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How Much is a Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel? (2024) – Is It Worth It?

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When I got to Singapore, I scanned down my bucket list and there in the number one slot; Enjoy a Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel.

In my opinion, It just had to be done. It’s thought by many people to be the national drink of the country and so when I arrived in Singapore I made my way to their famous Long Bar for the evening.

But, how much is a Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel? and is the price worth it?!

I explore more in this full review.

The history of the Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel

There is an interesting story that comes with the Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel. It was created in 1917 by Ngiam Tong Boon.

He saw that the gentlemen of the colonial era were sipping on whiskey and gin but the ladies were without a drink in hand as it was not deemed appropriate.

Gentlewomen were only allowed to drink tea or fruit juices. Therefore he decided to create an alcoholic cocktail that looked like fruit juice with a pretty rose hue and called it a fruit punch.

It became an overnight success and the rest is history; the Singapore Sling was born!


How to travel to Raffles Hotel in Singapore

The easiest way to reach Raffles Hotel is by Singapore’s excellently efficient Metro (MRT).

You can alight at the Esplanade Metro stop and follow the signs for around 5 minutes to the magnificent colonial hotel.

If you’re approaching by bus there are plenty of stops which are near Raffles, the 14 or 14E are probably best.

What to expect when you enter Raffles Hotel in Singapore

When I first reached the hotel, I couldn’t believe the grandeur. I definitely felt a bit more than a little shabby in my backpacker clothes!

But regardless, I was welcomed into the bar with open arms and so took full advantage of the fact.

Ticking this experience on my bucket list was a delight and is a must when visiting Singapore. 

A LOT of backpackers come here to experience this too, so if you are backpacking around South East Asia. Don’t worry.

There may be some snooty people who look down on you. But, most people are here at Raffles Long Bar to have fun. So, don’t sweat it too much.

Did you know that there is more than one Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel?

To my surprise, there isn’t just the one Singapore sling that is on the Long Bars extensive drinks menu.

There’s a winter sling, autumn sling, summer sling, fruit sling, and any other sling you can think of!

I decided to choose the original classic Singapore sling along with many other patrons and it was just delicious.

How much is a Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel?

The Singapore slings at Raffles Hotel costs $37 Singapore Dollars which is around £22 or $26 USD!

It’s probably the most I’ve spent on a cocktail in South East Asia and blew my backpacking budget out of the water.

But you’re paying for the experience of being at Raffles Hotel.

The Long Bar has stayed true to its heritage and so you can transport yourself in time.

Plus, where else can you drink a classic Singapore Sling than at Raffles!?

How much is a Singapore Sling at Raffles hotel?
How much is a Singapore Sling at Raffles hotel?


Interesting facts about Raffles Hotel Long Bar

Singapore is famous for its littering laws, as it is passionate about being exceptionally clean.

For example, if you spit your chewing gum out onto the floor, you will be paying a hefty $1000 fine on the spot.

This is not the case at Raffles hotel however where littering in their Long Bar is actually encouraged!

Ngiam Tong Boon was famous for throwing his peanut shells on the floor and it’s still a tradition that is held today.

When you walk into the Raffles Long bar you will be crushing peanut shells all over the floor and the staff comes through to sweep away thousands.

You will find a sack of complimentary peanuts on your tables so just start nibbling and throw your shells away!

Raffles Hotel Long Bar Singapore - Peanut Shells

Visit Raffles Hotel in Singapore

Although you will most likely be visiting Raffles just to sip a Singapore sling in their Long Bar, the adventure doesn’t have to stop there.

Raffles Hotel is a huge complex which you can explore at your leisure.

You can wander around the courtyards, go designer shopping in their boutiques, eat at one of the many Raffles Hotel restaurants and have a look inside their amazing Raffles Hotel gift shop.

Don’t be shy, it’s all here for you to enjoy.

How much is a Singapore Sling at Raffles hotel?
Raffles Hotel Singapore

So, enjoy your Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel!

It is almost a sin to visit Singapore and not try a Singapore Sling.

If you can afford it, I would highly recommend you experience the original home of Raffles Hotel.

You will be transported to a world of imperial luxury and enjoy an evening with patrons sipping cocktails until well into the night.

Make sure you add a Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel to your bucket list.

Heading around Singapore?

If you’re backpacking around Singapore and looking for some EPIC-free things to do in this city. There are plenty!

I’ll list out some of my favourite FREE activities in Singapore below;

The Tiger Balm Gardens: these gardens are actually called Haw Par Villa and are a unique place to visit. You can also enter their 7 gates oh hell! Intrigued? Read my guide here.

Super Trees in Gardens by the bay: Did you know that the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore is FREE? You can visit the supertrees and even watch the performance at night time.

Marina Bay Sands Marina: I loved this area. You can see the Merlion, enter the Marina Bay Mall and watch a sound and light show in the evening time

Sentosa Island: Although you pay for the train, you can walk the kilometre over to Sentosa for FREE! Once you’re here there are lots of free activities like bird shows, free buggy tours and also you can hike to the southernmost point in Asia too. 

How much is a Singapore Sling at Raffles hotel?
Raffles Hotel

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Kate King

Wednesday 3rd of May 2023

100% NOT worth it. Was just there - the drink is good but the overall ‘experience’ isn’t worth the price or wait in line. I knew about the $30 USD price tag but didn’t expect the glass to be filled 2/3 with ice. When you look at the minimal amount of drink you are getting for that price, it’s a bit absurd. And it isn’t the actual Long Bar. It’s a replica built for tourists. With the price tag, most people only stay for one drink. Part of the experience’ is getting tourists in and out quickly to make room for all those sweating it out in the queue. The bar is a cash cow for Raffles, so I don’t blame them for optimizing on it. I was there a couple days ago and don’t recommend it. If you want to truly experience the timeless splendor of Raffles, make a reservation at one of the hotel’s restaurants or bars. Yes, it will be expensive. But more of a true Raffles experience than the tourist-geared Long Bar.

Sophie Pearce

Thursday 4th of May 2023

Thanks for your opinion! I guess it's just something you do in Singapore and it is really expensive for what you get. But, in my opinion, it's an icon and has lots of history! You're paying for the overall experience even if the cocktail is mainly ice. Thanks, Sophie x

Gordon Cunningham

Monday 25th of July 2022

So I have been to Raffles Hotel today, 25.7.22. We went to the long bar and got 2 Singapore Slings. Drinks were $37.00 each. 10% service charge was $7.40 and 7% GST was $5.70. Total bill was $87.10. I will let you decide whether it is worth it!

Sophie Pearce

Wednesday 27th of July 2022

WOW! That is pretty pricey. But, you have to have a sling at Raffles! Sophie x

Rob Napieralski

Monday 12th of April 2021

Lomba malam ini mengasyikan banget ya, walaupun artikel yang diciptakan lebih condong terhadap regu sebelah, melainkan perlombaan yang sudah berlangsung terlihat mengasyikan dan membikin kita giat.