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Where is Outlander Filmed? 90+ Magic Outlander Locations You Can Visit in Real Life 2024!

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If you’re a fan of the time travel TV series Outlander, you may have fallen in love with the beautiful sets and filming locations used in the show. 

Well, if you’ve ever asked the question ‘where is Outlander filmed?’, I’ve got the ultimate list of Outlander film locations right here!

That’s right, I’ve compiled a huge list of over 90 Outlander locations that you can visit in real life.

So far, we have 6 series of Outlander filmed and series 7 is confirmed. Last year, I went on an Outlander pilgrimage around Scotland and visited over 65 of these sites myself. So, I have first-hand experience on how to visit most of these places.

If you want to follow in the footsteps of your favourite characters and relive some of your best Outlander memories.

Make sure you save this complete list of accessible Outlander locations for your visit! 

With thanks to my sponsors for making it happen! Without you, this project would have been impossible; National Trust for Scotland, Historic Environments Scotland, House, Hopetoun House Estate, Glencorse Old Kirk, Summerhall, The Signet Library, Hunterston House, Tibbermore Parish Kirk, Deanston Distillery, River Edge Lodges and Motel One. Although I was a guest, all opinions and photos are completely my own unless stated.

Where is Outlander filmed? Castle Leoch Doune Castle Outlander
Doune Castle

Where is Outlander filmed? 

Although this romantic series takes us all around the world from the Scottish Highlands, to 18th century Paris, Boston in the states, Jamaica within the Caribbean and the New World in America. 

You won’t have to jet-set around the globe anytime soon to visit most of these Outlander locations.

The majority of these film sets are in Scotland, so this is a great base if you wanted to tick off some of the most popular Outlander sites. 

But, there have been a handful of locations shot in England too, which is easily accessible afterwards.

Some of the series was shot abroad to better suit the time period. For example, the team visited Prague to represent Paris and South Africa to represent some of the Caribbean islands and Jamaica! 

A fun fact is that the Outlander Starz team used some of the same sets as Black Sails in series 3. 

It’s also good to note that a lot of interior scenes, like the rooms of Lallybroch, are shot in WardPark Studios in Cumbernauld. Sadly, this is not open for public tours. 

Where is Outlander filmed? Mercat Cross Culross Outlander location

Planning an Outlander trip to Scotland

Like me, it is completely possible to plan an Outlander road trip to Scotland self-guided using resources like this list. But, if you’re stuck for time, you may need to prioritise where you go. 

If you’re only here for a week or two, it may be easier to land into the central heart of Scotland and visit the two main cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

From here, many of the popular Outlander locations can be reached in less than two hours drive. 

But, if you have the time or are determined to see as much as you possibly can, I would recommend starting off in Edinburgh, Then Fife and Glasgow.

After, make your way up to Stirling and Perthshire. Over to Loch Lomond, Glencoe, the Highlands / Inverness and eventually back down. 

Where is Outlander filmed?
West Kirk, Culrossis around  an hours drive from Edinburgh and Glasgow

Your Outlander journey will take you pretty much all over Scotland and you’ll also be able to take in some of the gorgeous sites along the way. 

If you don’t drive, it is completely possible to visit some of these locations with public transport too. 

However, due to the lack of infrastructure in some parts, I would recommend booking an Outlander tour of Scotland if you want to cover a few locations.

It’s not only more economical but will save you lots of time and effort on your well-deserved vacation. 

Where is Outlander filmed?
Culross Palace Gardens

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Liar’s Spring

Outlander tours of Scotland

The “Outlander effect” in Scotland is no secret. Since the show has been released, it has increased tourism immensely.

Even Diana Gabaldon (the author of the book series) won a National Tourism award. 

So, there are now lots of companies running tours for those avid fans who want to see some of the Outlander film locations.

See below a couple of select Outlander tours that you can take in Scotland that range from a day trip to a couple of days;

bakehouse close edinburgh outlander print shop a malcolm
Bakehouse Close

Where is Outlander filmed? The ultimate list of Outlander film locations

Firstly, here’s how to use this Outlander film locations list! 

I can definitely understand that 90 locations is overwhelming! So, I have tried to organise these in the order they appear in the 5 series (save one or two). 

But, if you’re just interested in a particular series or film location, scroll up to my Table of Contents (under the first paragraph).

