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10 Game of Thrones Doors to Visit in Ireland – Journey of Doors (2024)!

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Game of Thrones fans, did you know that there are 10 magical Game of Thrones doors that you can track down in Northern Ireland? 

That’s right and it’s all part of the Journey of Doors trail. You’ll find these doors dotted around different pubs, hotels, and restaurants around the country. 

Many of these places are located near the filming locations used for the show and the cast and crew used to eat, drink and even sleep in them during production.

So, if you are on a Game of Thrones tour of Northern Ireland make sure to pick up a Game of Thrones passport to collect stamps from all the doors you visit along the way.

Here is how to find all 10 of the Game of Thrones Doors and what to expect at each one! 

Game of Thrones Doors Northern Ireland

What are the Game of Thrones Doors?

If you weren’t aware of the Journey of Doors trail, the beech trees at the Dark Hedges were damaged some years ago due to over-tourism, and some of them were sadly knocked down.

A group of clever artists re-purposed the wood and made a series of Game of Thrones doors.

The gorgeous doors were gifted to pubs, restaurants, and hotels dotted around Northern Ireland. 

All of the doors take you on a journey of the events that took place in series 6 of the show. So, you’ll see carvings from all seven kingdoms of Westeros. 

They are all now part of a Journey of Doors trail and it makes a great treasure hunt for fans! 

Kingsroad Game of Thrones
Dark Hedges aka King’s Road

Journey of Doors Trail

So, you’ll find that the Journey of Doors will take you all over Northern Ireland. From County Down, County Antrim, County Londonderry, the Causeway Coast, Enniskillen, and Belfast. 

All of these places that have a Game of Thrones door make great stops to grab a bite to eat or drink whilst you’re chasing down Game of Thrones filming locations.

So, if you were interested, make sure to pick up a Game of Thrones passport before you start! 

Game of Thrones Door Mary McBride's Bar

Game of Thrones Passport 

To start your journey on the Journey of Doors Trail, you’ll need to pick up a Game of Thrones passport.

The passports are completely FREE and you can find them in any of the Journey of Doors locations that have a Game of Thrones door. 

Inside, the passport will tell you more about each of the carved doors and what they represent. Also, you’ll find their location.

There is also a page inside where you can receive a stamp from each pub you visit. Can you collect them all? 

Jounrney of Doors Passport Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones passport

Where are the Game of Thrones Doors in Northern Ireland?

I recently went on a Game of Thrones tour of Northern Ireland and was lucky enough to visit all of the Game of Thrones doors myself.

If there is a treasure hunt, I’m that annoying person that is determined to find every single one.  

So, in this post, I’m going to let you know how you can find all of the Game of Thrones doors and what to expect at each location! 

Game of Thrones Doors Northern Ireland

1. The Cuan in County Down 

If you’re heading down to Winterfell aka Castle Ward in County Down then The Cuan makes the perfect pub stop. 

It was originally a traditional pub that the Stark family cast stayed in whilst filming much of the first and second series.

Although it used to be very Game of Thrones themed with special rooms and medieval banquets, it’s now a swanky restaurant and bar.  

You’ll find the Game of Thrones door inside the bar at the back heading to the toilets. This door is carved to reflect the opening sequence and you’ll find the geography of Westeros. 

I had originally planned to have dinner here but the Strangford Ferry had different plans, so I made a very quick stop. I’d like to go back next time.  

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The Cuan Game of Thrones Door
The Cuan Game of Thrones door

Game of Thrones filming locations near the Cuan 

You’ll find lots of Game of Thrones filming locations near to the Cuan so it makes a great lunch or dinner stop in County Down. 

First and foremost, you must visit Castle Ward which was used to film Winterfell in the series. You can chase down over 20 filming locations around the area and even have a go at archery. 

Inch Abbey Game of Thrones Filming Location
Inch Abbey
Castle Ward Winterfell
Castle Ward aka Winterfell

As part of your visit, you can walk over to Audley’s Field. This is a keep tower that featured in Game of Thrones many times. 

It was where Robert Baratheon first arrived, the camp for the Battle of Oxcross, where Robb proposes to Talissa, and the Twin Towers where Theon Greyjoy takes down one of the messenger ravens from Walder Frey.

