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Glass of Thrones Belfast – Discover 6 Game of Thrones Stained Glass Windows (2024)!

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If you’re a Game of Thrones fan visiting Northern Ireland then you cannot miss the Glass of Thrones Belfast.

It’s a walking trail through the Titanic Quarter where you can find 6 beautiful Game of Thrones stained glass windows.

You’ll find the Starks, Lannisters, Baratheons, Targaryens, and White Walkers. You can even take your place on the Iron Throne! 

Here is how to find the Belfast Game of Thrones stained glass windows on the Glass of Thrones walking trail. 

Glass of Thrones Belfast Game of Thrones Stained Glass Windows
The Iron Throne!

What is Glass of Thrones Belfast?

The Glass of Thrones walk is a short trail where you can discover 6 beautiful Game of Thrones stained glass windows in the Titanic Quarter. 

Each window has been beautifully crafted by artisans and reflects the most epic scenes and characters from the show.

The windows were made to celebrate 10 years of filming Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland and it’s a great way to relive some of your favourite moments.

It’s now a permanent feature in the city and makes a great activity for any Game of Thrones fan visiting Belfast. 

What’s even better is that it can be completed self-guided at any time of the day and is completely FREE. 

Glass of Thrones Belfast White Walker window

Who made the Glass of thrones?

The show was drawing to a close with its eighth season and over 75% of it was filmed in Northern Ireland! 

So, the production crew wanted to ensure a legacy in Belfast of the award-winning fantasy TV series that moved millions of fans around the world. 

Stained glass window making is an ancient art form that can be traced back for centuries and is closely connected to Northern Ireland’s heritage in commemoration. 

Tourism Ireland decided to fuse an old-age tradition with a modern twist by commissioning six large free-standing Game of Thrones stained glass windows. 

They researched historic fan-based data and searched for the best-loved scenes and characters. 

Each window was then designed by hand illustrators and was then stained by artists in Bangor, County Down. 

You can find out more in this Glass of Thrones behind the scenes video here!

Baratheon Window Glass of Thrones Belfast

How many Glass of thrones are there in Belfast?

There are 6 Belfast Game of Thrones stained glass windows on the Glass of Thrones Trail. These are;

1. House Stark at the AC Hotel 

2. House Baratheon at Lagan Weir 

3. House Targaryen at Odyssey Point

4. White Walkers at SS Nomadic 

5. The Iron Throne at Titanic Slipways

6. House Lannister at HMS Caroline 

Each stained glass window is beautifully designed with poignant scenes from the series.

You’ll find your favourite characters in all the seven kingdoms and Houses of Westeros! 

Targaryen Door Glass of Thrones

Where are the Game of Thrones windows in Belfast?

They are dotted around the Titanic Quarter of the city which is in the historic Belfast docklands.

The easiest way to find all of the windows is to follow the Glass of Thrones trail as it’s a short and easy walk. 

As well as reliving your favourite Game of Thrones memories, you can take in some of the famous sights of Belfast too.

Titanic Belfast

How long is the Glass of Thrones walk? 

The Glass of Thrones walking distance is 1.5 miles (2.5 km) and follows the entire length of Belfast’s Maritime Mile. 

The time it takes to walk from the Stark Window to the Lannister Window is around 30 minutes.

This is only if you wanted to see the Game of Thrones stained glass windows and didn’t stop to see anything else. 

But, as there are so many great attractions and things to see in this area, I would allow around 1-2 hours to complete the walk.

The Titanic Quarter is such a vibrant part of the city with lots of maritime history. Plus, there are coffee shops, landmarks, attractions, and scenic views over River Lagan! 

Titanic Belfast SS Memnon at night

Where should I start Glass of Thrones Belfast?

You can start the Glass of Thrones trail from either the House Stark window which is located beside the AC Hotel at the City Quays. Or, the House Lannister window by the HMS Caroline. 

It is recommended to start the walk at the first Stark window by the AC Hotel.

