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Luxury Cheshire Spa at The Manor House Hotel in Alsager (2024)!

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If you’re looking for a luxury spa break in the UK then I would highly recommend escaping to The Spa at The Manor House Hotel in Alsager.

Nestled in the countryside of East Cheshire, you’ll find an award-winning deluxe spa that’s perfect for a spot of relaxation and rejuvenation. 

It has both indoor and outdoor experiences which will leave you feeling revitalised and utterly pampered.

I love a spa break and don’t do them often enough. So, when the  Spa at the Manor House Hotel invited me to try out their spa day and secret hot tub package – I jumped at the chance!

I’m happy to say that it was one of the most relaxing days I’ve had for as long as I remember. So, here is a full review of my UK luxury spa break in East Cheshire. 

Cheshire Spa at the Manor House Hotel Alsagar Review

I was kindly invited to the Spa at The Manor House Hotel Alsager to review my experience. Although I was a guest, all photos, videos and opinions are my own. 

Introducing The Spa at the Manor House Hotel in Alsager

The Spa at the Manor House Hotel is an award-winning, English Garden-inspired retreat in East Cheshire.

Just a 1-hour drive from Manchester, it’s the perfect location for a magical spa break where you can escape all your worries and cares for a while.

From vitality pools to saunas, steam rooms and meditation chambers – you can unwind in 18 indoor and outdoor sumptuous spa experiences. 

They are also home to the UK’s first swim-up bar, where you can enjoy a glass of fizz or mocktail without having to leave the pool.

As well as the spa, they have afternoon teas, treatments and hot tub experiences you can book as extras too.

Spa at the Manor House Hotel Alsager

Things to do at the Spa at the Manor House

As soon as you enter their gorgeous welcome lounge, report to reception and a friendly member of their team will greet you and explain the spa.

As part of your spa session, you’ll be given a jute bag with your robes, towels and flip-flops inside.

You’ll also receive a handy map of the site and a silicone wristband with a fob to give you access to the lockers, dressing rooms and the spa itself.

You can then prepare in their deluxe changing rooms with fob-activated lockers, showers, TEMPLESPA products, hairdryers and even straighteners. 

The Manor House Hotel Alsager

When you’re ready, you can start enjoying the huge spa complex. Make sure to bring your map to guide you to all the experiences and rooms!

You’ll find all sorts of steam rooms, saunas, salt chambers, hot pools and even cold plunge baths.

Here are all the things to do at the Spa at the Manor House Hotel Alsagar. 

Spa at the Manor House Hotel Alsager changing rooms

1. Visit the UK’s first swim-up bar 

One of the main draws of this spa is the Vitality Pool which is home to the UK’s first swim-up bar!

So, you can swim up to the counter and order a glass of fizz or mocktail without having to leave the warm water of the pool.

They serve up a range of wines, spirits, beers, soft drinks and hot drinks like their luxury hot chocolates with whipped cream and brownies.

Uk's first swim up bar at the Spa at the Manor House Alsager
Cheshire Spa at The Manor House Hotel Alsager

Most spa packages come with a complimentary mocktail that you can redeem on the day with a voucher. I loved our fruity passionfruit mixers. 

There are benches all around their iridescent petrol-tiled pool so you can sip on your drink whilst relaxing or chatting in the water. 

Note: you can’t pay cash at the bar, all payments are pay-as-you-go and contactless! Also, all pool glasses will be plastic.

UK's first swim up bar Spa at the Manor House Alsager
Tilly and I enjoying our swim-up bar mocktails!
Spa at the Manor House Hotel Alsager

2. Relax in their cosy lounge beds

All around the spa area, you’ll find huge lounge beds that you can relax on throughout the day. 

The design was genius as they all had heaters and glass covers to protect you from the rain! So, it was perfect for the UK’s unpredictable weather. 

The beds are decorated with bohemian cushions and blankets so you can snuggle up and keep warm.

Spa at the Manor House Hotel Alsager

What I loved about this spa was that there were enough beds for everyone to enjoy despite having so many visitors.

You’re not allowed to reserve any of the beds and the staff made sure to free them up if someone had left their things on there. 

There are signs everywhere not to reserve beds. So, make sure to hang your towels, robes or bags on the pegs provided when you finish.

Lounge Beds Spa at the Manor House Alsager

3. Visit the Hydrotherapy Tub

One of my favourite pools was the gorgeous round Hydrotherapy Tub which was bubbling throughout the day.

This pool is a lot warmer than the Vitality Pool and it was so relaxing to sit here on the deep benches with the jet spray massaging your back.

There’s a tiled table in the middle that is perfect for perching your drinks bought at the swim-up bar.