When you expand the list, it contains links to each series/location and will easily allow you to skip through a load of this content to find what you want to see! 

Without further ado, let’s begin. “Where is Outlander filmed?” I hear you cry. Here’s every location we know about below;

Spoiler warnings: make sure you have seen the Outlander series first before reading, I don’t want to ruin any of the storylines for you!

Drummond Castle Gardens
Drummond Castle Gardens

Outlander series one film locations 

The iconic first season of Outlander was set in England and Bonny Scotland.

This is when Claire goes on her second honeymoon with Frank to the Scottish Highlands. 

She visits the stone circle of Craigh Na Dun and is transported through the stones back to the 18th century! 

From here, we follow of a plot of Highland Clans, Jacobites, Red Coats, two weddings, kidnap, witch trials, torture and murder! 

Here are all the Outlander series 1 filming locations from the very beginning;

Clava cairns Outlander
Clava Cairns

1. Glencoe  / Opening Credits 

In the very first scenes of the pilot episode, Claire talks about how people disappear all the time. It is voiced over iconic shots of the Scottish Highlands with mountains and lochs.

These gorgeous scenes were all shot in Glencoe valley and re-appear in the intro credits of the first series and second series too.

This is the only time that Glencoe was used for filming in Outlander, but a visit to Glencoe has to be on your bucket list.

It is often referred to as the most beautiful valley in all of Scotland and you’ll pass through dramatic hills and mountains all around you. It really is magical! 

Fans will love popping into the National Trust Glencoe visitor centre as they can purchase some Outlander themed souvenirs. 

I bought this gorgeous limited edition Outlander mug from Jane Booth Ceramics. It was expensive but I use it nearly every day.

Click here to read my complete guide

Where is Outlander filmed? Glencoe Outlander

2. Dunmore Park House Ruins / World War II Hospital

Next up, we see Claire’s flashback of her during World War II. She is looking at a blue vase in a shop window (more on this next).

Here, she is working in a makeshift war hospital on the front line attending to patients and those with bloody injuries. After the war is over and they all celebrate by drinking and cheering! 

This location can be found at Dunmore Park House near Falkirk. Now, it is an abandoned ruin, so you’ll need specific instructions on how to find it. I firstly tried with Google Maps but got horribly lost. 

The best place to park up to find the ruins is in the Dunmore Pineapple car park. The Dunmore Pineapple is well worth seeing on the way!

Then you can make your way over to the house from there. Don’t go at night without a torch, wear appropriate footwear, watch your step and don’t climb on anything unstable.

It’s not looked after and there is glass, crumbling foundations, needles and debris everywhere. 

Make sure you read my complete guide before you go with top tips and specific directions

Dunmore Park House Outlander
Dunmore Park Ruin 

3. Falkland / Inverness 

I think if there is any location that will give you the chills, its Falkland Village in Fife. 

This quaint place played 1940s Inverness where Claire and Frank stay on their second honeymoon. Driving into the main square is just like entering the first episode of Outlander.

Everything in the main square is the same save a few signs on shop windows.

The whole square, Mrs Baird’s B&B, the Bruce Fountain, the buildings, everything!

INVERNESSOUTLANDER 21 of 37 1440x1152 1
Falkland Village

This is like a temple for Outlander fans and you must get the iconic shot of you stood by the Bruce fountain. 

This is the spot where the ghost of Jamie stands looking up at Claire brushing her hair (which, Diana Gabaldon is supposedly going to explain in the last book).

Plenty of the shops, cafés and the hotel used for Mrs Baird’s get into the Outlander spirit here and welcome fans.

There’s even a blue vase in the window of one shop and Mrs Baird’s rates for her bed and breakfast. 

So, make sure you leave time to find some of the Outlander references about and purchase some Outlander souvenirs to take home too.

As well as series 1, it was also used in series 2 and series 4. So, make sure you read my complete guide to find all of the locations!

falkland outlander inverness
Bruce Fountain

4.  Covenanter Hotel / Mrs Baird’s B&B 

If you wondered where Claire and Frank stay in Inverness on their honeymoon, it’s the quaint Mrs Baird’s bed and breakfast. 

This location can be found in the main square of Falkland Village at the Covenanter Hotel. 

Fans may jump for joy when they find out they can actually stay here!

That’s right, you can stay in the exact room where Claire brushes her hair and the ghost of Jamie looks up at her. But, don’t stay up all night looking or you may be disappointed.

