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The Potion’s Cauldron York – 9¾ Magical Harry Potter Experiences for Wizards!

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If you’re a Harry Potter fan, then you must plan to spend a weekend in York, UK! 

Thousands of Potterheads visit every year to come and check out The Shambles which is York’s oldest street.

It’s like a real-life Diagon Alley and many say that J.K. Rowling used it to inspire the Wizarding World shopping street in her books.

So, you’ll find plenty of Harry Potter inspired gift shops along The Shambles like The Shop That Must Not Be Named. 

One of the newest additions is the Potion’s Cauldron in York. But, reader, this is no ordinary gift shop. 

This magical place brings something entirely new to the table. It’s has a whole world of magical experiences waiting for you.

From brewing your own potions, eating chocolate frogs, buying Butterbeer and being sorted into a Hogwarts house! 

Here’s a complete guide for visiting the Potion’s Cauldron York on 9¾, The Shambles. With everything that aspiring Witches and Wizards can get up to here.

The Potion's Cauldron York Harry Potter
The Potion’s Cauldron Harry Potter shop!

What is the Potion’s Cauldron York?

The Potion’s Cauldron is a Wizarding Emporium in York that sells magical potions and treats for all ages. 

The concept plays on the story of potion makers who have lived here since the 14th-century.

Potions like ‘Unicorn Essence’, ‘Serpents Venom’, ‘Tears of a Wizard’ and ‘Basilisk Blood’ were once inspired by a French Witch called Agnes de Molay. 

Phileas Fry, then brought these spells back to York all those centuries ago.

Ever since, they have been brewing elixirs to enchant visitors and keep the magic of The Shambles alive!

Today, this store is open once again for all ages to come and sample their potions. 

But, beyond foodie experiences, there is also plenty more waiting for you inside this boutique.

harry potter york
The Shambles in York

Potion’s Cauldron Harry Potter experiences

If you’re a Harry Potter fans or just believe in a little magic, then I would highly recommend stopping by The Potion’s Cauldron on your visit to York.

There is so much that you can experience inside and it’s perfect for big and little kids alike!

Here are some of the magical things to do once you’re inside;

1. See The Shambles smallest resident

Before you enter 9¾, The Shambles, don’t forget to check out it’s smallest resident! 

If you look down at the entranceway, you’ll see a tiny door.

It’s the perfect size for a fairy or maybe a squeaking Pixie? Maybe try knocking once or twice to see who’s home! 

I would have totally missed this little door if someone hadn’t pointed it out before me. It’s just so cute.

harry potter york
The Shamble’s smallest home!

2. Mix your own slush potion

The Potion’s Cauldron are famous for their witchy brews and you can have a go at making some for yourself when you visit!

Simply ask for one of their slush potions and a vial to mix it with! These come in all sorts of flavours and colours. 

Personally, I picked the ‘Power of a Wizard’ potion which was a blue raspberry flavour! You simply mix it in and then you have your magical slushy! These cost £2.50 per wizard. 

But, if you’re after a more personalised experience, you can book one of their potion experiences throughout the day. 

These last 20 minutes and here you can meet some master potion makers with a few surprises!

It’s only £4.99 for adults and £3.99 for children who must be accompanied by an adult. Click here to book. 

harry potter york
My slushy potion!

3. Be sorted into your house by the Sorting Hat

How could you have a Harry Potter shop without a Sorting Hat? 

If you have ever been curious at which Hogwarts house you belong in, you can easily get sorted right here! 

It’s not an official experience at all but I certainly had fun trying it on…although, I already know I’m a Slytherin…

Where are my fellow Slytherins at?!

harry potter york
Being sorted!

4. Buy Butterbeer!

As well as mixing your own slush potion, you can also buy what every Witch and Wizard loves – a cold bottle of Butterbeer!

It’s a completely non-alcoholic, butterscotch flavoured soda. But, it’s such a treat. 

It’s by the Flying Cauldron who have been brewing the recipe since 1374, around the time of Phileas Fry.

I had been wanting to try some of this for ages. So, I was so happy to see it in store.

Compared to the official Wizarding World Butter Beer, this is actually a little more drinkable as it’s not as sweet. I’d highly recommend trying it. 

harry potter york

5. Have a Flat Witch Coffee and Chocolate Frog

So, for all those older witches or wizard that may need a little pick me up. You’ll be glad to know that they have a whole range of hot drinks served out the back in their Wizard chamber. 

You can try a Flat Witch coffee (Flat White), an American Wizard (Americano) and even a Witches Brew (tea).

For little warlocks who aren’t quite ready for that, there are some hot chocolates to try as well. 

What’s even more amazing is that every hot drink comes with a little chocolate frog to go on the side! 

harry potter york
Which magical brew would you choose?

6. See Hogwarts made of Lego

I don’t know about you but I absolutely love Lego creations! Mostly as I’m too impatient at putting anything like that together. 

So, when I saw that The Potion’s Cauldron had their own Lego Hogwarts sculpture, I was taken aback! It looked so incredible and must have taken a lot of effort.

If you did want to check it out for yourself, the Hogwart’s Lego model sits in their fireplace which is located in the back room!

