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Looking for some epic Assam tourist places with pictures? You’ve come to the right place!

Assam really is an awesome state to visit in North East India.

Not only does it provide India’s biggest tea export; it’s boasts the largest river island in the world, has 70% of the planets one horned rhino population and it also has the highest bio diversity regions on Earth too – not bad for a single state in India!

As you travel around this diverse state, you’ll find culture everywhere. From the traditional temples of Guwahati to Shiv Sagar, the tea plantations in Tezpur and the wildlife of Kaziranga and Majuli Island. It really has it all and provides an amazing Assamese adventure.

WARNING: May cause serious wanderlust and I am not liable for you booking your ticket to Assam!

assam tourist places with pictures

The one horned rhino is Assam’s state animal. 

Guwahati – the Gateway to North East India

Guwahati is the Gateway to North East India. This is the Capital city of Assam and the place you’ll probably land into when you first arrive.

No visit can be complete with out a visit to Khamakya temple and the Brahmaputra river! Don’t miss out on the busy colourful markets for Assamese souvenirs. It’s a great network for transport to head out to the sister states of North East too near Paltan Bazaar.

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An Alfresco Grand sunset cruise on the Brahmaputra river in Guwahati

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Exploring the famous Kamakhya temple in Guwahati

assam tourist places with pictures

Views of Guwahati at night from the Alfresco Grand cruise.

kamakhya temple guwahati

You can meet all these fluffy goats too

alfresco grand river cruise review guwahati

Sunsets on the Brahmaputra river were so dreamy

Kaziranga National Park – Home of the one horned rhino!

An incredible stop on the way to Jorhat, Majuli Island or Tezpur is Kaziranga National Park. Here is your best chance to see one horned rhino’s on a safari!

It doesn’t have to be expensive as sharing jeeps are available. This was one of my favourite moments of my whole trip. Coming face to face with a one horned rhino was a dream come true. Don’t miss out.

Also make sure you check out the tea fields while you’re here. They’re free to visit and incredibly beautiful.

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Exploring the many tea fields of Assam, these are a must on your visit! 

kaziranga national park safari 2018

Setting off for a jeep safari at Kaziranga National Park. 

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Meeting some of the locals at Kaziranga National Park

visit assamSunrises are worth getting up for in Assam

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Elephants at dawn

Jorhat and Majuli Island

Majuli Island is a place you need to visit in Assam fast – before it’s too late!

Mass flooding causes the island to submerge each year and eventually it will be classed uninhabitable. Your contribution through tourisms contributes to funding.

Majuli Island is a paradise from another time. You won’t find sky high buildings, or any sign of the modern age here, just bamboo huts and satra’s.

The locals still make everything from pottery, dresses and even houses and boats by hand.

To make the most of your visit stay on the island itself! It’s an oasis you won’t want to let go of.

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Enjoying the sun on the Majuli ferry 

majuli island travel guide 2018

In Assam it’s traditional to stay in a bamboo hut! This one on Majuli Island was a beautiful find!

assam tourist places with pictures

The religious artwork at the temples and Satras is vibrant and beautiful

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The dresses and dances are so colourful! Did you know every state and even tribe in India has it’s own style of dress design and dances?

majuli island

I had the honour of meeting Hemchandra Goswami at his mask making workshop on Majuli Island. His creations are world famous!

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Taking a moment to enjoy the serenity of Majuli Island

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Majuli isn’t called Assam’s capital of culture for nothing!

majuli island travel guide 2018

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

majuli island

The gorgeous monasteries of Majuli

assam tourist places with pictures

Did I mention the sunsets are amazing?! 

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