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14+ Things to Do in Park Güell Barcelona in 2024 (Gaudi Park)!

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One of the most popular attractions in Barcelona has to be Park Güell, a stunning park located on Carmel Hill and designed by Antonin Gaudi. 

Most people visit to see the vibrantly tiled Serpentine Benches in the Greek Theatre with the panoramic views. But, there are so many amazing things to do in Park Güell beyond that.

You can explore the Laundry Portico, marvel at the Hypostyle Hall, ascend the Dragon Stairway, Visit Gaudi’s House and get a photo with El Drac. 

Plus, many, many more attractions like viaducts, viewpoints and biodiversity trails. You could honestly spend hours here.

However, there are some important things to know before you visit as this place can be chaotic when it comes to crowds.

Here are all the magical things to do in Park Güell Barcelona and how to make the most of your visit. 

Park Guell Barcelona
The Serpentine Benches / Greek Theatre

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Park Güell history 

Park Güell was originally proposed as a housing development in the 19th century for the Catalan bourgeoisie and was the idea of Count Eusebi Güell. 

He wanted to build a city garden similar to those in England at the time hence why the name of the park is English. 

The English City Garden movement was where the wealthy could live in their mansions whilst enjoying a private green space, amazing views and fresh air.

Güell commissioned Antonin Gaudi to plot and design this space for him. Gaudi constructed most of the famous features like the Greek Theatre, Dragon Stairway and Laundry Portico between 1900 and 1914. 

Despite elaborate housing plans, only two houses were built here due to land ownership restrictions on and none were designed by Gaudi. 

Park Guell Barcelona

One was Casa Larrard which was inhabited by Güell himself in 1906. Gaudi bought the other house the same year with his savings. He lived there with his father and niece. 

Eusebi Güell passed away in his home in 1918 and the park opened up to the public as a municipal park in 1926. 

Casa Larrard was converted into a school and Gaudi’s property became the Gaudi House Museum. 

Today, Park Güell is one of the most popular attractions in Barcelona and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

It sees over 9 million visitors every year and part of the park is a monumental zone that requires an entry fee! 

Park Guell Barcelona

Magical things to do in Park Güell Barcelona 

1. Serpentine Benches at the Greek Theatre (Plaça de la Natura)

The Greek Theatre is the most famous part of Park Güell and what most people want to see on their visit.

It is lined with serpentine benches and all of them have been made with colourful tiles. These broken tile patterns, known as trencadis, are what made Antonin Gaudi so famous! 

The benches provide a fabulous photo opportunity over towards the Porter’s Lodge Pavilions. But, also you can see the most famous Gaudi project in the distance which is the Sagrada Familia.

The Greek Theatre is one of the most Instagrammable places in Barcelona and the iconic view of the city so you can expect it to be crowded. I would recommend heading here first at opening time.

Top tip: Do not put your feet on the benches. The security is really strict on this and kept telling people off on my visit!

The Greek Theatre Park Guell

2. The Hypostyle Room (Sala Hipostila) 

Another famous feature of Park Güell is the Hypostyle Room or the Sala Hipostila located beneath the Greek Theatre.

This is a huge space with 86 enormous columns that stretch from floor to ceiling and is meant to represent a grand temple.

If you look up you’ll find gorgeous colourful murals that were made by Gaudi. The entire tiled ceiling appears to be undulating and, from a distance, looks like a sky filled with clouds.

You’ll find some terraces at the far end that provide a beautiful view over the entrance pavilion! 

Park Güell Barcelona

3. Escalier du Dragon (Grand Staircase)

Another one of the best things to do in Park Güell is visit the Grand Staircase called Escalier du Dragon.

It’s hard to miss as it sits in front of the iconic Porter’s Lodges in the entrance pavilion. It features two mirrored staircases made of tiles.

As you make your way up or down, you’ll find flowers, shrubs and tiled walls that form terraces and balustrades. Plus, there are several grottos to explore. 

Look out for the many creatures you can find here as well like Hobgoblins and a Dragon called El Drac!

The best place to capture this staircase would be the fountain at the bottom looking up or from the top of the Porter’s Lodge Pavilions. But, it’s always super crowded.

