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A Celebration of Slytherin Review at Harry Potter Studios in London!

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Okay muggles, if there was one event that I could not miss it had to be A Celebration of Slytherin at the Harry Potter Studios in London. 

It’s a special event that is honouring the green, ambitious and proud house of Hogwarts which, if you’re a Slytherin, you’ll know doesn’t happen very often! 

Having a reputation for ‘pure-blood’ wizards and Dark Magic, Slytherin is often seen as the ‘evil’ house. But, now it’s finally getting some recognition after the popular craze of DracoTok!

So, Warner Brothers are painting the studios Slytherin green. You’ll see Slytherin banners in Hogwarts Great Hall, the Slytherin Common Room, and some rare Malfoy family costumes we don’t usually get to see.

Here is a complete A Celebration of Slytherin review at the Harry Potter Studios in London!

“Or perhaps in Slytherin, you’ll make your real friends, those cunning folk use any means, to achieve their ends.”— Sorting Hat, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

A Celebration of Slytherin Harry Potter Studios London
A Celebration of Slytherin Harry Potter Studios London
A Celebration of Slytherin

What is A Celebration of Slytherin?

A Celebration of Slytherin is a special event that is happening in the Harry Potter Studios in London. 

It’s a nod to Hogwarts’ ambitious and cunning house that is often related to Dark Magic and the ‘evil side’ of the Wizarding World. 

It came about due to the popularity of #DracoTok (24.5 billion views!) on the social media platform TikTok. 

If you weren’t aware, DracoTok involves Potterheads showing an appreciation (strike that, obsession) for the notorious bad boy, Draco Malfoy

Draco Malfoy Slytherin Common Room HarrY Potter Studios

This saw Tom Felton who played Draco Malfoy creating the ‘Pottah’ challenge and even holding a charity event “19 years later”. 

There was a craze for Slytherin fandom and everyone wanted house merchandise, videos, books, etc.

That’s right, in a peculiar turn of events, the Potterhead fanbase has done a complete 360 and now seems to be preferring Draco and the Slytherin house. Over the likes of Harry Potter and even…dare I say it…Gryffindor house?! 

As a Slytherin fan from when the books came out, it still blows my mind but I’m not complaining.  

It even spurred on The Warner Brothers Studio in London to hold ‘A Celebration of Slytherin’. They also released lots of exclusive Malfoy family and Slytherin merchandise due to the trend!

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A Celebration of Slytherin Harry Potter Studios

Is A Celebration of Slytherin still running?

Unfortunately, it looks like ‘A Celebration of Slytherin’ was a one-off event for 2020/2021. 

It started in September 2020 but was brought back by popular demand and ran from April 2021 to September 2021. 

It was such a good event that celebrated the Slytherin House and Dark Magic. I hope it comes back again. Keep your fingers crossed!

A Celebration of Slytherin Malfoy Family Costumes
The Malfoy Family at the Battle of Hogwarts!

A Celebration of Slytherin review

It’s safe to say that I was made up with A Celebration of Slytherin. Way before DracoTok, I’ve loved Slytherin so it felt surreal to see them being honoured here.

From seeing the green House Banners in the Great Hall, all the Malfoy family costumes, and a rare look at the Slytherin common room up close.

Plus, it was so cool to see all the Potterheads wandering around in Slytherin Robes. It really felt like Slytherin’s time to shine and I was here for it.

There was A Celebration of Slytherin Trail and some special Slytherin cupcakes in the Chocolate Frog Cafe.

If it ever comes back to Harry Potter Studios, I would definitely try to attend as it’s an event not to be missed in my opinion!

A Celebration of Slytherin Review
Draco Herbology Class Harry Potter Studios

Things to do at A Celebration of Slytherin

So, what was so special about A Celebration of Slytherin? What made it different from a regular Harry Potter Studios tour? 

Well, there were quite a few Slytherin pieces that were specially brought out for this event. Here are some things to look out for.

Slytherin Common Room A Celebration of Slytherin
Slytherin Common Room!

1. See the Slytherin Banners in the Great Hall

Did you know that before Harry Potter came to Hogwarts, the Slytherin Quidditch Team had won the Quidditch House Cup six years in a row?

So, when you enter the Hogwarts Great Hall at the beginning of A Celebration of Slytherin, you’ll get to relish in their victory by seeing all the green Slytherin House banners! 

This was by far my favourite part of the celebration and had all sorts of green lighting. You’ll spot Draco’s Hogwarts Uniform on one of the tables to the left.

Slytherin Banners in the Hogwarts Great Hall
Draco Malfoy Costume Hogwarts Robes

2. Slytherin Common Room

You won’t need a Poly-juice Potion to attempt breaking into the Slytherin Common Room if you’re not a house member. (Hint the password is: “pure-blood”)

You’ll get to see a 25-foot-high replica of the common room brought to life with all sorts of props from the movies. Plus, costumes of Draco Malfoy and his two henchmen Crabbe and Goyle. 

As the Slytherin Common Room lies under the Black Lake, you’ll find it has a massively different vibe from the Gryffindor Common Room. The tapestries are of course green.

It’s in a dungeon, so it’s a lot colder with a roaring fireplace in the middle and dark leather sofas. Spot the skull in a case above the mantle!

Slytherin Common Room Harry Potter Studios

3. Rarely seen Malfoy family costumes

There were lots of Slytherin props brought out here like the portrait of Salazar Slytherin at the very beginning and also Tom Riddle’s Gravestone. 