Quoile River is also a short drive away where Hoster Tully’s river funeral took place and Inch Abbey is a gorgeous ruin where Robb sets up camp before the War of the Five Kings.

River Quoile Riverrun
River Quoile aka Riverrun
Audley's Field Game of Thrones
Audley’s Field

2. Fiddlers Green in Portaferry

If you’re in County Down you must take a trip from Strangford over to Portaferry using the car ferry. 

Then, you can head over to Fiddlers Green which is the location of another Game of Thrones door. 

You’ll find it at the back of the pub near the toilets and you’ll find carvings of the growing conflicts between House Bolton and House Greyjoy. 

There are images of the Flayed Man on the door as well as a Kraken, swords, and the Winterfield Weirwood Tree. 

On my visit, there wasn’t a food menu but it’s a great pitstop for a pint of Guinness or a wee dram. 

The Fiddler's Green Journey of Doors
Fiddler's Green Game of Thrones Door
Fiddler’s Green Game of Thrones Door

Game of Thrones filming locations near Fiddlers Green

As you’re in Portaferry on the Ards Peninsula, you can make your way over the Quintin Bay which is featured in Game of Thrones.

Quintin Castle was used when filming Castle Stokeworth of the Crownlands in series 6. 

After Jaime Lannister promises to bring Myrcella back to King’s Landing from Dorne, he visits Ser Bronn of the Blackwater and asks him to help him.

Ser Bronn is walking with his betrothed but Jaime promises a better wife, castle, and lands from Cersei in exchange for his service!

You’ll find these scenes in series 5, episode 2: The House of Black and White.

Quintin Castle is an Anglo-Norman fortress that was built by John de Courcy in 1184! 

Strangford Ferry
Strangford Ferry to Portaferry
Quintin Castle Ards Peninsula
Quintin Castle aka Castle Stokeworth

3. Percy French in Newcastle

Newcastle is a popular beach town in County Down which is surrounded by the gorgeous Morne Mountains. 

You’ll find Percy French outside the swanky Slieve Donard Hotel which makes the perfect place to stay in this area if you’re visiting Game of Thrones locations.

The Game of Thrones Door is actually located right out the front as you enter the restaurant. The staff will be happy to stamp your passport inside even if you don’t plan to dine. 

On the door, you’ll find a Greyjoy ship along with a Kraken, a direwolf of House Stark, and skulls at the bottom.

Click here to book your stay at Slieve Donard 

Percy French Game of Thrones Door
Percy French Game of Thrones Door

Game of Thrones filming locations near Percy French

If you were looking for Game of Thrones filming locations near Newcastle, you should head on over to Tollymore Forest Park.

This was one of my favourite filming locations as it’s a magical forest with stepping stones, follies, and gorges. 

This forest was used as a filming location for Winterfell forest and you can find the wildlings pit from the very first episode. It’s also where the Stark family finds the direwolf pups.

I actually did a Game of Thrones walking tour there and was guided by one of the Wildling chieftains from the show.

A few miles away, you can also find Leitrim Lodge which was used for The Lands North of Winterfell. There’s a short walk you can do to relive the action.

Click here to read my Game of Thrones guide for Tollymore Forest Park

Tollymore Forest Park Game of Thrones
Tollymore Forest Park
Tollymore Forest Park Game of Thrones trek
Queen of the North ;)

4. Blakes of the Hollow in Enniskillen

Now, Enniskillen is quite a far way from many of the major Game of Thrones filming locations but if you have the time I’d still recommend going.

You can find this Game of Thrones door in Blakes of the Hollow which is a traditional Irish bar. 

Blakes of the Hollow is one of the most famous Victorian pubs in Ireland and is famous for its heritage. 

It was established in 1887 making it the oldest pub in County Fermanagh and can be found on Church Street. 

Beyond just being a traditional pub they also have a café, atrium, and club as part of their chain as well!

Blakes of the Hollow
Blakes of the Hollow

The Blakes of the Hollow Game of Thrones Door can be found inside the pub at the very back.

If you head towards the bathrooms, you’ll find the door near the stairs leading to the upper floor.