Escalier du Dragon Park Guell

4. Get a cheesy photo with El Drac! 

One of the things I was most excited to see in Park Güell was El Drac! He’s the adorable lizard that you can find on the Esaclier du Dragon. 

He certainly is popular and you’ll see him surrounded by tourists hoping to get a photo with him throughout the day! 

This salamander was made using lots of broken mosaic tiles called trencadis which were Gaudi’s statement. However, this vibrant dragon was created by Joseph Maria Jujo.

As El Drac is so popular you may be waiting a while to get a photo but I thought it was worth the wait. His face is just so sweet.

El Drac Park Guell Dragon
Getting a cheesy photo with the cutie El Drac

5. Visit the Porter’s Lodge Pavilions 

The two incredible buildings that flank the entrance of Carrer d’Olot are known as the Portico Lodges. 

These adorable undulating houses are stunning and one has a gorgeous tiled chimney that looks like a cross.

Beyond just looking beautiful, these structures serve a practical purpose and you can head inside both.

One of the lodges is named Casa del Guarda. You’ll find a small museum that has a video about Antonin Gaudi’s life and the story of Park Güell.

It’s part of the Barcelona History Museum. Again, I would prepare to wait in a long queue to enter!

The other lodge is home to the gift shop where you can buy all manner of Gaudi and artsy souvenirs to take home. 

Porters Lodge Pavilions Park Guell

6. Laundry Room Portico (Carob’s Viaduct)

You’ll find the Laundry Portico to the east of Nature Square. This area used to form part of the gardens of the Casa Larrard mansion owned by Eusebi Güell.

The design of this portico was by Gaudi and has the appearance of a wave with several columns to keep it standing! 

These almost feel like they are defying gravity and are a Modernista work of genius.

Park Guell Laundry Portico

This whole area makes a great photo opportunity as well and isn’t as busy as the main staircase. 

Look out for the ‘washerwoman’ statue which is incorporated into the Laundry Room Portico! 

Laundry Room Portico
Laundry Room Portico Park Guell

7. Viaducts & viewpoints

Park Güell is filled with amazing viaducts, bridges and viewpoints in the Monumental Zone. 

Gaudi actually designed these viaducts to allow carriages to travel through the site and make their way up to the Cavalry or Hill of Three Crosses to enjoy panoramic views.

You can explore Pont de Baix, Pont del Mig and Pont de Dalt. All of these routes provide excellent vantage points over the site and there are several street markets too. 

Park Guell Viaduct

8. Passeig de las Palmeras

You’ll most likely walk along the Passeig de las Palmas on your way to the Greek Theatre.

This stunning Palm Tree avenue, filled with flowers and rare trees, is often overlooked but it is so beautiful.

It has several grottos where you can sit and relax in the shade. In summer, this is a welcome respite.

Passeig de las Palmeras Park Guell

9. Casa Gaudi (Gaudi’s House Museum)

As part of your visit to Parc Güell, you can see Gaudi’s House Museum. It’s decorated in a pretty peach colour, has a tiled green rooftop and is lined with palm trees. 

From the hillside in the park, you can take an epic photo of the house with the city and Montjuic in the backdrop. 

Although it’s inside the park, you do need an extra ticket to enter the house. Book well in advance to avoid disappointment as there is always a long queue to go in.

Gaudi House Museum

10. El viaducto dels Enamorats 

The El viaducto dels Enamorats is often overlooked for the most popular attractions but I wouldn’t skip this in a hurry.

Not only does this area provide amazing views over towards Gaudi’s House but you can also find markets and bands that play here throughout the year.

As it doesn’t see as many visitors, I found this a peaceful place to sit for a while and relax without the crowds!

El viaducto dels Enamorats  Park Guell

11. Austria Gardens

The Austrian Gardens used to form part of the estate but it was converted into a plant nursery when the park was opened up to the public.

The trees planted here look very different to the typical palm trees you will find dotted around the park.

That’s because these trees were a donation from Austria in 1977 during the “Vienna in Barcelona” exhibition. 

Beyond the spectacular trees, you’ll find two properties. One is a house belonging to the lawyer Martí Trias i Domènech and the other is Gaudi’s House. 