This is because you’ll be following the city’s heritage through the stained glass windows at the City Hall all the way over to the Titanic Studios where they filmed the show. 

But, personally, I don’t think it matters which way you start it. They aren’t in chronological order to the series. 

Most people discover the Glass of Thrones Belfast by seeing the Iron Throne window which is located next to the famous Titanic Museum. It attracts a crowd as it’s a fabulous photo opportunity. 

From here, it’s only a short walk to the HMS Caroline with the House Lannister window. Then, you can backtrack and follow the walking trail over to the House Stark window!

This is the way I did the walk and I have no regrets. You still get to see all of the windows and walking the trail backward didn’t spoil the experience for me. 

Stark Window at AC Hotel Belfast Glass of Thrones

Glass of Thrones Belfast map 

Click on the image below to be taken to my handy and FREE Glass of Thrones Belfast map to find all of the Game of Thrones stained glass windows. 

Glass of Thrones Belfast Map
Click the image for the Glass of Thrones Belfast window locations map

Glass of Thrones Belfast walking trail 

So, here is a complete Glass of Thrones trail guide that you can use to find all the windows self-guided in the Titanic Quarter of Belfast. 

As well as the Game of Thrones stained glass windows, I’ll include what notable attractions you can see in the area too. 

1. AC Hotel – Stark window 

The first window is the Stark Window which can be found outside the AC Hotel by Marriott beside the Lagan River. 

This beautiful window coincides with the first episode of the eighth season and features notable characters from House Stark of Winterfell. 

You’ll find Bran sitting under the Weirwood Tree with the three-eyed raven and Jon Snow wielding Longclaw in the Battle of the Bastards.

There is also Arya Stark with Littlefinger, Sansa Stark with Ramsay Bolton and some Direwolves put in for good measure!

This was one of my favourite windows of the trail. If I was to be part of any Westeros house it would probably be House Stark. 

Stark Window AC Hotel Belfast Glass of Thrones
Glass of Thrones Stark Window

What to see near the AC Hotel 

  • Views of the Titanic Museum – From the AC Hotel, you get some incredible views of Titanic Belfast and the Maritime Mile over the City Quays and Docklands. 
  • Belfast Big Fish – the Big Fish, aka the Salmon of Knowledge, is near the Lagan Weir Footbridge. It’s decorated with ceramic tiles that tell the story of Belfast. 
  • ‘Sammy the Seal’ sculpture – There are also some cute seal head sculptures near the Big Fish. Apparently, Sammy was a real seal who would often visit the city!
Sammy the Seal Belfast
Belfast Big Fish
Belfast Big Fish

2. Lagan Weir –  Baratheon window

From the AC Hotel, you will need to walk beside the river towards the Lagan Weir Footbridge. This is opposite the Big Fish. 

Cross over the bridge and look to your right to find the Baratheon Window which has a huge portrait of the Red Priestess or Melisandre. 

Around her, you’ll find King Robert, Shadow baby Stannis killing Renley, Ser Davos, and Gendry’s war hammer.

Baratheon Window Lagan Weir Glass of Thrones

What to see near Lagan Weir

  • River Lagan – You’ll cross the River Lagan here which runs from Slieve Croob mountain in County Down to Belfast. Belfast translates to Béal Feirste in Irish or the mouth of the Farset. This is the Farset river the city was built on and flows into the Lagan!
  • Lagan Weir Footbridge – 16,000 people use this footbridge every week to cross over the Lagan River. The bridge has won multiple awards and is beautifully lit up at nighttime!
Lagan Weir Footbridge Belfast
Lagan Weir Footbridge

3. Odyssey Point – Targaryen window 

Once you’ve crossed over the Lagan, you’ll need to turn left and head towards Odyssey Point where you’ll find the House Targaryen Game of Thrones stained glass window. 

The window is dominated by Daenerys riding her fire-breathing dragon and she is joined by some of her court. 

You can even see a scene of Viserys Targaryen receiving his ‘golden crown’ from Khal Drogo and meeting his sorry end. 