I had the pleasure of staying here at the apartment on my visit (sadly, that room was occupied).

As well as the rooms, the Covenanter Hotel have a yummy restaurant, tea rooms and bar for a wee dram. 

Click here to book the room for the night, or read my complete review of my stay!

falkland outlander inverness
The Covenanter Hotel

5. Hunterston House / Reverend Wakefields’ home 

If you ever wondered where the Reverend Wakefield’s House is in Inverness, then you just need to look inside Hunterston House in West Kilbride, North Ayrshire.

It’s the seat of Clan Hunter and Hunterston Castle sits nearby. 

The rooms inside the house played where Frank and the Reverend where tracing Franks ancestor, the notorious Black Jack Randall.

Plus, it’s where Mrs Graham reads Claire’s palm and is confused by the lines on her hand. 

These scenes were all shot inside the lounge, kitchen and library of Hunterston House. 

where is Outlander filmed?
Hunterston house

Something you may not know though is that the reception scene at Mrs Baird’s was also shot here and the inside of the room where Claire and Frank stay there.

We also see the Reverend’s house reappear in series 2, when Claire returns and at the end of the series when Claire and Bree attend the Reverend’s wake.

In series 3, Claire and Bree stay while looking for Jamie and finally in series 4, when Roger sells the house. 

The gardens also have the potting shed Frank destroys and the French maid Suzette’s room in the Jared’s Paris apartments.

Hunterston House is currently not open to the public but bespoke tours can be booked on request. I was kindly invited by the family for my project. 

Click here to read more about this amazing house and where to find all the film locations

Hunterston House Outlander location
Hunterston House

6. Kinloch Rannoch / Craigh Na Dun 

I often get the question, does ‘Craigh Na Dun exist?’ and ‘Is Craigh Na Dun a real place?’.

Well,  I do have some bad news for you; the answer is no!

Although there are many stone circles in and around Scotland, Craigh Na Dun is not one of them.

But, the breathtaking place where the scenes were shot does exist and can be found in the countryside at Kinloch Rannoch in Perthshire.

Although it is a private residence in a remote location, the family do kindly let fans visit to see the spot. 

craigh na dun
Kinloch Rannoch

It is quite a drive to get here, but worth it in my opinion as you can see the gorgeous countryside and the loch where Claire can see Inverness in the distance. 

It is private property, so respect the families privacy and follow their rules. There’s a small car park to park into and you can walk over. 

Click here for more information on how to visit this epic spot! Time travel is not guaranteed

Craigh Na Dun dance of the druids Kinloch Rannoch
Craigh Na Dun

Stone Circles like Craigh Na Dun in Scotland

If you were wondering the stone circle wasn’t CGI but made out of polystyrene! 

There are plenty of stone circles in Scotland you can visit including the Callanish Stones which look the most like Craigh Na Dun.

But, lot’s of fans visit Clava Cairns near Inverness as this is thought to be the main inspiration. 

Click here to read my complete guide

Clava cairns Outlander
Clava Cairns

7. Talloch Ghru (Rothiemurchus) / Where Claire first meets Jamie

When Claire is transported through the stones, she ends up in 18th century Scotland! But, her journey is anything but smooth.

In the first few minutes, she is nearly shot and comes across Black Jack Randall who tries to rape her. Then she is rescued by Murtagh and is brought to the MacKenzie’s. 

It’s here she first meets Jamie and fixes his dislocated shoulder in the woods. It’s also used later in series one during the MacKenzie rent party episodes. 

These scenes were all shot in Tulloch Ghru which is located on the Rothiemurchus Estate in Aviemore. It’s part of the beautiful Cairngorms National Park. 

I did try to attempt to visit here but arrived after opening hours and the main carpark was closed.

It’s a woodland area that has many walking routes and activities nearby including Loch An Eilein. Click here to read more and how to visit and where to stay. 

Tulloch Ghru Outlander
Dorothy Carse / Clearing, Rothiemurchus Forest / CC BY-SA 2.0

8. Doune Castle / Castle Leoch 

We first see Castle Leoch at the beginning of episode one where Claire and Frank explore it as a ruin in the 1940s. 

Then, by the end of the episode, Claire approaches the same castle with Jamie on horseback in the 18th century! 