Austria Gardens Park Guell

12. Park Güell Cavalry 

You’ll find the Cavalry towards the very top of Park Güell’s Monumental Zone. This is a small mountain with three crosses and was built by Gaudi. 

According to blueprints, Gaudi had plans to build a small chapel here but it never came to pass. Instead, you’ll find 3 stone crosses in its place.

Most people climb up here for the fabulous views and you can see towards the coast and Montjiuc!

Things to do in Park Guell Barcelona

13. Avoid Park Güell Cafeteria

There are no restaurants inside Park Güell and the cafeteria here is pretty bad! It’s overpriced with mediocre offerings and receives countless complaints. 

I have to admit, beyond the bad reviews, I still haven’t eaten in the café here due to the long lines. It looked like chaos even in January.

I would either bring lunch or I would head to one of the cafés outside the area. The Store Café has glowing reviews.

Park Guell Barcelona

14. Exit through the Park Güell gift shop 

You can’t leave without having a look in the gift shop, it just has to be done. 

They have lots of pretty souvenirs to take home that are designed with the same colourful tiles as Gaudi Park.

Plus, you’ll find lots of guidebooks, mugs, postcards, pens, and keyrings. Everything you could think of. 

It is a little pricey compared to the souvenirs you can get at La Ramblas. But, these are official souvenirs and I thought were of a higher quality.

I couldn’t resist picking up a little El Drac to take home with me. He was so adorable and is now sitting proudly on my bookshelf. 

El Drac Park Guell Barcelona

15. Explore the free woodland zone 

The monumental zone costs money to visit but there is lots of woodland that you can explore beyond the private area for free!

The entire park has a surface of 19 hectares and is close to many neighbourhoods. So, they open up this land as a green space for residents and tourists alike.

You will find maps around the area that clearly define the free zones and the views from the free areas are great as well. You’ll reach heights of 210 metres and get to see the vast city below! 

Is Park Guell worth visiting?

100% yes! Although it is a little chaotic and can be really busy, I think that you simply cannot miss a visit to Park Güell in Barcelona.

It’s the city’s top attraction only second to the Sagrada Familia and the unique features and monuments are breathtaking to explore. 

Always remember that there is so much more to Gaudi Park than just the tiled benches in the Greek Theatre and that postcard view.

You have an entire park to explore with pavilions, gardens, porticos, nature trails and grand houses as well. 

Don’t skip a visit to Park Guell! It’s a highlight of any visit and must be on your Barcelona bucket list. 

Park Guell Barcelona

How to visit Park Güell in Barcelona 

The one thing to note about Park Güell is that it’s perched on Carmel Hill so the underground doesn’t run here and it’s a bit of a walk to reach the area in the city! 

It’s also good to note there are several entrances to Gaudi Park. The main ones are on Carrer de Larrard, Carrer d’Olot and Carretera del Carmel.  

The closest metro station would be Lesseps station (green line), then it’s a twenty-minute uphill walk.

The best way to get here if you don’t want to walk is to take the bus. You can take the H6 and D40 lines that drop you off outside the entrance. 

There are also lots of hop-on-hop-off buses that stop at Gaudi Park as well. Click here to book.

Alternatively, you can take a taxi to the entrance. Uber and Bolt both work but FreeNow is the preferred taxi app in Barcelona and is much more reliable. 

Park Güell’s address is Gràcia. Click here for a Google Pin! 

Things to do in Park guell Barcelona

Park Güell opening times

Park Güell’s chargeable zone is typically open from 9.30 am – 7.30 pm. But, this can change throughout the year.

I would always recommend buying a ticket for the first available time slot of the day (9.30 am) to avoid the majority of the crowds. 

Saying that it’s good to note that the free areas around the monumental zone are open 24 hours a day. 

Note: Although you used to be able to visit Park Guell for free at sunrise. This is no longer possible and is only possible for Barcelona residents.

Park guell Barcelona

Park Güell ticket prices

The standard entry ticket to Park Guell is 10 euros which is a bargain compared to the other Gaudi UNESCO sites. This gets you access to the entire park and the monuments.

I would highly recommend booking your ticket in advance. You will have to select an entry time and you will have 30 minutes within that time to enter the park. 

If you don’t manage to book tickets online you can queue up at the gate. But, this could take a long time to get tickets, especially in high season.