There are also three dragon eggs, Grey Worm, and the sons of the Harpy too! 

Targaryen Window Odyssey Point Glass of Thrones

What to see near Odyssey Point 

  • SSE Arena – the SSE Arena in Belfast is a premium entertainment venue with lots of shows going on throughout the year. 
  • Odyssey Complex – this has a 4D cinema and a bowling alley inside if you were looking for something to do in the evening. 
  • Sound Yard Maritime Belfast – you can explore this playful art installation that was inspired by the sounds of Belfast’s shipyards. It lights up at night and kids love it! You may even spot a tall ship nearby. 
  • Buoy Park – Buoy Park is an outdoor space on the harbour that is named after the large buoys in it! There are benches, coffee shops, a subway, and places to chill here.
Buoy Park Belfast
Tall Ship Belfast Dock

4. SS Nomadic – White Walkers window

If you carry on down towards Titanic Belfast, you’ll eventually stumble on the White Walker window beside the SS Nomadic in a dry dock.

I loved this window as it was all shades of blues from cornflower, teal, and indigo! It features scenes from beyond The Wall and the terrifying army of White Walkers. 

You’ll see the Night King riding Viserion he changes into a zombie and Hodor’s untimely death *sniff*. Why did he have to go?!

Glass of Thrones White walker window SS Nomadic

What to see near SS Nomadic 

  • S S Nomadic – You get entry to the SS Nomadic with the Titanic Museum! It’s a White Star Line ship that has survived and is the closest you will get to stepping on board the Titanic. 
  • Titanic Hotel – The Titanic Hotel is very famous and has a fancy bar and restaurant inside. You can even treat yourself to afternoon tea!
SS Nomadic Belfast

5. Titanic Slipways – The Iron Throne window

The Titanic Slipways are home to my favourite window on the Glass of Thrones Belfast which is the Iron Throne! 

It’s a huge window that has a built-in seat in front of it so you can take your place in the Red Keep at King’s Landing. Remember to strike a pose! 

You’ll see the sigils for all Houses of Westeros on here and the seven-pointed star of the Faith of the Seven.

From here, you’ll get your first peek at Titanic Studios Belfast where they filmed Game of Thrones!

Glass of THrones Iron Throne Belfast
Glass of Thrones Belfast Iron Throne

What to see at the Titanic Slipways 

  • The Titanic Belfast – An award-winning museum and visitor centre where you can learn the real story and voices of those who were involved in building the Titanic! It’s a must-visit whilst in Belfast. 
  • The Docklands – Around this area, you’ll see the Belfast docklands. It’s still active with many ships visiting like the Stena Line car ferries that connect Belfast with the UK mainland. 
  • Titanic Shipyard – The Titanic Slipways are where the Titanic was built in the city! You can still see the remains of where the shipyard was all those years ago. 
Titanic Belfast Museum

Titanic Studios Belfast Game of Thrones filming location

As you make your way from the Iron Throne window to the Lannister window at HMS Caroline, don’t forget to check out Titanic Studios on your way past. 

This is where they filmed all eight of the Game of Thrones series in Belfast. You can see a BTS video here. 

Of course, they did choose many outdoor locations for Westeros around Northern Ireland but most of the indoor filming was done in these very studios! 

An example is the King’s Landing Iron throne room. They built the entire set from scratch and it was 35 feet high inside the studios. It stretched across two lots. 

Although you cannot go inside the building, you can take a peek over the wall on the Glass of Thrones trail. 

Titanic Studios Belfast Game of Thrones filming location

6. HMS Caroline – Lannister window 

Last but not least, you’ll end Glass of Thrones Belfast at the Lannister window by HMS Caroline. 

Oh, the Lannisters. Love them or hate them, you cannot deny that Game of Thrones wouldn’t be the same without them. 

On this Game of Thrones stained glass window, you’ll see Cersei carried by the Mountain along with the wildfire explosion of the Sept in King’s Landing.