It’s the seat of Clan MacKenzie with Laird Colum MacKenzie as the leader.

It’s here Claire meets the adorable Mrs Fitz, Laoghaire, and many others and eventually becomes the castle healer.

Castle Leoch Doune Castle Outlander
Doune Castle

The good news is that fans can visit this exact spot at Doune Castle near Stirling.

Here, you find iconic spots like the castle grounds, the inner courtyards, the kitchens and a view of where the clan play Shinty.

Make sure you pick up and audio guide where you can tune into a special Outlander tour narrated by Sam Heughan who plays Jamie! 

It is also the location of Winterfell in Game of Thrones and Monty Python’s The Holy Grail, so it’s a popular attraction.

Leave early to avoid long queues or visit before/after hours for empty shots. 

Click here to read my complete guide with top tips

Castle Leoch Stairs Doune Castle
Where Claire sits on the stairs in Castle Leoch

9. Bo’ness and Kinneil Railway / Railway station where Claire and Frank say goodbye

At the start of episode 3, ‘The Way Out’, we see Claire and Frank at a railway station in London.

Claire and Frank say goodbye and Claire leaves on the steam train to volunteer on the front lines.

You can visit this exact spot for yourself at the Bo’ness and Kinneil railway station near Edinburgh. 

The vintage station and railway track is part of the Scottish Railway Museum and here, you can even take a ride on the same steam train. 

I had a little spot of luck the day I visited. they actually closed the railway for the day for a function and I was gutted I couldn’t pay a visit. 

But, the team kindly let me onto the tracks where they had the original Teak Pullman coach used in the series.

Usually, they have their red and white coaches on (nicknamed Jam & Custard). So, I felt very lucky indeed. 

Click here to read all about my accidental party crash and how to visit (properly) for your self

Bo'ness and Kinneil Railway Outlander location
Bo’ness and Kinneil Railway

10. Culross / Cranesmuir

Throughout the first episode, Claire visits her friend Geillis in the village of Cranesmuir where they meet to make remedies and get to know one another.

This village near Castle Leoch in the Scottish Highlands is actually located in Culross in Fife, near Edinburgh!

Culross Outlander locatons
Tanhouse Brae, Culross

We see many scenes in the show shot around the Mercat Cross area.

This includes the Study Building that played Gellis’ house, the square where the boy has his ear nailed in the pillory, Tanhouse Brae and down Wee Causeway where Tammas Baxter lives. 

Avid fans will also recognise a house on Wee Causeway as Laoghaire’s House where Bree stays in series 4!

As well as these scenes, we also see some locations shot inside Culross Palace and the gardens that I will go through below. 

If you want to see a complete list of Outlander locations and the top things to do in Culross, see my guide here

Mercat Cross Culross Outlander location
Mercat Cross
The Study was Geillis Duncan's House in Culross
The Study was Geillis Duncan’s House

11. Culross Palace / Herb Garden of Castle Leoch 

Another notable location in the village is Culross Palace and it’s beautiful traditional gardens. 

In the first series, we see Claire first meets Geillis in the herb gardens with Castle Leoch in the background. 

But, in fact, these gardens are nowhere near Doune Castle (Castle Leoch) the backdrop was put in with some impressive CGI! You can still visit the herb gardens where Claire and Geillis meet, however.

It’s beautiful to explore on a sunny day and is a perfect example of a walled historic garden. 

Culross Outlander palace gardens at Castle Leoch
Herb Gardens in Castle Leoch

Along with the gardens, the rooms inside Culross Palace were used during the Jacobite rising in series 2, and also Bree’s room at Laoghaire’s house in series 4. 

The outside of the palace was where Claire pulls out a ladies tooth and the inn where Claire is taken after Prestonpans (look out for the notable yellow wall). 

As well as an Outlander location, Culross Palace is an incredible historical attraction and you can learn so much here about the history of the area.

Click here to learn more about all the film locations inside and outside of Culross Palace

Culross Outlander location
Culross Palace

12. Culross West Kirk / The Black Kirk 

During the first half of the series, a boy Lindsey MacNeil dies in the village. The MacKenzie’s are convinced it’s the because he went to the Black Kirk and the demons got to him. 

But, when Tammas Baxter also becomes sick, Claire goes to investigate the St Nick’s Kirkyard with Jamie. 

