Hall Malfoy Manor connection, I couldn’t help but feel it was an inspiration for the Slytherin Common Room as it has medieval tapestries just like these. You could almost imagine you were at Hogwarts under The Black Lake! 

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Hardwick Hall Tapestries Malfoy Manor
Hardwick Hall tapestries

The Green Velvet Bedroom – Draco’s bedroom? 

Okay, so my fellow Draco fans will probably appreciate this one the most and it will definitely make you smile.

*cough* Draco Wattpad Fanfiction *cough*. 

In the upper floor of Hardwick Hall, you’ll eventually come across the Green Velvet bedroom in the household which I could totally imagine being Draco’s room at Malfoy Manor or even in the Slytherin dorms at Hogwarts.

It made me giggle because all I could imagine was Dramione and their silencing charms. If you know, you know. 

I’m going to shamelessly put it out there that if you are a Draco Malfoy fan, you need to get on some of the Wattpad fanfictions that are available, immediately. They are free to read on the Wattpad app and are written by some very talented fellow Potterheads. 

Most of them fill the much-needed gaps of storytelling in the aftermath of the Battle of Hogwarts. Also, it provides some well-deserved character development for Draco that was annoyingly left out in the original stories (The Cursed Child does not exist for me). 

Not to mention these fanfictions provide a fix for, shall we say, unexplored ‘chemistry’ between particular characters in the Wizarding World. Draco and Hermione is a perfect example of this or, as they say in the Wattpad world, Dramione. 

They can be downright dirty and cover some pretty heavy topics but in all, they are fun to read for the older Harry Potter fan.

Believe me when I say there are hundreds to choose from. So, if you don’t know where to start with Draco Malfoy Fanfiction, I would recommend adding Isolation, Manacled, and BreathMints/Battlescars to your library for starters. You’re welcome, thank me later!

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Hardwick Hall Green Velvet Bedroom Draco MAlfoy Manor Slytherin
Draco Malfoy’s Bedroom?

The Hardwick Hall Muniment Room – Ollivander’s Wand Shop?

Okay, so I’m definitely stretching this now and maybe I just had my Potterhead on but I couldn’t help but love the Hardwick Hall Muniment Room!

It had rows and rows of draws and it reminded me of Ollivander’s Wand Shop with all the boxes of wands. 

Also, it kind of reminded me of the Ministry of Magic archives and the safety deposit boxes of Gringott’s bank? Either way, it just looked like it popped straight out of a Harry Potter movie. 

You’ll find this room on the bottom floor of Hardwick Hall. Traditionally, a Muniment room is a large storage area for official family records, deeds, and documents. 

You can’t go inside to protect the room’s contents but you can get some great photos from the doorway.

Hardwick Hall Muniment Room Ollivanders wand shop
Hardwick Hall Muniment Room!

Hardwick Hall history 

Beyond the Hardwick Hall Harry Potter connection, this spectacular residence of Elizabeth Talbot aka Bess of Hardwick is worth visiting for its historical significance! 

Bess of Hardwick was well known in Elizabethan England and was one of the wealthiest and powerful women in the country.

She married four times to noble suitors but the unions were often short-lived which meant she inherited titles and amassed a great fortune. 

But, as she was a woman, she often had to fight for her right to own her property and wealth in the courts! 

Bess was a shrewd businesswoman and wanted to ensure generational wealth for her children. So, she kept a close eye on her assets and learned to invest them well. 

She made fortuitous matches for her heirs, creating Duchy’s along the way, and owned a series of businesses running mines and glass-making workshops. She was also a skilled needleworker and appreciated the art hence her massive collection of woven tapestries.

Bess was an English noblewoman but was also formidable, independent, wealthy and an absolute powerhouse. She wasn’t afraid to show that to the world despite the fact that women traditionally had little power in Tudor times.

She was born in the Old Hardwick Hall but over her lifetime, she built three amazing properties. One was her childhood home of the Old Hardwick Hall which she massively recreated.

The next was the new Hardwick Hall five years later. Another, and maybe the most famous, was the world-renowned Chatsworth House which is now the most visited stately home in the country. 

Hardwick Hall was built between 1590 and 1597 for Bess and was designed by the architect Robert Smythson. 

Her initials of “ES” meaning Elizabeth Shrewsbury are on top of the turrets to remind visitors of her power and that she was in charge!

You’ll find that it has numerous large windows which could only be afforded by the incredibly wealthy in Elizabethan times. Glass was a luxury hence the famous saying; “Hardwick Hall, more glass than wall.”

It fell into disrepair over the centuries but was eventually taken over by the National Trust in 1956. They ensure that it is protected for all to enjoy today! 

Harry Potter Hardwick Hall Malfoy Manor Deathly Hallows filming location
Hardwick Hall

Other non-Harry Potter things to do at Hardwick Hall 

There are plenty of amazing things to do at Hardwick Hall that make it worth a day trip beyond chasing Harry Potter locations.

