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Gediminas Tower of the Upper Castle in Vilnius – The Ultimate Guide

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Out of all the attractions in Vilnius, the Gediminas Tower is an icon you cannot miss while you’re in the city. 

It’s the last standing piece of Duke Gediminas’ legacy, the founding father of Vilnius, and has some epic views from the top to boot!

The cherry on top is that you can see these breathtaking views absolutely FREE. Plus, there is an informative museum if you’d like to learn about the Upper Castle too for a small fee. 

Here’s a complete guide to visiting the Gediminas Tower of the Upper Castle in Vilnius!

Viewpoints in Vilnius | View from the top of the Gediminas Towe
View from the top of the Gediminas Tower

Gediminas Tower and Upper Castle History

If you weren’t aware of the story of Vilnius and how the city was founded, I’ll tell you the tale.

Years ago, the capital of the Duchy of Lithuania was Kanarvé and then switched hands to Trakai, when Gediminas discovered the area on a hunting trip.

Years later, when Gediminas was on another hunting trip (he loved those), he had a prophetic dream in the forest. 

He dreamt of a wolf made of iron, who was howling as loud as the presence of a hundred wolves on top of a hill. 

Upper Castle Vilnius history
What the upper castle used to look like once upon a time

When he took this dream to a Baltic Shaman, he told Gediminas that the dream meant he should build a new city. It would be strong like the iron wolf and people would take about it for years to come, hence the howling.

At that point, the area where Vilnius is today was not a united city. It was made of small villages, like clans, that fought viciously between each other. Gediminas decided to unite these villages to create the new city of Vilnius. Hence, Vilnius was born named after the River Vilnia! 

He started building the upper castle in the 14th century and the Gediminas Tower was the fortification made of wood at that time. Years later, his grandson Vytautas solidified the fort and made it out of bricks.

It was reconstructed in the 1930s and by the 1960s became a museum. Since the Lithuanian independence in 1990, the Lithuanian flag has flown from the top and has become a symbol for the city.

Grand Duke Vytautas statue
Grand Duke Vytautas was responsible for most of the Upper Castle construction
Gediminas Tower | Photo Spots in Vilnius
Gediminas Tower, Vilnius – still lot’s of construction even today!

Where is the Gediminas Tower in Vilnius?

The Gediminas Tower Castle is easy to spot from Vilnius Cathedral Square. 

It quite literally towers over the city and you can see it from Pilies Street (or Castle Street) and also from Gediminas Avenue too. 

It stands on a hill slightly behind the Vilnius Cathedral and you can access it from behind the National Museum of Lithuania.

You can easily walk up to the Gediminas Tower from the bottom of Gediminas Hill, but if you cannot walk, there is a funicular that goes up and down the hill for a small fee. 

The National Museum of Lithuania
The National Museum of Lithuania

How to get to Gediminas’ Tower in Vilnius

There are two ways to get up to the Gediminas Tower. It will all depend on your budget, how much energy you have, and whether you’re able to walk up a steep hill;

Gediminas Tower of the Upper Castle Vilnius
To the castle!

Walk up Gediminas Hill & Stairs

The free option is to climb up to Gediminas Tower via Gediminas Hill. This hill starts off steep and then tails off with some steps to finish. 

The hill at first is quite cobbly with big stones, so I would make sure you have some good walking shoes on. I had to hold onto the barrier at first like a granny lol. But, it was slippy in winter.

Then after that, there are around 30 steep steps up to the top viewing platform. It’s quite a climb that will leave even the fittest of you a little breathless.

There is a gate, so make sure you read the opening times below.

Gediminas Hill Vilnius
Gediminas Hill is steep and really cobbly
Gediminas Tower Hill Stairway
Gediminas Tower Hill Stairway

Gediminas’ Tower funicular

If you aren’t up for a hike, or cannot walk up to the top. Then there is a funicular that can take you up to the top of the Upper Castle that can be accessed from the back of the National Museum of Lithuania. 

Tickets cost 1 Euro each way and it takes around 10 people at one time. 

I ended up getting the funicular down as there weren’t any toilets at the top (not even inside the Castle museum) and so the only option was to use the ones at the bottom in the funicular station. Not a cheap toilet stop but when nature calls… 

This runs from 10 am – 9 pm from April – September and then 10 am – 8 pm from October to March.

Gediminas Funicular
Gediminas Funicular
Gediminas Tower Funicular
Funicular leading to Gediminas Tower and Upper Castle

Gediminas tower opening hours & prices

If you just want to enjoy the views from the top of the upper castle hill fort then it is absolutely FREE.

You can just climb to the top and head towards the tower. From here there is a platform where you can see some amazing views of the whole city. 

But, when I was here there was a lot of construction blocking the views. So, I decided to pay for a museum ticket to go to the top of the Gediminas Tower. 

The opening times for the Gediminas Tower hill are from 10 am – 9 pm in April – September and from 10 am – 8 pm in October to March.

Gediminas Tower ticket
The Gediminas Tower

Gediminas Castle Tower Museum

As well as taking in some breathtaking views, you can learn about the history of the Gediminas Tower in the Castle Museum there. 

For only 5 Euros, you can climb around the tower and learn about the history of Vilnius and get a better view from the top.

Firstly, I loved the museum because it was so warm. But, also because there were some interactive displays too. 

Inside you can learn about Lithuania’s independence including the Baltic Way. Which saw thousands of people unite together, holding hands through Vilnius, Riga, and Tallinn in opposition to Soviet Rule. 

The Baltic Way finally saw Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia gains their independence.