It’s made of 6,000 pieces of Lego and has even had a seal of approval from Justin Ramsden who is a professional Lego designer. Definitely, one to photograph. 

 Lego Hogwarts at the potion's cauldron york
A Lego Hogwarts!

7. Take a selfie as a ‘Wanted Wizard’!

Talking of photographs, I bet you’ll want to capture almost everything while you’re exploring inside.

But, I definitely think the best photo opportunity in the house is the Wanted Wizard poster.

Just like in the movies, you can become an Undesirable No. 1 by the Ministry of Magic for Illegal Potion Making! 

Wanted poster Potion's Cauldron York Harry Potter
Wanted Wizard!

8. Buy some bath potions & dragon eggs 

As well as serving up potions that you can drink, the Potion’s Cauldron also have a great range of bath potions that you can buy to take home! 

Sleeping salts, bath fizzers, dragon eggs and elixirs. It’s perfect for your evening ritual or to destress after a long day.

As well as buying individual bottles you can buy a set that includes ‘Serpents Venom’ (Lemonade), ‘Basilisk Blood’ (Mixed Fruits), ‘Tears of A Wizard’ (Cream Soda), and ‘Unicorn Essence’ (Fruit Twist.

They make the perfect gift for any Harry Potter fan as well if you’re feeling generous! 

harry potter york

9¾. Buy sweets and gifts in their magic marketplace 

One of my favourite things about the Harry Potter books and movies were the sweets and food in the Wizarding World. 

Ever since I was a kid I’ve wanted to visit Honeydukes. So, I absolutely loved their tuck shop in the Potion’s Cauldron. 

You had a choice of chocolate wands, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, jellied slugs, chocolate frogs and more inspired sweets!

So, come with change for the trolley. 

Click here to check out more of their magical wares online

Potion's Cauldron York Harry Potter

How to find The Potion’s Cauldron in York & opening times

If you were eager to come and experience this emporium for yourself, you only need to park your broom at 9¾, Shambles, York YO1 7LZ.

 This Shambles is York’s oldest medieval street and it is a real-life Diagon Alley! 

As it’s a pedestrian only walkway, the easiest way to access the Potion’s Cauldron is to walk over on foot. 

It’s a 3-minute walk from the Jorvik Viking Centre or a 7 minute walk from York Minster. So, it’s easy to find once you’re in the city centre.

If you were planning to drive, the nearest car park to the shop is Q-Park Shambles. There is also a bus stop located on both Stonebow and Pavement.

The Potion’s Cauldron opening times are 10am – 6pm, Monday to Sunday.

harry potter in york
The Shambles, York – a real life Diagon Alley!

Looking for more Harry Potter magic in York?

So, once you’ve had your drinkable potion here, you’ll be glad to know the magic doesn’t end there for Harry Potter fans.

There are plenty more Harry Potter inspired gift shops and experiences in York.

You could visit The Shop That Must Not Be Named, The Boy Wizard, World of Wizardry and even find platform 9¾ at the National Train Museum!

Click here to read my muggles guide to Harry Potter in York

harry potter york
Casting spells outside The Shop That Must Not Be Named (Don’t tell the Ministry of Magic!)

Is there a Harry Potter hotel in York?

Yes and It’s called the Enchantment Chamber! This is a unique and award winning apartment hotel room that is designed like the Hogwarts common rooms.

You have an open fire, secret entranceways and even more magical features. Think cauldrons, quills, stacked bookshelves, owl post and potion bottles!

It’s the perfect place to stay if you’re obsessed with the Wizarding World. 

Click here to book your stay for the night

Book a night in Hagrid’s Hut!

Have you ever wanted to spend a magical night in Hagrid’s Hut at Hogwarts? Well, now you can by heading up to North Yorkshire and it’s only a 90-minute drive away from York!

The Groundskeeper’s Cottage by North Shire is the only one of its kind in the world and is a life-size hut that you can book to spend the night.

It has a living room, kitchen, Ministry of Magic bathroom, and bedroom which makes the entire place cosy. There’s even a Ford Anglia outside.

It’s been set up as the perfect Potterhead retreat in the countryside. So, you can relax on the sofa, pour yourself some Butterbeer, and have a Harry Potter movie night.

I recently stayed here and it was the most magical time! It is expensive but worth splurging on.

Click here to read my complete Groundskeeper’s Cottage review!

Hagrid's Hut North Yorkshire Groundskeeper's Cottage North Shire
Groundskeeper’s Cottage North Shire

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harry potter york the shambles
The Shambles, York

Save this Potion’s Cauldron York guide for later!

The Potion's Cauldron Harry Potter York


Wednesday 30th of December 2020

This is awesome!! Oh my goodness, I had no idea this was a thing, I can't wait to come and visit this place once traveling reopens, awesome article, thank you for the info!!

Sophie Pearce

Friday 16th of April 2021

Hi Brooke! It's so cool, I think you would absolutely love it there! I'm so sorry for the late reply, travels have been a little difficult at the mo! I hope you get to visit York and the Shambles soon :) Sophie x