You could arguably spend an entire day on the estate by visiting the house, gardens, café, shops, walking routes, the Old Hall, and the mill on the estate! 

Here are all the amazing things to do at Hardwick Hall. 

Hardwick Hall Peak District
Hardwick Hall Great Hall

Admire the Hardwick Hall tapestries 

Hardwick Hall is known as one of the most spectacular and well-preserved Elizabethan Houses. It’s also one of the earliest examples of Italian Renaissance architecture in England. 

As well as the house being covered in luxurious glass, the interiors are filled with an incredible collection of furnishings, collectibles, and tapestries.

You’ll explore three floors which include the hall, staterooms, muniment room, museum exhibitions, and servants quarters. Every room has something different to offer!

Hardwick Hall Peak District

There are over 100 tapestries here in Bess of Hardwick’s collection and it’s the largest collection owned by a single-family. Many of these were recorded in Bess’s will in 1601.

The 13 Gideon Tapestries are the most famous and depict the biblical story of Gideon. Bess purchased these from Sir Christopher Hatton for £326 (over £120,000 in today’s money). She got a slight discount of £5 as it didn’t have her coat of arms on them! 

They are on display in her 50 metre long gallery on the East side of the house. Although they have been preserved well, many of the tapestries have faded over time and are currently being fixed by hand. It takes months to do. 

Notice while you’re upstairs that the floor is covered in plaited rushes and it has a strong scent. This is exactly the same as Bess would have had her house decorated at the time! 

Today, only a small number of skilled craftsmen provide this intricate work. It’s very expensive and it is regularly fixed in small sections due to footfall. 

Harwick Hall tapestries Gideon
Hardwick Hall Gideon Tapestries
Hardwick Hall Tapestries

Take a walk around Hardwick Hall gardens

Although you’re not going to find one of Lucius Malfoy’s albino peacocks wandering around any time soon (sniff), you will certainly love exploring the planned Hardwick Hall gardens!

Plus, you can easily walk down the hedges as Snape did towards the Death Eater Headquarters.

They are typical Elizabethan walled gardens, which have a gorgeous collection of courtyards, manicured hedges, flower borders, and fresh herbs. Although not very much remains of the original gardens that would have been here in Bess’ time.

It’s made up of four courtyards and each one has a section with something unique. You’ll find many hidden statues, orchards, as well as fountains, trees, and places to relax.

There are lots to find here, so make sure to take some time to explore! It’s beautifully managed by a team of gardeners who provide something new with every season. 

Hardwick Hall Harry POtter Deathly Hallows Malfoy Manor
Hardwick Hall Gardens

Have tea at the Hardwick Hall café

After you’ve visited the hall and the gardens, most of the facilities can be found outside around the Great Barn. 

Their visitor centre includes a shop and a cosy café that serves up hot drinks, homemade cakes, and lunches throughout the day.

They also have a small food van where you can buy drinks and snacks to sit outside on the picnic benches provided in summer.

Note that the toilets here can only be found in the Great Barn area too. But, luckily it’s not too far to walk over.

If you would prefer, there is a popular pub on the wider estate called the Hardwick Inn that has cold beers and warm meals! 

Hardwick Hall Cafe

Visit the Hardwick Hall secondhand bookshop

If you were a literary lover then you’ll fall in love with the fact that Hardwick Hall has a secondhand bookshop!

It’s located in the former stables and they have a huge collection of pre-loved works that you can browse. You may get lucky and spot a copy of Harry Potter on the shelves. 

You’ll find all sorts of travel, art, history and children’s books. All proceeds help towards their renovation works. 

Take a Hardwick Hall walk

Did you know that Hardwick park is a huge estate that has many permissive pathways and walking routes you can follow?

So, when you leave Hardwick Hall for the day, you can easily continue your visit through the gorgeous estate.

Here is a selection of the Hardwick Hall walks on offer by the National Trust: 

  • The Duke and Duchess Short Walk – A gentle stroll which is around a mile or so. It covers the upper park at Hardwick and is perfect for families.
  • In Bess’ Footsteps – A 3.5 mile walk that covers the country park and landscape gardens!
  • Hardwick Wider Estate – A 6-mile trail that covers Hardwick new Hall and Old Hall and the valley. 
  • Exploring Bess’s Grounds – A 3-mile walk which gives you a taster of the estate!

There are also many more Hardwick Hall walks around the country park. You can take Miller’s Walk, Welly Walk, Oak Walk, and Sculpture walk too. 

Hardwick Hall walks

See the Old Hardwick Hall 

Although the new Hardwick Hall is the most famous, it wasn’t the original house that was part of this estate.

The Old Hardwick Hall is where Bess of Hardwick was born and she returned there after she divorced the Earl of Shrewsbury in 1584. 

She decided to develop the house and make it far grander than her father’s property as well as building her ‘New’ Hardwick Hall nearby.