Hydrotherapy Tub Spa at the Manor House Alsager

4. Meditate in the Summer House 

Their delightful Summer House doubles up as a relaxation and meditation room.

You’ll find benches with cushions and blankets as well as headphones that you can plug into your device if you need some quiet time.

I loved the flickering flame set in the middle of the house and it gave it such a cosy vibe.

Summer House Meditation Room Spa at the Manor House Hotel

5. Take a Cold Plunge Bath & Sauna

Why not do as the Scandinavians do and take a cold plunge bath after a hot steam room or sauna? 

Many countries say that taking a plunge in cold water is good for you and I remember vividly swimming in the Baltic Sea in Finland after a sauna session.

I loved the tin bath and tulips set up. But, I have to admit, this time I wasn’t brave enough to take the full plunge. I just dipped my legs in and that was good enough for me! 

If you’re braver than I am, you have lots of steam rooms, salt sheds and steam rooms to warm up in after your plunge.

Cold Plunge Bath Spa at the Manor House Hotel Alsager

6. Enjoy the Indoor Serenity Pool

If the weather isn’t the best, then you should head into their Indoor Serenity Pool.

The room was naturally lit with a giant skylight and there were hanging beds and loungers to relax on by the pool and calming music playing.

After you’ve taken a dip, there is another indoor steam room and sauna close by if you fancy it. 

Indoor Serenity Pool Spa at the Manor House Hotel Alsager
Indoor Serenity Pool Spa at the Manor House Hotel Alsager

7. Indulge in a Champagne Afternoon Tea

One of the best features of their spa packages is the food offerings that they serve up in their Pool House. 

You could choose between a Mezze Platter served with a glass of fizz or Champagne Afternoon Tea. For us, it was an easy choice as High Tea is one of our favourite things to do!

Our tea came beautifully presented on an artisan stand and it was laden with all sorts of yummy treats.

Cheshire Spa at the Manor House Hotel Afternoon Tea
Cheshire Spa at the Manor House Hotel Afternoon Tea

There were finger sandwiches, sausage rolls, Bakewell tarts and dainty cakes. Plus, the inevitable fruit scones that you could top with lashings of jam and whipped cream. 

Just note that you could only have your glass of fizz OR a tea or coffee. Not both together. But, you could purchase a pot of tea as an extra.

I LOVED the decor in their Pool House and it was so nice that you could enjoy your tea in your robes.

Pool House Spa at the Manor House Hotel
Pool House Spa at The Manor House Hotel Alsager

8. Treat yourself to a 1-hour Secret Hot Tub Experience

You can book special packages at the Manor House Hotel Spa that allow an escape into their secret hot tub experience.

You’ll be given a key to unlock your private garden area and then you can relax in 40-degree waters for 1 hour whilst enjoying a complimentary glass of fizz.

The hot tub design was also genius as it had a special place to put your glasses and phones so they were within easy reach.

You even have your own patio table and chairs if you want to sit outside the tub and enjoy some alfresco snacks.

My top tip would be to grab a cold glass of water with cucumber from their Hydration Station before you go as it can get quite toasty in there!

Secret Hot Tub experience Spa at the Manor House Hotel Alsager

9. Warm up in the Alpine Wood Shed

If you’re feeling a bit chilly during the day, you can warm up in their Wood Shed which provides a warming Alpine escape.

During the day, they light their open flame log burner. So, you can cosy up in the heat with a blanket whilst enjoying a drink. 

I absolutely loved the smoky smell of this room when the fires were lit, it had such a Hygge feel!

Wood Shed Spa at the Manor House Hotel Alsager

10. Unwind in the Panoramic Laconium

Another one of my favourite rooms at the spa was the incredible Panoramic Laconium that had a view of the countryside.

A Laconium was traditionally a sweating room of an ancient Roman bath. But, thankfully it wasn’t overly hot!

You can relax on their lounge beds and take in the views or unwind on their cosy swinging chairs whilst listening to calming music.

Panoramic Laconium Spa at the Manor House Hotel Alsager

11. Spa treatments & gifts 

If you want to add any spa treatments, they have a range of offerings you can pay extra for.

You can order a Tribe517 Pure Grain Salt Massage or Warming Honey Facial. There are also Temple Spa back and full body massages.

Before and after your treatment, you can unwind in their Relaxation Rooms for a bit of post-treatment bliss. 

Make sure to enquire at reception for the available time slots that day or book your treatment ahead to avoid disappointment.

Spa Treatments Manor House hotel Alsager

How much is the Spa at the Manor House Hotel?

There are many packages available to book and these include a morning spa, afternoon spa, English Garden spa day and a wellness spa day. Prices start at £95 per person.

