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How to Find the Outlander Witness Trees in Kinclaven Bluebell Wood from Fraser’s Ridge!

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If you’re a fan of Outlander then you will be very familiar with the Witness Trees that stand on the boundary line of Fraser’s Ridge.

These magical trees featured in Outlander season 4 and they are a sure sign that you are entering their family estate. 

Outlander fans will be ecstatic to know that you can actually visit the Outlander Witness Trees from Fraser’s Ridge for yourself in Kinclaven Bluebell Wood in Perthshire, Scotland. 

It couldn’t be simpler and it’s just a short walk from the car park. Here is how to find the Witness Trees filming location from Outlander’s Fraser’s Ridge! 

“Witness Trees. A sign to all who pass that they’re entering Fraser’s Ridge” – Jamie Fraser 

Outlander Witness Trees Fraser's Ridge at Kinclaven Bluebell Wood
Witness Trees from Fraser’s Ridge!

What are the Outlander Witness Trees on Fraser’s Ridge?

Outlander fans will need no introductions to the Witness Trees or Fraser’s Ridge. But, the Witness Trees lie on the boundary line of their estate. 

It’s an area of land in North Carolina that is around ten thousand acres. It’s where Jamie Fraser built a home for his wife Claire and their family. 

The Witness Trees featured in Outlander series 4 are a sign that all who pass them are officially entering Frasers Ridge. Jamie carves ‘F.R’ into the tree to claim it. 

Witness Trees Fraser's Ridge Outlander

The trees featured prominently in the episode ‘Common Ground’. It’s here that Jamie, Claire, and Ian meet the Native Americans. Jamie drops his knife as a sign of peace. 

Although the Witness Trees are meant to be in North Carolina, you’ll actually find them in a place called Kinclaven Bluebell Wood previously named Ballathie Bluebell Wood in Perthshire.

This location will make you feel like you’re on Fraser’s Ridge! Even though I’ve visited the ‘big’ Outlander locations like Midhope Castle, Hopetoun House, and Doune Castle – I actually thought this was one of my favourite locations so far.

Here is how to find the Outlander Witness Trees in Perthshire, Scotland.

Witness Trees Fraser's Ridge Scotland filming location

Where is the Outlander Witness Trees filming location 

If you wanted to visit Fraser’s Ridge and see the Outlander Witness Trees for yourself then you only need to visit Kinclaven Bluebell Wood in Perthshire.

The distinctive and mystical trees are tucked away in the oakwood here but are just a five-minute walk from the car park.

It couldn’t be easier to find this Outlander filming location and I would highly recommend it. It felt so surreal visiting parts of Fraser’s Ridge.

Of course, Jamie’s ‘F.R.’ carving isn’t there and you won’t find their house anywhere nearby. But, just seeing the Witness Trees was enough for me to feel like I was there! 

Outlander Witness Trees filming location

How to visit Kinclaven Bluebell Wood in Scotland

Kinclaven Bluebell Wood (aka Fraser’s Ridge) is located just 11 miles away from the city of Perth and the famous Scone Palace. It lies on a river bend of the River Tay. 

It will take you around 30 minutes to drive to the woodland from Perth via the A9 road. It’s also around a 40-minute drive from Dundee.

It is easiest if you have a car to visit Kinclaven Bluebell Wood as it’s in a remote location in the Perthshire countryside. 

Public transport is extremely limited in this area. The nearest train station is Perth which is 11 miles away. 

There is no bus stop directly outside the wood but there is a stop nearby called ‘The Knapp’ you can look for. Click here to plan your journey with Traveline.

Kinclaven Bluebell Wood postcode is on an unnamed road, Perth, PH1 4QP. Click here for a Google Pin!

Outlander Witness Trees filming location

Kinclaven Bluebell Wood parking

There is free limited parking just outside of Kinclaven Bluebell Wood to use. This is best place to start your adventure to find the Witness Trees of Fraser’s Ridge.

There is room for around 10 cars and an overflow car park if it’s busy. Although quite remote, this woodland is popular with local residents and dog walkers.

Outlander Witness Trees Fraser's Ridge Kinclaven Bluebell Wood

Kinclaven Bluebell Wood opening times and prices 

Kinclaven Bluebell Wood is completely FREE to visit in Perthshire so it makes a budget-friendly day out.

The Witness Trees are also open to visit 24 hours a day so you can visit anytime you like. But, I wouldn’t advise visiting in the dark as there is no artificial lighting for miles around.

Kinclaven Bluebell Woods Scotland

How to find the Outlander Witness Trees in Kinclaven Bluebell Wood

It is really easy to find the Outlander Witness Trees in Kinclaven Bluebell Wood, in fact, it’s just a short 5-minute walk from the car park.

Personally, I thought it was going to be a mission to find these trees amongst many others. But, as they are so large and distinctive they really stand out. 

These Witness Trees walking directions start from the Kinclaven Bluebell Wood car park. 

Kinclaven Bluebell Wood Sign
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1. Start out at the Kinclaven Bluebell Wood car park and walk into the woodland

Once you’ve parked up in the Kinclaven Bluebell Wood car park, walk towards the information sign that will tell you more about what you can find in the wood.