But, personally, I loved all the Malfoy Family costumes we got to see as well. 

Many of these costumes are usually hidden away but were brought out, especially for A Celebration of Slytherin. Look out for Lucius, Draco, and Narcissa’s costumes from the Battle of Hogwarts.

You’ll also see the costumes from the scene when Draco is dropping his son, Scorpius Malfoy, off at Platform 9 3/4 with Astoria Malfoy in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Draco Scorpius and Astoria Costumes Harry Potter Studios
Draco, Scorpius and Astoria!
Draco Malfoy Quidditch Costume Harry Potter studios

Slytherin House facts 

  • It was founded by Salazar Slytherin who was obsessed with ‘pure-blood’ wizards
  • Slytherin traits are resourcefulness, determination, pride, cunning, ambition, and self-preservation
  • The Slytherin mascot is a serpent, a symbol of Salazar’s Parseltongue abilities.
  • Professor Severus Snape is the head of Slytherin house during the events of the Harry Potter books
Nagini in the Death Eaters Headquarts HArry Potter Studios
Death EateR Masks Harry Potter Studio tour
  • Merlin the Wizard was once part of the Slytherin House 
  • The Slytherin Common room is located underneath the Black Lake in Slytherin Dungeon
  • Slytherin’s house ghost is the Bloody Baron.
Chamber of Secrets Door Harry Potter Studios

Other things to do at Harry Potter Studios

The Harry Potter Studios tour in London is a must-visit for any Potterhead, regardless if there is a special event happening or not.

It has hundreds of props, costumes, and movie sets that were used in all eight of the Harry Potter movies. 

They are constantly adding new pieces to the exhibition and switch things around throughout the year. So, there’s always a reason to go back.

Harry Potter Potion's Class Harry Potter Studios
Platform 9 3/4s photo at Harry Potter Studio Tour
Platform 9 3/4s at the Harry Potter Studio Tour

Here is a small selection of the magical things you can see and do at the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in London;

  • Visit Hogwarts Great Hall
  • Bow to Buckbeak in the Forbidden Forest
  • Walk down Diagon Alley
  • Fly on your very own broomstick
  • Visit Snape’s Potion’s Class
  • Board the Hogwarts Express at Platform 9 3/4
  • Drink Butter Beer by the Knight Bus
  • Walk over Hogwarts Bridge 
  • Visit 4 Privet Drive 
  • Walk down Gringott’s Bank 
  • Visit Bellatrix’s Vault 
  • See the Hogwarts Castle replica used in the movies!
King's Cross Station Hogwarts Express Harry Potter Studios
Harry Potter Ebook 1 of 1

Harry Potter Studios ticket prices

A Celebration of Slytherin was a special event that was included in the regular ticket price for the Harry Potter Studios Tour.

They regularly have events throughout the year like the Dark Arts for Halloween and Hogwarts in the Snow. Both of these events are amazing and I would highly recommend you visit them!

Tickets start from £49.95 per person for adults and child tickets are £39.95. There are family tickets available for £159.95. 

There are packages you can book which include a hotel stay, deluxe tours, afternoon teas, and more. So, make sure to have a browse at checkout to enhance your visit.

The studio tour is open almost every day and opens as early as 8.30 am closing the doors at 10 pm. Opening times do vary so make sure to check the website for the day you plan to visit.

You will also be booking a specific time slot for the tour so plan your journey time well in advance. 

Click here to check the latest opening times and prices!

Gringott's Bank Harry Potter Studios

How to get to Harry Potter Studios

If you’re driving, the Warner Brothers Studio tour can be found in Leavesden which is near Watford.

You can easily drive here from London by taking the M4 or M1 motorway and then switching to the M25. There is free parking available for everyone who booked a tour.

If you’re not driving, you can take the Warner Brothers Studio shuttle bus from Watford Junction station. 

Take a train from London Euston (20 minutes) and then the shuttle bus from Watford Junction (15 minutes) to the studios! 

The postcode for Harry Potter Studios for SatNav’s is WD25 7LR. Click here for a Google Pin! 

Harry Potter Studios shuttle bus
Hogwarts Floating Candles Ceiling Harry Potter Studios

Looking for more Harry Potter things to do in London? 

There are plenty more locations that you can seek out if you’re a Potterhead in London! 

After your visit to the Harry Potter Studios, I would recommend visiting the Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition in London. This is home to London’s only Butter Beer Bar

One of my favourite locations I visited has to be Leadenhall Market. A gorgeous Victorian wonder that featured as the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron and Diagon Alley.

Talking of Diagon Alley you can visit some of the locations that inspired that wizarding shopping street like Cecil Court and Goodwin’s Court.

Leadenhall Market Harry Potter filming locations
Leadenhall Market

Nearby you can watch The Cursed Child at the Palace Theatre or lose yourself in the House of MinaLima

I would catch the tube over to the River Thames to see sights like the Millennium Bridge, Tower Bridge, London City Hall, and Borough Market which all featured as filming locations.

You can also visit King’s Cross Station to see Platform 9 3/4 and the Harry Potter Shop. The St Pancras International Hotel and the filming location for 12 Grimmauld Place are nearby. Or, visit the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel where Ron flies his Ford Anglia!

Or, why not enjoy some immersive experiences like cocktails at The Cauldron or an afternoon tea at Cutter & Squidge?

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Harry potter Goodwin's Court Knockturn Alley
Knockturn Alley?

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A Celebration of Slytherin Harry Potter Studios