Black Kirk Outlander
The Black Kirk

It’s here they discover that the boys have eaten poisonous Lilly of the Valley, believing it to be wood garlic. So, Claire can save the boys life.

If you want to visit this location for yourself you only need to visit Culross West Kirk which is located around a mile away from Culross.

You can walk up here on a grassy trail passed the Culross Abbey on Kirk Street. 

Whilst you’re here, you can pose just like Claire did inside the Kirk! 

Click here on how to find the exact location with a free map

Black Kirk Outlander
Culross West Kirk

13. Highland Folk Museum / The MacKenzie Village 

While the Mackenzie party are out collecting rents, they pull up in one of the many townships to collect whats due. 

Claire meets some women who are waulking wool much to the disliking of Angus who gets in trouble with Dougal. A fight ensues and a British soldier, Lieutenant Jeremy Foster asks if Claire needs help. 

You can visit this historic township in the Highland Folk Museum in Newtonmore in the Highlands.

It’s a FREE museum where you learn about life in the Highlands through time. 

Highland Folk Museum Outlander location
Highland Folk Museum 

The one that is featured in Outlander is the called the Township part of the museum.

The cast used pretty much all of the grounds and the huts in this area. Including the part where Dougal makes his speech and rips Jamie’s shirt.

So, make sure you pick up a map or follow the signs as it’s quite a walk through the forest from the entrance. It also closes earlier than the rest of the museum, so keep this in mind.

It’s well worth a visit! Click here to read more.

Highland Folk Museum Outlander film location township
The Township

14. Ivy Cottage / The cottage on MacKenzie lands

Although most of Outlander was shot around Stirling, there are some locations in and around the University of Stirling campus too! 

One of those is the Ivy Cottage with the backdrop of Dumyat mountain!

It’s an authentic 18th-century cottage that is now derelict and abandoned.  The production team chose this to represent a house in one of the MacKenzie villages during ‘Rent’. 

Although you cannot enter, you can walk over and admire from the outside! 

Anyone is allowed to enter the University of Stirling grounds and campus. I actually stayed here during summer holidays in their rooms they rent out. 

Click here to find even more Outlander film locations in Stirling University

Ivy Cottage on University of Stirling Campus was used in Outlander
Ivy Cottage on University of Stirling Campus 

15. The Devil’s Pulpit / Liar’s Spring

When Claire goes to meet General Lord Thomas and ends up being kicked around by Black Jack Randall. Dougal rescues her and they escape to head back to the Mackenzie Party.

On the way, Dougal stops by the Liar’s Spring and makes Claire drink from it to check she is telling the truth.

He said if she was lying the water from the spring would kill her. So, he accepts her word.

This amazing emerald cavern with a ruby red river flowing through it is called the Devil’s Pulpit located in Finnich Glen near Glasgow. 

To access it, you need to walk down a scary staircase called Jacob’s Ladder and it’s a steep 60-foot journey down into the gorge. 

The hike is well worth it though and you won’t believe your eyes when you get down here. It’s the stuff of fairytales. 

Please be careful. You can read my guide on what to expect here so you’re prepared

Devil's Pulpit Liar's Spring
The Devil’s Pulpit

16.  Glasgow City Chambers (George Square) / Westminster Registry Office 

If you cast your minds back to the Wedding episode, it opens up with Claire and Frank walking through Westminster. 

Frank stops Claire outside of the registry office and asks her to marry him. Of course, she says yes and they walk inside to get hitched.

Although it is meant to be set in London, the location can actually be found off George Square around the Glasgow City Chambers.

If you walk around to John Street, you can see the exact spot that was transformed into the 1940s for the scene.

I have a full guide about where to find the exact building here

George Square Outlander Glasgow
George Square

17. Glencorse Old Kirk / Claire and Jamie’s wedding location

One of my favourite episodes from all five series is ‘The Wedding’ episode, where Claire and Jamie tie the knot. 

I’m sure many fans will agree with me that these scenes really were something from a fairytale and kicked off Jamie and Claire’s love story! 

The church that was chosen for the wedding was the adorable Glencorse Old Kirk that can be found near Roslin. 

GLENCORSEOLDKIRK 1 of 1 1440x1152 1
Glencorse Old Kirk

The church was made to look old and poor for the series to stay true to the book. But, even when you go to visit you’ll recognise it all. 