We were treated to the Spa Day with A Private Hot Tub package which I highly recommend. 

This included all the spa facilities, robes, towels, flip-flops, a complimentary mocktail at the swim-up bar, champagne afternoon tea and the secret 1-hour hot tub with a glass of fizz. Prices start at £130 per person. 

Spa at the Manor House Hotel Alsager

They often run Sunset & Twilight Spa Sessions in the autumn/winter and there is often live music and DJs sets too! These start at £89. 

It’s worth being flexible and checking their availability calendar for a range of dates as there are often online discounts and offers depending on the season. 

Click here to book your spa package at The Manor House Hotel 

Spa at the Manor House hotel Alsager

My top tips for visiting 

  • Towels & Robes – are provided for you on the day but bring a spare towel if you want to dry off after a shower at the end. 
  • Leave cash at home – the swim-up bar is a pay-as-you-go, cashless bar so make sure to have your Apple/Google pay device on hand or contactless card with you. 
  • Smoking/vaping – is not allowed in the spa. You can ask to be directed to a smoking area by a member of staff. 
Swim Up Bar Alsager Manor House hotel
  • Reserving beds – is not permitted to make it a nice experience for everyone and your things will be moved off the bed if you leave them on there!
  • Book the entire day – although a splurge, it’s well worth spending a day at the spa so you can make use of all the amazing facilities at a relaxed pace. 
  • Treatments – can be booked on the day if there are time slots available but to guarantee a treatment I would book it in advance. 
Spa at The Manor House Hotel Alsager

Why not spend the night at The Manor House Hotel Alsager? 

If you’re not ready to go home after your relaxing spa day, I would recommend booking an extended break at The Manor House Hotel Alsager.

After your relaxing spa session, you can rest in their spacious cosy rooms with comfy beds and boutique decor.

The bathrooms were fitted with a shower over a bathtub and had luxurious TEMPLESPA products which smelt absolutely divine!

The Manor House Hotel Alsager

The rooms were also nice and quiet – a benefit of being in the countryside.

It came with an espresso coffee machine and a kettle for making tea. There were even border biscuits in the drawer.

If you want to use the indoor serenity pool after your spa session, you are provided with some extra towels, robes and flip-flops to use. 

There’s also a well-equipped Fitness Centre which is included as part of your stay. 

The Manor House Hotel Alsager

Dine in a 17th-century farmhouse – Stables Bar & Grill 

The Manor House Hotel has a restaurant set in a 17th-century farmhouse onsite called the Stables Bar & Grill.

This is where they serve dinner and breakfast during your stay and it was beautifully decorated with a country theme.

We went for their gastropub dinner experience and indulged in a two-course meal. We were treated to focaccia bread for nibbling and then I picked a prawn cocktail as a starter.

For the mains, I ordered the lamb cutlets that came with lamb-infused potatoes, red wine gravy and farmyard greens. 

Everything was delicious, beautifully presented and cooked to perfection. The restaurant team were all so lovely too. 

Lamb cutlets Stables Bar & Grill Alsager

In the morning, we were treated to a hearty breakfast in the Stables Bar & Grill before we departed from our stay. 

You could order hot items from their extensive menu. There was a Full English Breakfast, Vegetarian English Breakfast, Eggs Benedict, Staffordshire oatcakes, pancakes, French toast etc.

Plus, there was a diverse buffet of fruit juice, cereals, pastries, toast, bagels and sliced fruit. We washed it down with a fresh pot of coffee and tea.

I couldn’t stop admiring all the gorgeous features of the breakfast room. I loved all the silver stags and exposed wooden beams!

Tip: if you want to dine in their restaurant for dinner, make sure to book your table in advance as it is popular. 

Breakfast at The Manor House Hotel Alsager
I loved the stag theme and these old timber beams!

Is the Spa at The Manor House Hotel in Alsager worth it?

Absolutely! I cannot recommend the Spa at the Manor House Hotel enough. Everything about the experience was luxurious and perfectly designed. 

It’s home to the UK’s first swim-up bar and several other alfresco experiences. We don’t get this much in England due to our rather unpredictable weather.

But, this Cheshire Spa is perfect to visit whether rain or shine as there are lots of indoor areas and covers for the outdoors. 

We couldn’t stop raving about the facilities of this spa even after we had left. So, I will definitely be back in future.

Don’t hesitate to book a luxury spa day at The Manor House Hotel Alsager. It’s the perfect escape that will leave you feeling relaxed and revitalised. 

Spa at the Manor House Hotel Alsager

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Save this Cheshire Spa Day at The Manor House Hotel Alsager for later! 

Luxury Cheshire Spa Day at the Spa the Manor House Hotel Alsager