How to Spend One Day in Saas Fee in Summer – the Perfect Day Trip in Switzerland!

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So today I decided to take a day trip to Saas Fee in Switzerland.

It’s a pretty village which is also a famous ski resort and is accessible all year round, even in the heat of summer.

Located in the Saastal region, Saas-Fee is the main place where tourists flock to see it’s an amazing mountain range, get their adrenalin rush on the slopes or hike around the alps.

With the backdrop of the Allalinhorn mountain reaching a massive 4,027 metres above sea level, you can see it all around and it is truly a magnificent sight.

There’s plenty to do in one day in Saas-Fee if you wanted to visit for a day or even stop here for a few nights.

Although it is usually the buzz of Apres-Ski in Winter, the town is such a pretty place in Summer as well.

How to spend one day in Saas Fee

How to travel to Saas Fee in Switzerland

As I was based in Mürren on the Berner Oberland side, there were two options for me to get over to the Wallis side.

I could either drive over the Grimsel Pass or go under it using the Lötschberg Tunnel. To save time, I decided to use the Tunnel.

Costing 27 Swiss Francs a single journey, it isn’t cheap but it’s definitely a journey to remember.

Your car is parked on an open steel train and you make your way through the tunnel to the Southside!

Either side of the train ride you will be greeted with amazing views of the Valley, with mountains, fir trees, and hills as far as the eye can see!

Lötschberg Tunnel Switzerland
Heading into the Lötschberg Tunnel Switzerland

Arriving in the pretty town of Saas-Fee

When you arrive in the town of Saas-Fee, you’ll notice that it is such a quintessentially Swiss village.

It has wooden houses, colourful flowers, and lush greenery all around, it really can’t get any prettier.

There are some great restaurants, shops, and cafés in the centre to take a break from exploring if you fancy a coffee or pastry!

How to spend one day in Saas Fee
Saas Fee Switzerland
Saas Fee in Switzerland
The pretty views of Saas Fee

Take the Alpine-Express train in Saas Fee

My highlight of the trip to Saas-Fee was riding the Alpine Express up to the Allalinhorn.

To get up to the summit, you need to take two long cable car rides and a fast funicular up through the mountain.

You will notice the altitude as you ascend and how the temperature drops dramatically.

When you reach the top you have a couple of options.

You can relax at the restaurant and admire the view with a hot drink, venture up the pathway in the snow or ski along the slopes.

You can also rent a skidoo for a ride! The scenery all around you in the mountain looks unreal!


Can you find Marmots in Saas Fee?

Saas Fee is famous for its Marmots and you can feed them while you’re here in their natural habitat.

You will need to get a Cable Car up to Spielboden ski resort see them and it’s 2450 metres above sea level – they love carrots and will thank you for them!

Marmots in Saas Fee
A Marmot in Saas Fee

The best place to eat in Saas Fee

On the day I decided to visit, there was a cute little market selling hand-crafted souvenirs on the run-up to Swiss National Day.

There were also vendors who had stalls from the many bakeries in the town.

All the ‘Backerei’s’ in Saas-Fee do some delicious pastries with influences inherited from their French neighbours.

I indulged in a not-very-traditional Swiss doughnut but it was so pretty I had to have it!

How to spend a day in Saas Fee

What to drink in Saas Fee

Although it wasn’t wintering season and I wasn’t joining in on the Apres-Ski after my day on the slopes (sigh). I wanted to try some of the famous Jaeger-tee that I had seen on the menu at so many restaurants.

It was served hot with an orange on the side and was very tasty – but also strong, very very strong!

Jaegar Tee in Saas Fee
Jaegar Tee in Saas Fee

What is there to see around Saas Fee?

So that’s how to spend one day in Saas-Fee.

But, Saas-Fee is just the main village to visit here in Saastal.

There is Saas-Grund, Saas-Balen, and Saas-Alm a Gell all accessible in the surrounding areas to explore.

There’s just so much to see and do in Saastal, you must put this on your itinerary when you visit Switzerland!

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