From where Dougal blackmails the reverend with new windows, when Jamie follows Claire into the church and where Jamie and Claire exchange vows. It’s all here.

If you’re looking for the perfect venue for an Outlander wedding, you can actually book this very church. I loved looking at photos of previous Outlander inspired events. 

Tours can be arranged with Glencorse Old Kirk in advance and cost £10 per head. 

Read my complete guide with video on what to expect

glencorse old kirk outlander
You can recreate this part of the wedding scene
glencorse old kirk wedding
It really is the most magical wedding venue

18. Blackness Castle / Fort William 

This castle that is nicknamed ‘the ship that never sailed’ will be recognised as Fort William to Outlander fans.

It’s the grisly place where Jamie is flayed and receives a hundred lashes on a hundred lashes by Black Jack Randall. 

It’s also where Claire is captured and tortured by Randall in the Commander’s office and Jamie rescues her. They finally escape from the redcoats by jumping into the sea. 

You can visit this dramatic castle for yourself on the coast of the Firth of Forth near Edinburgh.

But, don’t worry there won’t be any redcoats on patrol or a pillory for that matter. On your visit, you can also see the gate that Brianna and Roger walkthrough on their visit in the 1960s. 

Click here to see a list of all the film locations at Blackness

Blackness Castle Outlander location
Blackness Castle

19. Roslin Glen Country Park 

After Jamie and Claire escape Fort William, Jamie stops for a while to water the horses and have a word with Claire.

Jamie blames Claire for running away and getting captured. They have a fight and many words are thrown like “you are my wife!” and “you’re ripping my guts out Claire”. Eventually, they both forgive each other.  

The location of this argument can be found at the scenic Roslin Glen Country Park by the Old Gunpowder Mills. 

It is a little bit of a puzzle to find it as there aren’t very good signs within the park. But, it’s definitely worth searching for. 

Make sure you read my detailed instruction with a FREE map in this post

Where is Outlander filmed?
Roslin Glen Gunpowder Mills

20. Hopetoun House / Duke of Sandringham’s Home

This house and grounds near Queensferry are like another temple for Outlander fans. 

Inside Hopetoun House and around the gardens, you can find over 15 Outlander film locations!

Make sure you pick up a special map they have made for fans. 

This house is mostly known for playing the outside of the Duke of Sandringham’s residence and you can visit his famous red room inside too. 

Hopetoun House Outlander locations and Grounds
Hopetoun House 

Upstairs you can find Jamie and Claire’s room in Paris and the room where Mary Hawkin’s recovers at her Uncles house. 

On the grounds, you can find the duel location with the MacDonalds, streets of Paris in series 2, the entrance of Maison Elise and even scenes from the grounds of Helwater Estate!

It really is an epic day out for Outlander fans, see how many locations you can find with this list

Hopetoun House red room
That Outlander red Drawing room

21. Tibbermore Parish Kirk / The witch trial

When Claire and Geillis are accused of being witches they are chucked in the thieves hole and then dragged over to Cranesmuir Church for the witch trial. 

Although you see them walking down Wee causeway in Culross, the location of the witch trial is actually in Tibbermore Parish Church near Perth. 

This gorgeous building from the 17th century can be visited on request. You can even walk up to where the priests were that judged the trial! 

It’s part of The Scottish Redundant Churches Trust and is currently under repair due to neglect. So, any donations are appreciated.

Click here on how to visit and contact details to arrange an appointment

Tibbermore Church Outlander location
Tibbermore Church

22. Midhope Castle / Lallybroch 

After Claire and Jamie flee the witch trial, they make their way home to Lallybroch. It’s Jamie’s ancestral home that he hasn’t visited for some years. 

The castle that plays Lallybroch in the series is Midhope Castle. This is on the wider Hopetoun Estate near Queensferry.

This is my favourite Outlander film location of the whole list and I would 100% recommend you make a visit. 

But, if you’re expecting a have a dram with Jamie here, I’m afraid he won’t be home. 

How to visit lallybroch
Take me home to Lallybroch!

The castle is derelict, so you’ll only be able to admire it from the outside. You can walk down the path, under the archway and sit on the steps like Claire and Jenny! 

It is a little remote, so you’ll need to drive or get a taxi here. Plus, you’ll pay about £3.50 a ticket to enter and more to park.

But, as it’s the ultimate fan moment, you really can’t miss out.