Walk past the sign and take the straight path into the woodland. 

Kinclaven Bluebell Wood Scotland

2. Turn right at the sign for the Oakwood loop

You’ll eventually come to a crossroads and you’ll see a sign pointing either left or right for the Oakwood Loop. 

Take a right at this sign and keep heading straight on the large path through the trees.

Kinclaven Bluebell Wood Perth
Turn right at this sign!
Kinclaven Bluebell Wood

3. Walk five minutes and you’ll find the Outlander Witness Trees from Fraser’s Ridge! 

Keep following the path and eventually, you will see the Witness Trees of Fraser’s Ridge on your left.

They are very dark and distinctive compared to the other trees so you shouldn’t have a problem finding them

It shouldn’t take you any more than around 5-10 minutes to find them here. If you’ve started turning a corner or looping around you’ve gone too far.

You’ve made it to the Outlander Witness Trees on Fraser’s Ridge!

OutlandeR witness trees filming location scotland
You’ll see the Witness Trees on your left!

Exploring the Outlander Witness Trees filming location 

You’ll instantly recognise the Witness Trees when you get here are they huge and completely magical! 

If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably run into the middle of them and check if Jamie’s ‘F.R.’ carving for Fraser’s Ridge is really there (spoiler alert it isn’t). There are carvings but not of Fraser’s Ridge.

I shouldn’t have to say it but please don’t put your own carving on these trees. It damages them and we want them to stay healthy for years to come!

It honestly felt surreal to visit the Witness Trees from Fraser’s Ridge. Although these are meant to be in 18th-century North Carolina, you could easily fool yourself into thinking you were there!

I would highly recommend Outlander fans to visit the Witness Trees in Scotland. You won’t regret it and they are so easy to find.  

Kinclaven bluebell Wood witness Trees outlander

Things to do at Kinclaven Bluebell Wood

After you’ve finished admiring the Outlander Witness Trees, you can go walking through the woodland on their Oakland Loop.

This will take you on a gentle mile-long walk through the woodland and to the river bend of the River Tay.

You can visit Kinclaven Church on this loop and see wildlife. There are even wildflowers in the woodland at certain times of the year. 

As it is so out of the way, this Outlander filming location is a peaceful respite. It’s so quiet and the perfect place to take an undisturbed walk in nature. 

Kinclaven Bluebell Wood Perth

Outlander Witness Trees photography 

This is such a fabulous location for photography, beyond an Outlander location these trees look like something from a fairytale!

This location is pretty quiet most of the time and so you won’t have to visit early to avoid the crowds. 

But, all I will say is that if you visit in the morning on a sunny day – the sun rises behind these trees so it makes it a little more difficult to capture them.

If I were to visit again, I would visit on an overcast/gloomy day or later in the afternoon but that’s just me! 

Outlander Witness Trees scotland

The best time to visit Kinclaven Bluebell Wood

The best season to visit Kinclaven Bluebell Wood would be from late March to early May when the woodland is blessed with a carpet of gorgeous bluebell flowers (hence the name!).

Bluebells are perennials which means they only bloom for a few weeks a year and then hide again to regenerate over the winter. 

Unfortunately, it’s never a guarantee when bluebells will appear here in the UK. It completely depends on the previous winter season, current weather, sunlight via coppicing in the wood, and a variety of factors.

But, if you are lucky enough to be in Perthshire at this time this is by far the best time to visit the woodland. 

You’ll get to see these colourful precious flowers and the Witness Trees at the same time! 

Kinclaven Bluebell Wood witness Trees

Visit these Outlander locations in Perthshire

If you’re an Outlander fan and you’re looking for more filming locations that are nearby, you’ll spoiled for choice.

There are quite a few Outlander filming locations in Perthshire that you can visit just a short drive away.

Tibbermore Parish Church was the Kirk used in Outlander for the Witch Trials of Cranesmuir during “The Devil’s Mark”.

You can also visit Kinloch Rannoch which is the filming location for Craigh Na Dun in Perthshire. I’m sorry, but there will not be any standing stones there. They were made especially for filming.

Tibbermore Church Outlander location
Tibbermore Church

Tullibardine Chapel was a location where Claire, Jamie, Dougal, Fergus, and Rupert were on the run from the Red coats. 

Drummond Castle Gardens is not far away from there that featured as the Gardens of Versailles. Or, you can visit the famous Doune Castle otherwise known as Castle Leoch!

Drummond Castle Gardens Outlander
Drummond Castle Gardens

Why not visit Falkland where the entire Outlander series began?! Make sure to read my complete guide with all the Falkland Outlander filming locations

If you’re looking for a place to stay, try River Edge Lodges which was where Roger and Brianna stayed during the Highland Festival!

falkland outlander inverness
Castle Leoch Doune Castle Outlander
Doune Castle

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Save how to find the Outlander Witness Trees Fraser’s Ridge for later! 

Outlander Witness Trees Kinclaven Bluebell Wood Scotland