The intricate design features the symbols of the Targaryens and Arryns. I loved seeing the dragons carved on this door!

Once you’ve seen the door, make sure to stop for a pint whilst getting your passport stamped and take in the friendly and vibrant atmosphere. They sometimes have live music.

Blakes of the Hollow Game of Thrones door Journey of Doors
Blakes of the Hollow Game of Thrones door

Game of Thrones filming locations near Blakes of the Hollow

There is only one Game of Thrones filming location that is located near Enniskillen and that is Pollnagollum Cave. 

It’s a gorgeous emerald cavern fed by a cascading waterfall and is located in the magical Belmore Forest. 

You’ll want to visit as it was used to film the Brotherhood Without Banner’s hideout aka Hollow Hill in series 3.

As I say, it is a little further out of the way than the other filming locations. But, if you’re determined to see all the doors it’s definitely worth the detour. 

Click here to find out how to visit the Pollnagollum Cave Game of Thrones location

Pollnagollum Cave Game of Thrones filming location
Pollnagollum Cave aka Hollow Hill

5. Owens in Londonderry

The next Game of Thrones door is located in Londonderry in Limavady. Owens Bar can be found right on the main street. 

It’s a tiny traditional pub that serves up a range of drinks with a lively atmosphere and friendly staff. It’s perfect for a pint on your Journey of Doors trail journey.

You’ll find the Game of Thrones door near the back of the pub and this one features the Night King, White Walkers, and the undead Wights. 

Below you find the symbol of House Stark twinned with branches and roots preparing for the attack.

Owens Game of Thrones Door
Owens Game of Thrones Door

Game of Thrones filming locations near Londonderry

Alongside getting your passport stamped at Owens, you’ll find a few Game of Thrones filming locations nearby.

You can head to Binevenagh which was used for the Dothraki Lands or Portstewart Strand used for the Dornish Coast.

But, my favourite had to be the Mussenden Temple and Downhill Beach used as Dragonstone, and the Burning of the 7 on the beach. 

The temple is owned by the National Trust and you can pay to enter. Head out on a walk over the cliffs to find it. The views are spectacular. 

Or, head to Downhill Beach which is free to visit and you can see the temple up on the clifftop.

Downhill Beach aka Dragonstone
Downhill Beach aka Dragonstone

6. Fullerton Arms Ballintoy 

Next up is one of my favourite Game of Thrones Doors and Journey of Doors locations on the Causeway Coast.

You’ll find one of the carved doors at the Fullerton Arms in Ballintoy. The door has a huge carving of Drogon, Deanery’s most fearsome dragon.

Drogon has a Dothraki stallion in his talons which represents the allegiance and the Queen making her voyage over the Narrow Sea.

Fullerton Arms Game of Thrones Door
The Fullerton Arms had this amazing dragon door!

The Fullerton Arms is a great dinner spot in Ballintoy as it’s close to many Game of Thrones filming locations.

I had one of their traditional pies for dinner here and it was delicious. But, they have lots of dishes on offer.

Don’t forget to check out their Game of Thrones-themed room. There is even an Iron Throne to sit on. 

Fancy extending your stay? Click here to book a room for the night! 

Fullerton Arms Ballintoy
Fullerton Arms Game of Thrones Iron Throne

Game of Thrones filming locations near Ballintoy

You can find a wealth of Game of Thrones filming locations near Ballintoy but you must start off at Ballintoy Harbour.

This doubled up as the Iron Islands in Pyke where Theon Greyjoy returns home. It’s also where he has his rather gruesome baptism to pledge his allegiance to the sea.

Right next door, you can cross the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge which was used as the inspiration for the Pyke Castle rope bridge. 

Ballintoy Harbour Game of Thrones filming location Iron Islands
Ballintoy aka Iron Islands
Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge
Crossing Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge!

Larrybane Quarry can be found near Carrick-a-Rede car park where King Renly sets up his camp and Catelyn Stark visits to negotiate.

Dunluce Castle was also loosely used to film Pyke Castle with some magical CGI. You can visit the ruins on the cliffs. 

Although the Giant’s Causeway was not a filming location, it’s still magical and looks like something straight out of Westeros. It’s a must-visit in Northern Ireland.