The castle is open seasonally from April – September. See here for more details on visiting

TESTLALLYBROCH 20 of 35 1440x1080 2
The iconic archway
LALLYBROCH 30 of 35 1
These steps were the ultimate fan moment for me 

23. Preston Mill / Lallybroch Mill

When the Lallybroch Mill wheel is broken forcing Mrs Crook to make less than terrible bannocks, Jamie goes to investigate what’s wrong with the mill.

What he doesn’t know is a group of redcoats on patrol pass by and offer to help to fix the mill too. So, Jamie has to hide in the river!

He fixes the mill and strips off his shirt, making it look like that was the problem.

Thankfully the redcoats leave and Jamie can come out, completely but naked! 

Preston Mill, East Linton played Lallybroch Mill in Outlander
Preston Mill

The production team filmed these scenes at Preston Mill & Phantassie Doocot in East Linton. 

If you’re going to visit, you can take a tour of the mill to learn about the history and see the mill wheel that Jamie goes to fix.

Although no red-haired Highlanders are guaranteed on your visit!

Click here to see all the Outlander film locations here and what you can do

PRESTON MILL 2 of 3 1440x1080 1
Lallybroch Mill (again I asked permission)

24. Pollok Country Park / The Gypsy Camp

When Claire searches for Jamie with Murtagh, she becomes ‘The Sassenach’.

She performs a special song only Jamie will know to try and lure him out.

On their travels, they stumble upon a Gypsy camp where someone has stolen the song. So, she confronts them and pays them off to stop singing it.

This woodland area was filmed in Pollok Country Park near Glasgow. It was also the woods used for the gathering at Castle Leoch in the first series.

You can also see the duel location of Jamie and Black Jack Randall here and the grounds of the Scottish Festival in series 4. 

Click here to read about even more locations shot here with a FREE map to find them

Pollok Country Park
Pollok Country Park

25. Linlithgow Palace / Wentworth Prison

When Jamie is captured he is taken to Wentworth Prison and nearly hanged. Until Black Jack Randall stops the execution and moves him to a cell. It’s here he tortures and rapes Jamie.

The majority of scenes that involve Wentworth were shot in the rooms at Linlithgow Palace. It’s a famous royal residence and the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots! 

Inside here you can visit the entrance where Claire and Murtagh walk through, the prisoner cells where Claire looks for Jamie and the winding staircases where Claire hides from the red coats.

Click here to see all the locations shot at this historic palace

Wentworth Prison Cells from Outlander at Linlithgow Palace
Prison cells at Wentworth Prison
You may recognise many Linlithgow Palace Outlander scenes while you wander around
Linlithgow Palace

26. Bamburgh Castle

Now, although the majority of the scenes were shot at Linlithgow Palace. It actually took a few castles to shoot all the scenes at Wentworth Prison. 

One of these castles is Bamburgh Castle. When we see Claire leave with Murtagh from the prison and she nearly faints.

The doorway to the castle was actually a CGI composite of the entrance at Bamburgh. If you don’t believe me watch the episode back and look for this very entrance way.

I visited last year and had no idea when taking this photo at the time. 

Entrance to Linlithgow Palace
Entrance Gate to Linlithgow Palace where Claire and Murtagh walk out
Entrance gate to Bamburgh Castle
The entrance gate to Bamburgh Castle is the same as Wentworth Prison

27. Carlisle Castle

When we see Jamie and Tarran MacQuarrie waiting to be hanged along with the other Scottish rebels at Wentworth Prison. The courtyard we are actually seeing is the one at Carlisle Castle in the North of England. 

It’s also meant to be the location of the tunnel ways where Claire is escorted out of the prison and pushed through the trap door by Black Jack Randall.

But, having not been there myself, I can’t prove that one just yet!

I have a plan to visit later this year so will report back. The courtyard, however, is definitely the place where Black Jack Randall stops Jamie’s execution and begins his tortuous regime in the cell.

Although those scenes were shot in the studio.

Click here to see when you can visit Carlisle Castle

Carlisle Castle Outlander
Graham Robson / Carlisle Castle Keep / CC BY-SA 2.0

28. Balgonie Castle / MacRannoch’s Home 

When Claire goes to rescue Jamie with a couple of the MacKenzie men who volunteered.

They make a base in MacRannoch’s castle near Wentworth Prison. It’s here that Claire asks for MacRannoch’s help and offers him her pearl necklace in exchange.

