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Wilanów Palace Warsaw – The Ultimate Guide for the Yellow Palace in Poland!

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Warsaw seems to have an endless list of palaces in and around the capital city. But, by far, one of the most beautiful and striking of them all is Wilanów Palace Warsaw.

King Jan III’s masterpiece creation. Painted head to toe in the most perfect lemon shade, it packs a punch with neoclassic architecture and colour.

Although a little further out of the city centre, it is well worth the journey.

You can step back into a time of Polish royalty and, as you wander around the elegant rose gardens, feel like a queen.

Here’s a peek inside Wilanów Palace Warsaw.

wilanow palace warsaw

How to get to Wilanow Palace Warsaw 

A lot of people suggested getting a taxi to Wilanow Palace Warsaw as it was a little further afield. 

But, always trying to save some pennies, my friend and I discovered that there was a direct bus from Warsaw Centrum.

So, you can simply catch the 519 bus and alight at Wilanów Palace!

As English is not widely spoken here it can be a little bit of a puzzle trying to work out bus routes, so it’s best to research anywhere you want to go before you leave your hotel room.

Centrum is one of Warsaw’s biggest stations and is also a labyrinth with over and underground train, bus and tram stop all connecting into one.

So, you’ll need to know where you’re heading! If in doubt, ask your hotel or use google maps. Once you’re in, it can be hard to navigate.

wilanow palace warsaw

Ticket prices for Wilanow Palace Warsaw

A Wilanow Palace ticket will cost you 20 zl (€5). This is for an unguided tour of the regular palace rooms.

Audio guides in a multitude of languages are available for hire.

For an extra 7 zl (€2) you can go inside the Princess Marshall’s Lubomirksha’s apartments or temporary exhibitions.

I didn’t go in here, but I’m not sure I missed out on too much. It was only an extra two rooms. But, it’s up to you!

If you want to look around the gardens and park you can pay just 5 zl (€1).

If you’re on a tight budget, this is the perfect option as you can still see the outside of the Wilanow Palace with this ticket.

If you’re lucky enough to be here on a Thursday, Wilanow Palace is completely free to the public!

wilanow palace warsaw

Wilanow Palace tour

I LOVE yellow, and apart from black, it’s my favourite colour. So, when I spotted a yellow princess palace, I couldn’t resist but visit here. It reminded me of the Catherine Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia.

My friend and I couldn’t make the journey and so it felt like I’d got a pretty good replacement with Wilanów Palace.

When you make it to the entrance, the Wilanow place will truly take your breath away.

The neoclassical architecture with roman gods and goddess statues all are embedded in the lemon walls.

It’s absolutely stunning. The great thing I also found was there weren’t many tourists, even in the peak season of European summer!

So, it’s not crawling with people in your photos. I didn’t have the ‘reality vs. Expectation’ moment. My expectations were more than met!

wilanow palace warsaw

The royal apartments in Wilanow Palace

Showcasing the most sumptuous baroque apartments, each room is wall to wall splendour.

The neoclassical murals, the glittering chandeliers and the gold gilt frames of royalty all make you feel like you’ve stepped into a bygone era.

The design of Every room was just perfect and picturesque.

You can wander around the Chinese hunting room, the queen’s rooms, portrait galleries and dining rooms of where the other half used to dwell.

It’s well worth spending some time at Wilanow Palace. Make sure you bring your phone or camera, it’s Instagram gold!

wilanow palace warsaw
wilanow palace warsaw
wilanow palace warsaw

The gardens at Wilanow Palace Warsaw

Now, this was probably my favourite part, the Wilanow Palace gardens.

There’s something about walking amongst the flowers that makes my heart flutter.

The smell from the roses filled the air as you walked around. The gardens, statues, roses all with the backdrop of the palace makes you feel like royalty. It’s a real treat.

Beyond the palace gardens, there’s a nature reserve and a lake in the area.

Here, you can hire boats for a ride. We did see a lot of wedding photoshoots here and I can see why. It’s stunning.

wilanow palace warsaw
wilanow palace warsaw

Don’t miss out on a visit to Wilanow Palace Warsaw!

Being a history buff, I love my historical palaces and so I was in my element at Wilanow Palace.

I just needed to throw on a corset, a large gown and arm myself with a fan and I could have lived here forever.

If you do find yourself in Warsaw with a couple of days spare, Wilanów Palace is definitely an attraction I would recommend.

Don’t miss an outing in the stunning lemon Polish palace! For more information, see their official website. 

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