Giant's Causeway Northern Ireland
Giant’s Causeway
Dunluce Castle Northern Ireland
Dunluce Castle

7. The Dark Hedges Hotel Stranocum 

Although the Game of Thrones passports state that the Game of Thrones Door is in Gracehill House this is no longer the case.

You can now find the Dark Hedges Game of Thrones door within the Dark Hedges Hotel.

When I originally did my Journey of Doors trail it was actually closed. But, it’s now since reopened and I finally got to complete my passport.

You’ll find the Game of Thrones Door in their Lannister Bar which has all sorts of artwork and pieces related to the show. 

This carved door has the Three-Eyed Raven on the front which is a foreshadowing of events to come. Why not stop for some lunch, dinner, or a drink whilst visiting King’s Road?! 

It also makes an incredible place to stay near one of the most popular Game of Thrones filming locations. 

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Lannister Bar Dark Hedges Hotel
Lannister Bar
Game of Thrones Door Dark Hedges
Game of Thrones Door Dark Hedges Hotel

Dark Hedges filming location

Right next to the Dark Hedges Hotel, you will find the Dark Hedges which was a Game of Thrones filming location of the King’s Road. 

This is where Arya, Hot Pie, and Gendry make their escape from King’s Landing. 

Although it only featured for a few moments in the show it’s now one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country.

It’s located on Bregagh Road near Gracehill House but you can’t drive directly there. You will need to park outside the Dark Hedges Hotel and make your way over.

Click here for my complete guide for the Dark Hedges Northern Ireland 

The Dark Hedges Game of Thrones

8. Mary McBride’s Cushendun 

Mary McBride’s can be found opposite the car park in Cushendun. It makes a very convenient place to eat and it’s more like an institution in Northern Ireland. 

It was once one of the smallest bars in Ireland with a landlady called Mary McBride years ago. They now serve up some wholesome pub meals every day.

I had scampi and chips here after my visit to Cushendun Caves and it was absolutely delicious. 

You’ll find the Game of Thrones door at the very back of the pub. Door number 8 has “Valar Morghulis. Valar Dohaeris” carved on there. It tells the story of Arya Stark’s journey to the free city of Braavos. 

In the centre, you’ll find the Faceless Man Coin and you can even spot her trusty sword Needle!

Mary McBrides
Mary McBride's Bar Journey of Doors Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones filming locations near Mary McBride’s 

Just across the way from Mary McBride’s, you can head over to Cushendun Caves which was used to film the Stormlands. It’s where Ser Davos Seaworth rows Melisandre to have her shadow baby. 

Later, it’s where Jaime Lannister and Euron Greyjoy have a fight in the Battle of King’s Landing. 

A short drive away you can find Murlough Bay which played Slaver’s Bay or you can head to Fairhead which played the cliffs of Dragonstone where Jon meets Daenerys’ dragons. 

Cushendun Caves Game of Thrones
Cushendun Caves
Fair Head Game of Thrones
Fair Head

Carnlough Harbour is where Arya lands in the free city of Braavos and makes her way over to the Hall of Faces of The Faceless Man.  

You can also visit Steenson’s Jewellers workshop in Glenarm. Steensons created many jewellery pieces for Game of Thrones from the Hand of the King’s brooch to Sansa’s Queen of the North crown! 

Braavos at Carnlough Harbour
Braavos at Carnlough Harbour
 Steenston's Workshop in Glenarm Game of Thrones
Wearing Sansa’s Crown at the Steensons Workshop in Glenarm

9. Ballygally Castle in Antrim 

Door 9 can be found in Ballygally Castle in Larne which is on the coastline. It’s a stunning historic hotel that dates back to the 17th century.

As well as being a hotel with restaurants, it’s also a tourist attraction. You can visit their museum and step into their Ghost room. It’s one of the top haunted hotels in the country. 

According to legend, a resident called Lady Isobel Shaw jumped to her death from the tower after her husband locked her up! Dare you go inside? 

Ballygally Castle
Ballygally Castle Ghost Room
Ballygally Castle Ghost Room

The Game of Thrones door can be found in the lobby at the entrance of the Garden Restaurant. You can get your passport stamped at reception.