There is also the assassination of Tywin by Tyrion and the death of Oberyn Martell. Brienne of Tarth escaping the bear plus Jaime Lannister on his horse! 

The details in these windows are astounding and in the right lighting, the colours are breathtaking! 

Lannister Window Glass of Thrones Belfast

What to see near HMS Caroline 

  • The Great Light – is one of the largest optics of its kind ever built in the world and is over 130 years old. It weighs over 10 tonnes and produced one of the strongest lighthouse beams ever!
  • HMS Caroline – Part of The National Museum of the Royal Navy, HMS Caroline is a restored First World War warship. You can climb aboard this floating museum and learn its story. 
  • Titanic Docks & Pump House – The only authentic Titanic landmark. This is the last place Titanic rested on dry ground. The Pump-House was the heart of Harland & Wolff’s operation during the construction of White Star Liners such as the RMS Titanic, RMS Republic, RMS Olympic, and SS Nomadic. 
Lannister Window Glass of Thrones Belfast

You’ve completed Glass of Thrones Belfast! 

So, well done if you have made it this far. You have now discovered all the Belfast Game of Thrones stained glass windows.

Hopefully, you’ve managed to take lots of great photos and have some memories of the Glass of Thrones trail.

If you are a Game of Thrones fan, don’t forget that there are plenty more attractions in the city and filming locations to chase down. 

Glass of Thrones Belfast

Looking for more Game of Thrones in Belfast?

If you’re looking for some Game of Thrones things to do in Belfast you will have plenty of choices along with Glass of Thrones Belfast. 

If you’re on the Journey of Doors trail, you’ll find a Game of Thrones door in The Dark Horse in Commercial Court.

Click here to see how you can find all 10 Game of Thrones doors

The Dark Horse Game of Thrones Door
The Dark Horse

Plus, there are escape rooms and Steenson’s Jewellers who sell Game of Thrones-inspired jewellery.

They made almost all the jewellery for the show including the Hand of the King brooch and Sansa’s Queen of the North crown!

You should also definitely visit the Ulster Museum which is home to the Game of Thrones tapestry. 

It’s a 90-metre-long tapestry that has scenes from every episode from the Red Wedding to the Mad Queen. 

Game of Thrones tapestry Belfast
Game of Thrones tapestry

Another top attraction you simply cannot miss is the Game of Thrones Studio Tour. A brand-new exhibition that has thousands of sets, costumes, and props on display.

You can see creatures beyond The Wall, walk through Winterfell Hall and even have your face show up in the Hall of Faces! 

It was one of my favourite Game of Thrones experiences in Northern Ireland and you cannot miss it if you’re a fan. 

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Winterfell Hall Game of Thrones Studio Tour
Winterfell Hall Game of Thrones Studio Tour

Visit these amazing Belfast attractions

Beyond Game of Thrones tourism, there is plenty to do in this gorgeous city in Northern Ireland.

No visit to Belfast would be complete without a visit to the Titanic Museum where you can see the real story behind the ship that was never meant to sink.

Commercial Court is Belfast’s famous Umbrella Street. You can visit famous pubs here like The Duke of York!

You can head to the Belfast Botanic Gardens which are gorgeous and Queen’s University which is a dark academia dream.

Belfast Botanic Gardens
Belfast Botanic Gardens
Commercial Court Belfast umbrella street
Commercial Court

The Belfast City Hall is also very impressive in the city centre along with the historic St Anne’s Cathedral. 

Belfast Castle is also somewhere I would recommend stopping by. It has a wonderful garden and endless views over the city and coast as it’s located on a cliff.  

Never forget that from Belfast, you’re only a 60-minute drive away from the ancient and magical Causeway Coast! 

You can visit highlights like the Dark Hedges, the Giant’s Causeway, Dunluce Castle, and Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge. 

The Dark Hedges Game of Thrones

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Save the Glass of Thrones Belfast trail for later! 

Glass of Thrones Belfast Game of Thrones Windows