It was similar in size to a royal residence and so big that half of the house was used by her son William Cavendish and his household.

After the Cavendish family moved into Chatsworth House, Hardwick Old Hall was abandoned and it fell into ruin over the centuries. Far more so than the New Hardwick Hall.

Today, it is still a partially ruined home but you can see many of the original features that were retained like the Gog and Magog Overmantle in the Great Chamber.

Note: The Old Hardwick Hall is an English Heritage Property which is a separate attraction with its own opening times and requires a separate ticket! English Heritage members go free, click here for details.  

Old Hardwick Hall
Old Hardwick Hall

Visit Stainsby Mill 

On the wider Hardwick Park, you can visit the Stainsby Mill which is another property owned by the National Trust. 

It’s a working 19th-century mill and your visit gets you a tour of what life would have been like for a miller all those years ago! 

It’s not open very often so make sure to book in advance, opening times are usually one day a week in summer.

This is a separate attraction that requires a separate ticket but is free for National Trust members. Click here for more details. 

How to get to Hardwick Hall Malfoy Manor filming location 

By far the easiest way to access Hardwick Hall would be to drive. It’s near Chesterfield and Mansfield and you’ll see a tourist sign for it off the M1 Motorway.

You’ll be driving around 20 minutes from Mansfield, 20 minutes from Chesterfield, 40 minutes from Sheffield and 40 minutes from Nottingham.

It’s also only 40 minutes from Chatsworth House in the Peak District, Bess’s other property.

You can then follow the signs to the estate which is huge! Once you arrive, you’ll find a large car park provided by the National Trust. This is chargeable for the day but National Trust members park for free.

The closest train station is Chesterfield. From here, you can take a taxi directly to Hardwick Hall or the Pronto Bus to Glapwell ‘Young Vanish’.

From the bus stop, it’s a 2-mile or 40-minute walk through the countryside along the main roads. Follow traffic signs for Rowthorne & Hardwick.

National Trust Hardwick Hall Malfoy MAnor

Hardwick Hall opening times

I have to admit that visiting this National Trust property is generally quite easy but there is quite a small window to visit the inside of the hall itself.

The park is open from 9 am and Hardwick Hall gardens open from 9.30 am – 6 pm throughout the year. But, the inside of Hardwick Hall only opens from 11 am – 3.30 pm from April – October.

So, if you did want to see the inside, you’ll need to ensure you visit in the right season and timeframe. This can be quite awkward if you’re on a tight Peak District itinerary. 

If you did happen to miss it, the outside of the manor is still classed as the gardens. So, this inner courtyard area surrounding the house will remain open if you wanted to take some nice photos!

Click here for the latest opening times

Hardwick Hall long gallery

Hardwick Hall ticket prices 

Tickets to Hardwick Hall are quite expensive which is another reason to ensure that you spend a good amount of time here!

Adult tickets are £16 a person and children’s tickets are £8 to visit the hall and gardens. There are family tickets available with a slight discount.

As always, National Trust members get to visit and park for free! I paid for a cute enamel pin-badge of the house as an extra donation to help with their renovation project. 

It was such a cute Malfoy Manor souvenir to remember my visit as there aren’t too many Harry Potter themed gifts. 

Hardwick Hall Harry Potter Malfoy Manor
Malfoy Manor

What else has been filmed at Hardwick Hall? 

Although the most famous production that has been filmed here is the Hardwick Hall Malfoy Manor location in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.

Fans of the 2018 movie Mary Queen of Scots starring Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan will recognise this house too! 

In the film, Hardwick Hall stood in for Hampton Court along with the nearby privately-owned Haddon Hall! 

The story follows the short and turbulent reign of Queen Mary I of Scotland and the clash with her cousin Queen Elizabeth I.

You’ll recognise the scenes with Elizabeth I and William Cecil that were filmed in the West Court of the Hall and on the rooftop.

Did you know? The real Mary Queen of Scots was placed in the care of the Earl of Shrewsbury and Bess of Hardwick in 1569. She never visited Hardwick hall as it was before the house was built but she did visit Bess’s other properties. You’ll see portraits of Mary Stuart in both Hardwick Hall and Chatsworth House today. 

Hardwick Hall Malfoy Manor

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Harry Potter Hardwick Hall Malfoy Manor Filming Location - real Malfoy Manor location


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Hi, thank you for your thoroughly written blog of Harry Potter film location. Love all the beautiful pictures. I always fascinated with beautiful old building in Europe. Unfortunately 40mins walk from nearest bus stop probably end up 2hr walking for me :D I'm not good in reading on/offline maps but too broke to take a cab ;D

Sophie Pearce

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Thanks so much for reading Nana, it's such a magical location. Oh no, that's so annoying they don't have great public transport options for Hardwick. It is quite a way into the countryside but you'd think they would have a bus. Hopefully, there's another way for you! Sophie x