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Magical Things to Do in Strasbourg at Night

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I always love walking around a city in the day and even better at night.

I find certain cities absolutely stunning after hours when the lights go up and Strasbourg was definitely one of those to add to my list.

I had a one-night stopover on my drive from Calais to Switzerland and I definitely tried to make the most of my visit while I was there.

My favourite thing to do is go on a starlit stroll around the streets and take in the atmosphere!

Strasbourg was an absolute beauty after sunset.

From the twinkling lights of taverns in Petite France, the courtyards in the full bloom of summer, and its magnificently colourful cathedral. It really comes alive before your eyes.

Here are some of the best things to do in Strasbourg at night.

You really can’t miss it – so make sure you come out of your hotel room for an after-sundown wander.

Top things to do in Strasbourg at night

1. See the Strasbourg Cathedral lit up (Cathédrale de Strasbourg)

I think when I turned a corner and saw this Cathedral at night through the Traditional French houses, my jaw hit the floor.

It glows a deep purple and red which brings out the gothic detail in the architecture and the candles which sit on the ledges really twinkle!

The dramatic stained-glass Rose Window at the front is also lit up making it a sight to remember.

On my visit, I was lucky enough to visit the cathedral when there was a season light show playing in the summer.

It was a magical show and I came upon it by chance.

The cathedral was lit up in all different colours of the rainbow and played all sorts of animations to burning trees, under the sea, to the history of Strasbourg.

It is definitely worth a watch and it’s absolutely free to enjoy!

things to do in strasbourg at night
Strasbourg Cathedral at night
things to do in strasbourg at night
Strasbourg Cathedral at night

2. Take a stroll around Petite France

If you thought it was a picture during the day, well wait till you see it at night!

The cobbled streets are lit by old-fashioned lampposts and the wooden beams really contrast against the white walls.

The taverns on the river give off such romantic lighting, it is like a dream to walk through.

things to do in strasbourg at night
Strasbourg Petite France at night

 3. Take a stroll along the Ill River

There is a beautiful river in Strasbourg, the River Ill, which runs through the city and is perfect for a stroll along the water.

The pathways will have you walking under weeping willows, rustic bridges and give you a different perspective looking up at its amazing architecture. Perfect on a summer’s evening!

things to do in strasbourg at night
Strasbourg River at night (River Ill)

4. The Courtyards & Streets

What I love about France and its cities is the pretty little courtyards that it has to offer as you wander around.

These usually have bars, cafés, and restaurants around them, and is so perfect to stop by and take in the atmosphere.

What I loved about Strasbourg streets is that you never know what you’re going to get around the next corner.

All the buildings and houses were just so picture-perfect, I couldn’t stop looking up!

things to do in strasbourg at night
Strasbourg Courtyard at night

Save this list of things to do in Strasbourg at night for later

Strasbourg will definitely remain high on my list of places in France to visit and I’m sure it won’t be my last!

I would highly recommend a day trip to this beautiful city and if you do have the time, make sure you stop over and check out what it has to offer you after sunset!

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