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The Ultimate Helibar Kuala Lumpur Guide – The Best View in Kuala Lumpur!

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If you want to see the fantastic Kuala Lumpur skyline with the Petronas Towers you have a few options.

You can either pay for a tour of the Petronas towers (but then you don’t have those beauties in your photo) or dine in the KL tower.

However, one of my favourite viewpoints is located on top of a Helipad which has been transformed into a bar!

Yup, that’s right. If you want to find where the best rooftop bar in Kuala Lumpur, you only need to find Helibar Kuala Lumpur! 

When I heard about the fact you could sip cocktails on top of a high-rise building,  I had to go and see what it was all about. It certainly didn’t disappoint.

Here’s my complete Helibar Kuala Lumpur review!

Helibar Kuala Lumpur
The views of the Petronas Towers from Helibar Kuala Lumpur

How to find the Helibar Lounge in Kuala Lumpur

I have to admit, finding the Helibar Kuala Lumpur can be a little bit of a challenge as it’s located inside the Menara KH building.

If you’re taking the metro in Kuala Lumpur get off at the Raja Chulan Station. If you’re going to catch a bus, there is a dedicated stop to the Menara KH building on the green route. 

One of the things I LOVED about Kuala Lumpur was that all of the Go KL! buses were free which took you near to all the main attractions in the city – how cool is that?!

Once inside the Menara KH building, you can grab the lift up to the 34th Floor and then climb the staircase to the top.

Watch out for all the helicopter safety signs as you make your way up.

Does Helibar Kuala Lumpur have a fixed price?

When you get here, there may be reserved tables that require a tab to be over a certain amount of Ringgit.

To get around that and if you haven’t made a reservation, make sure you get here really early so you can get a ringside seat to secure your table.

Helibar Kuala Lumpur Cocktail Menu

Although you can eat while you’re in Helibar Kuala Lumpur, it is mainly snacks and little dishes to nibble on.

There are crisps, olives, chicken wings, and other bits and pieces to keep you going.

My eyes were straight on the cocktail menu and they do serve some interesting concoctions.

There are many helicopter-inspired cocktails here at the Helibar Lounge in vibrant colours.

But, I went for a Long Island Ice Tea and it was scrummy.

The cocktails are around 200 Ringgit a piece so not a bargain, but you’re paying for the fantastic views!


The views from Helibar Kuala Lumpur 

It goes without saying the views from the Helibar Lounge in Kuala Lumpur are spectacular!

The best time to visit is at sunset when you can hide behind the high-rise buildings and watch the twinkling of lights start to appear from the plethora of buildings.

The real cherry on the cake, in my opinion, is seeing the Petronas towers gleam! Not too shabby, eh?

Helibar Lounge Kuala Lumpur
It was the cherry on top? Geddit!?

Is Helibar Kuala Lumpur worth it?

As I was sitting on a helicopter pad, sipping my long island ice tea and being waited on hand and foot by suited waters – I had to pinch myself.

Although at the time I was backpacking through South East Asia, the Helibar Lounge allowed me to escape into a world of luxury.

Buying these cocktails was worth every penny of my super tight budget and to say I’ve had drinks on top of a helicopter pad overlooking the Petronas towers definitely credits some bragging rights.

If you’re ever in Kuala Lumpur and need a place to play in the evening, the Helibar Lounge is it!

Make sure you add this one to your bucket list.

Helibar Lounge Kuala Lumpur | best view of the Petronas Towers
View of the Petronas Towers from Helibar Lounge Kuala Lumpur

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