The Gediminas Castle Museum
The Gediminas Castle Museum takes you through the history of Lithuania!

The views from Gediminas tower of the upper castle

The views from the top of the Gediminas Tower are spectacular! You can get amazing 360-degree panoramic views of the whole of Vilnius. 

I fell hard for the Old Town in the city and I loved being able to get a birds-eye view of all the red roofs, church spires, and cobbled streets from there.

In contrast, you can also get a great view of the newer part of the city, including the skyscrapers and the TV Tower. That’s the tallest building in Lithuania and you can even have dinner from the top!

As it was December, it was completely freezing from the top with the icy breeze. But, I couldn’t stop taking pictures!

Gediminas Tower
The views from Gediminas Tower are breathtaking

Facilities at Gediminas Castle 

There aren’t really any facilities at the top of the Gediminas Castle Tower. Parts of the Upper Castle are currently under construction but even when this isn’t happening, there are no toilet facilities (even if you pay to enter the museum)

However, at the bottom of the Funicular station, there are toilets before you leave the turnstile. This means you will have to pay a Euro to use them. 

There isn’t a ticket kiosk at the top of the Funicular. But, just hop on the carriage and head to the bottom. You’ll then pay your fee before you leave.

There isn’t anywhere to buy food either at the top or cafés to have a drink while you’re there. But, there are some vending machines to buy a coffee or some snacks. But, personally, I’d just head into a local café after your visit. 

Gediminas Tower of the Upper Castle
Gediminas’ Hill is pretty but not ideal if you’re bursting for the loo!

Things to do around the Gediminas Tower 

Once you’re finished exploring and snapping all views of Gediminas Castle. There are plenty of things to do in the area. 

I spent a week in Vilnius and explored the city in depth. So, if you wanted some more guides about what there is to do see my guides below;

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Gate of Dawn Vilnius | Instagram Spots in Vilnius
The Gate of Dawn in Vilnius is one of the most important religious monuments in the city

Vilnius Cathedral Square 

The main meeting point in the city for locals, Vilnius Cathedral Square sits at the heart of the Old Town.

It’s home to the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, the Cathedral Clock Tower, and Vilnius Cathedral which is one of the most important Catholic churches in Lithuania. 

As well as the main attractions there are also little things to look out for like the footprints that resemble the Baltic way, the statue of Gediminas, and the Magic Brick where you can make a wish. 

When I visited in December, they had also set up the famous Vilnius Christmas Tree and the Christmas Markets there too. 

Throughout the summer, they use the area for various events and concerts. So, make sure you visit to check what’s going on.

Read more: why you need to visit Vilnius in December

Cathedral Square Vilnius | Photo spots in Vilnius
Cathedral Square Vilnius
Vilnius Cathedral, Cathedral Square | Instagram Spots in Vilnius
Vilnius Cathedral, Cathedral Square

Three Cross Hill 

If you’re hungry for more viewpoints, one of my favourites in the city was the Three Cross Hill. 

From the Gediminas Tower and Cathedral Square, you can see three white crucifixes that are placed on top of a hill in Kalnai Park. 

This is the Hill of Three Crosses which is a memorial to the martyrs of Vilnius and is one of the most popular viewpoints.

Visiting is completely FREE and you get some fabulous views of the Old Town and rolling hills beyond.

Click here to read my complete guide to visiting Three Cross Hill and where to find the best views in Vilnius!

Instagram spots in Vilnius | Three Crosses Hill
 Three Crosses Hill

Pilies Street & Vilnius Old Town 

All roads in Vilnius Old Town lead down the castle. But, the most famous of these is the cobbled Pilies street which means Castle Street.

If you head up here, it will give you a great introduction to Vilnius Old Town and you can get some great views of the Gediminas castle tower from there too. 

The Old Town is one of the best parts of the city and here you can find the Vilnius Town Hall, the Church of Casimir, St Anne’s church, The church of St Johns, The Gate of Dawn, and lots more.

You’ll need at least half a day to explore, so make sure you book enough time in your itinerary!

Pilies Street Vilnius | Photos spots in Vilnius
Pilies or Castle Street in Vilnius was picture perfect

Looking for places to eat in Vilnius?

I have to admit, I wasn’t too familiar with Lithuanian Cuisine before my visit to Vilnius. But, after sampling the local delicacies in restaurants and going on a food tour of the city, I left loving it!

From zeppelins to cold beetroot soup, potato pancakes, pigs ears, and rye bread. There are so many new foods on the menu to sample.

But, what really opened my eyes to the food culture here was a flavours of Vilnius food tour by Urban Adventures.

On this tour, we went on an edible journey through Vilnius trying the local foods and learning about the history of them too! 

Click here to read my full review of the tour and the top Lithuanian foods you must try

Where to eat in Vilnius | Lithuanian food in Vilnius
Lithuanian food

Where to stay in Vilnius

I stayed with Tinggly on my visit to their Blogger House which was epic, but unfortunately, it’s not up for rent! 

But, I did check out some of the local hotels in the city which you can book below;

Tinggly Blogger House
Getting into the festive spirit in the Tinggly Blogger House

Looking for more travel inspiration for Lithuania? 

I explored the city of Vilnius in detail and took some day trips out to Trakai, Kaunas and The Hill of Crosses too while I was here.

So, as well as the Gediminas Tower, make sure you read some of my helpful travel guides for your trip;

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Trakai Island Castle | things to do in Trakai
Trakai Castle

With thanks to Tinggly for hosting my stay. Although I was a guest, all photos and opinions are my own.

Save the Gediminas Castle Tower for later!

Gediminas Tower of the Upper Castle Vilnius