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Meghalaya is often nicknamed the abode of clouds as that’s its translation in Sankrit. It’s definitely appropriate as Cherrapunjee in Meghalaya is officially the wettest place on planet Earth!

That means it sees more rainfall than any other place in the entire world.

But, it’s not always raining and if you did want to avoid a wash out, best to visit in winter like I did (Nov – Feb).

Meghalaya is like paradise for anyone that wants to get outdoors and into nature.

You’ll see rolling hills, epic cliffs, clear water lakes, the world famous living root bridges, water falls, mysterious caves to explore, trekking trails and more.

You’ll need to leave plenty of time to explore the area and you may find that you never want to leave.

If you’re still not convinced, these are the 18 awe inspiring Meghalaya photos that will make you want to visit!

Meghalaya is a state in North East India. 

It’s part of the seven sisters of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram and Tripura.

The most popular place where tourists flock to in Meghalaya is on the East side of the Khasi hills.

People visit the Scotland of the East, which is Shillong and Cherrapunjee, to be immersed in nature and the crazy amount of rainfall!

It’s really easy to reach via the amazing National Highway 6 which is a new road with NO potholes!

The journey should take around 2/3 hours. If you’re travelling via public transport sharing cars and Sumo jeeps head out from the main bus stand at Paltan Bazaar. There are no buses that head here.

For more public transport tips in North East India, see my guide here

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Meghalaya photos

visit meghalaya photo essay

The Double Decker Living Root Bridges of Nongriat

visit meghalaya photo essayA view from the Living root bridge

visit meghalaya photo essayLike walking through a chapter of a fairy tale

visit meghalaya photo essayCrossing the wire bridge in Nongriat

visit meghalaya photo essayThe stairs leading to Nongriat are 3,000 each way. Local women carry bags of sticks on their foreheads. These ladies would do this walk almost daily. 

visit meghalaya photo essayThe majestic Nohkalikai falls

visit meghalaya photo essay

Looking out onto the plains of Bangladesh!

visit meghalaya photo essay

A local man selling pan (rolled tobacco) at Police Bazaar in Shillong

visit meghalaya photo essay

A closer look at Nohkalikai falls

visit meghalaya photo essay

Rolling hills in Cherrapunjee

visit meghalaya photo essay

Houses of Cherrapunjee

visit meghalaya photo essayThe hills and waterfalls of Cherrapunjee

visit meghalaya photo essayClear water lake in Nongriat

visit meghalaya photo essayCliffs of Cherrapunjee

visit meghalaya photo essayClear blue waters in Nongriat

visit meghalaya photo essay

Valleys and pools of clear blue

visit meghalaya photo essayChilling out on the root bridges

visit meghalaya photo essay

Last one of the Double Decker’s I promise! 

I hope you liked these Meghalays Photos and I infected you with a travel bug to go and visit Meghalaya in North East India.

It really is a total oasis from the busy and chaotic city life. No pollution and not much population, you can enjoy silence, fresh air and amazing scenery all around you.

Make sure you put a visit Meghalaya on your bucket list!

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