You can book a ‘Park Guell Guided Tour with Skip the Line Access’ for 23 euros. But, I don’t think you lose anything by going self-guided and it means you can explore at your leisure. 

If you want to visit Gaudi’s House Museum, you will need to buy a separate ticket. This is the only part of the park that requires an extra fee.

There are also combo tickets you can buy that include the Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, Cata Batlló etc. So, you can tailor your experience how you like!

Dragon Staircase Park Guell

My top tips for visiting Park Güell

  • Book tickets online and as far in advance as you can – I would book tickets well in advance of your visit. It has been known to sell out as they have a maximum capacity. 
  • Leave a few hours to visit – you need at least 2 hours to explore as a minimum. I’d bump it up to four to see everything at a relaxed pace. 
  • Book for the first time slot of the day – This would be the quietest time to visit. It gets crowded very very quickly!
  • Don’t just visit the Serpentine Benches – There is SO much more to Park Guell than just the Greek Theatre. Make sure to explore the other areas too. 
  • Take public transport to the entrance – Carmel Hill is very high up in Barcelona and walking would be exhausting. Take a bus to the top of the hill! 
Dragon Stairway Park Guell

Park Güell FAQs

Why is Park Guell so famous? Due to the incredible architecture created by Antonin Gaudi. It’s now a UNESCO site. 

Is Park Guell free? Some parts are free but all the Monumental Zone (which includes all the main highlights) are chargeable at 10 euros for a self-guided visit. 

How long does it take to walk through Park Guell? It will take around 2-3 hours to explore Park Güell and all the sites.

What should I wear to Park Guell? There is no dress code for Park Güell but I would wear something comfortable and some sensible shoes as you’ll be doing a lot of walking! It’s also really dusty on the floors so you may want to wear closed-toe sandals.

Park Guell Barcelona

Discover more Gaudi masterpieces in Barcelona

There are plenty of Gaudi attractions in Barcelona that are worth visiting during your trip. There are so many you could spend your whole trip seeing them.

If you only have time for one, I would always recommend the majestic Sagrada Familia. 

It is the largest unfinished Catholic church in the world and the construction is still being made as per Gaudi’s design from the 19th century. 

Barcelona Bunkers del Carmel
A view of the Sagrada Familia from Bunkers el Carmel – near Park Guell
Inside Sagrada Familia

It’s stunning with elaborate columns and colourful windows that are enhanced by sunlight. There’s even a chance to climb up the cathedral towers for breathtaking views!

Nearby you have the Gaudi Schools. These were completed by Gaudi in 1909 to provide schooling to poor children in the neighbourhood. 

There are many houses that Gaudi designed that you can visit like Casa Batlló, which is called the House of Bones. The design was based on the legend of St George slaying the dragon. 

Casa Mila / La Pedrera is another popular attraction with an undulating front. You can visit the art-nouveau apartments and the Warrior Rooftop.

Casa Mila Barcelona
Casa Mila
Casa Battlo Barcelona
Casa Batlló

I particularly loved my visit to Casa Vicens. This was one of Gaudi’s first house projects and the tiling and decor are just fabulous. 

These are all part of the Gaudi UNESCO site and the ticket prices reflect this status. Just like Park Güell, you should book tickets for these attractions well in advance as they sell out.

Lastly, I would recommend Cascada Monumental or Gaudi’s Fountain. Although Gaudi only designed the hydraulics for the water, the fountain itself is fantastic and has a gorgeous Greco-Roman design! 

Gaudi's Fountain Barcelona Cascada Monumental
Gaudi’s fountain
Casa Vicens Barcelona
Casa Vicens

Where to stay in Barcelona

On my visit, I stayed in the magical Sercotel Rosellón which was located right beside the Sagrada Familia and had one of the best views of the city.

Not only do most of the rooms face the Sagrada but they have an incredible rooftop terrace where you can sip a drink and enjoy tapas with this breathtaking view as well.

The rooms were very clean and comfortable and it was close to most of the city centre attractions.

Also, the metro is just a minute’s walk away which links you with the rest of Barcelona!

Click here to book your stay at Sercotel Rosellón

Sercotel Rosellon Review

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things to do in Park Guell Barcelona Spain

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