Door 9 happens before the ‘Battle of the Bastards’. You can see a huge direwolf of the Starks of Winterfell in the centre along with the flayed man of House Bolton. 

Ballygally Castle Game of Thrones Door

Ballygally Castle has all sorts of Game of Thrones-themed souvenirs to purchase including Hastings rubber ducks called ‘Duck of Thrones’! 

After you can take a riverside walk in their lovely planned gardens. It was honestly a stunning property and I would love to stay one day. 

Fancy extending your stay? Click here to book a room

Ballygally Castle Gardens
Ballygally Castle Game of Thrones rubber ducks
Duck of Thrones

Game of Thrones filming locations in County Antrim 

Carnlough Harbour can also be found near here which is where Arya lands in Braavos. 

Or, you can head to Cairncastle to see some of the lands surrounding Winterfell. In the series, this is where Ned delivers punishment to the deserter of the Night’s Watch.

Glenariff, in the Glens of Antrim, was where Little Finger takes Sansa to meet with Lord Royce in the Vale. 

Shillanavoghy Valley is where Daenerys and Karl Drogo make camp with the Dothraki. 

Sallagh Braes formed part of the Riverlands. In series 6, episode 7 ‘The Broken Man’ Sandor Clegane, the Hound, can be seen working here after he survived being left to die by Arya.

Carncastle Game of Thrones

10. The Dark Horse Belfast 

Finally, you can find Belfast’s Game of Thrones door in The Dark Horse which is a popular café and restaurant in Commercial Court.

This is part of the lively Cathedral Quarter and is also the location of the Belfast Umbrella Street near the Duke of York pub.

I loved The Dark Horse due to the copper and mirrored walls, the velvet chairs, and all the bric-a-brac and memorabilia.

Umbrella Street Belfast Commercial Court
The Dark Horse Belfast

You’ll find the Belfast Game of Thrones Door at the entrance to the toilet and the bar staff will be more than happy to stamp your passport.

This door represents the key events at King’s Landing at the end of series 6. 

You’ll find the Lannister Lion and the Scept of Baelor along with symbols of the King’s Landing nobles and their Faith Militant. You’ll also find symbols of the Tyrell’s, Stark’s, and Targaryens. 

The Dark Horse Game of Thrones Door

The Dark Horse makes a great place for coffee, a stronger drink, or some food throughout the day.

Don’t leave without checking out The Dark Horse courtyard outside filled with artwork and murals.

Dark Horse Courtyard Belfast
Dark Horse Courtyard

Game of Thrones filming locations in Belfast 

So, there aren’t any filming locations in Belfast per se but there are many locations in the city that celebrate the show.

They filmed much of the series in the Titanic Studios but you can’t visit there. You can go on the Glass of Thrones walking trail in the Titanic Quarter though.

It’s a series of stained glass windows that celebrate all the big houses in Game of Thrones. You can even sit on the Iron Throne.

Game of Thrones tapestry Belfast
Game of Thrones tapestry
Glass of Thrones Belfast Iron Throne
Glass of Thrones

Or, why not visit the Game of Thrones Tapestry in the Ulster Museum? It’s 90 feet long and has scenes from every episode of the series. 

There are also some escape rooms, Steenson’s Jewellers that created the jewellery for Game of Thrones, restaurants where the cast ate, and more.

Or, why not make a visit to the Game of Thrones Studio Tour? It’s an amazing exhibition filled with authentic sets, costumes, and props from the epic 8-part series.

Game of Thrones Studio Tour Review Northern ireland
Game of Thrones studio tour

Congrats, you’ve completed the Journey of Doors Trail! 

So, that’s it! If you’ve managed to see all of the Game of Thrones Doors in Northern Ireland and had your Journey of Doors Passport completed and stamped then congrats.

I loved my journey around Northern Ireland collecting all of my stamps in my passport. When I look back at it, it brings back all sorts of cosy memories of my road trip.

The Journey of Doors trail is such a great way to see all of the Game of Thrones filming locations in Northern Ireland and have some great food and drink in the process.

Don’t skip this trail if you’re a Game of Thrones fan!

Game of Thrones Passport Stamps
All the Game of Thrones Door Stamps except the Dark Hedges – but I finally have it now :)

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