He refuses as he cannot put his men in danger. It’s here that Murtagh gets the idea of Highland Cow charge into the prison as a distraction.

They then rescue Jamie and run away. Leaving Black Jack Randall for dead and the redcoats to sort herding the cows.

This castle used to be a popular wedding venue but is, unfortunately, no longer open to the public.

I’ve tried calling, emailing but no reply. It’s obvious they don’t want visitors. But, maybe you’ll have better luck?

Balgonie Castle Outlander
Alasdair MacNeill | Balgonie Castle Courtyard | CC BY-SA 2.0

29. Aberdour Castle / Abbey of Ste. Anne de Beaupré

After Claire helps Jamie escape, they seek sanctuary in an Abbey nearby.

In the novels the abbey is called Abbey of Ste. Anne de Beaupré but in the episode they don’t really mention a name.

It’s here Claire resets Jamie’s hand and tries to save his life after the damage Black Jack Randall has done. 

The setting for the abbey and the rooms inside where Jamie recovers are all found in Aberdour Castle in Fife. You can find them on the outside of the abbey, the stables and the great hall. 

It makes a great day out in Edinburgh and here you can visit the castle ruins, take look at the finest ceiling painting in Scotland and pop into their historic Doocot too. 

Click here to find all the film locations at this beautiful castle

Aberdour Castle Outlander Location
Aberdour Castle 

30. Troon Beach / Cristabel Location 

After Jamie has recovered, Claire, Murtagh and Jamie make plans to leave Scotland as the redcoats will be looking for him.

Murtagh secures them passage on the Cristabel, which is heading to Paris as Jamie has a family there. 

So, they head off to the coast with Willie, Rupert and Angus who wish them goodbye.

The beach where you can see with the Cristabel in the background is Troon beach, which is less than an hours drive from Glasgow in South Ayrshire. 

It’s a popular town for beach holidays so you can take in the sea air while hunting for Outlander locations! 

There are a few beaches in Troon, I got the wrong one at first, so click here for details on finding the right one

Troon Outlander location guide south beach

31. The Reaper ship / Cristabel ship

At the very end of the season, we see Jamie and Claire onboard the Cristabel heading to Paris. It’s here that Claire tells Jamie she is pregnant and they must try to change the future! 

This ship is called the Reaper and is a genuine historic Fifie herring drifter that has been restored.

It makes berth in Fife at the Scottish Fisheries Museum and you can visit for yourself. 

Unfortunately on my visit, she was undergoing repairs and so I will have to make an effort to go next time.

I’m not sure if they take her out for a sail, but it would be amazing to take a ride.

Click here to read more information and how to visit

The Reaper at Dunbar
The Reaper at Dunbar

Outlander series two film locations

The incredible second season of Outlander transports us into the lavish 18th century Paris. 

Where Jamie and Claire try to sabotage plans of a Jacobite rebellion and also fall right into the heart of King Louis’ court. Where gossip, poison and deception are everywhere. 

Later on, we return to Scotland to join Bonnie Prince Charlie on his Jacobite campaign in the Highlands. 

Here, we see both the highs and lows including the victory at Prestonpans and the tragic Battle of Culloden.

Again, most of the locations in this list were shot on location in Scotland.

But, a select few were filmed in Prague, Czechia. A good excuse for a weekend breaks away if ever I saw one!

Hoeptoun House Outlander locations
The Exterior of Maison de Madame Elise at Hopetoun House!

32. Dysart Harbour / Le Havre 

After we see Claire return through the stones at the beginning of 201 and reunited with Frank, we then skip to Jamie and Claire who arrive in France. 

They pull up in the port of Le Havre and close to Paris. It’s here they find lodgings and plan to meet Jamie’s cousin Jared.

This gorgeous historic port wasn’t in France at all but is located in Dysart Harbour, near Kirkcaldy in Fife.  

Unfortunately, a lot of the houses and shops that were around the harbour aren’t there and they were edited on with CGI. 

However, it is a working harbour with ships pulling in and fisherman sorting their catch of the day.  You can also head around the harbour for a pretty coastal walk. 

The exterior building of the lodgings that Claire and Jamie stay in are the Harbourmaster’s house where you can grab a coffee in their café.

Click here to read more about visiting Dysart

Dysart Harbour Outlander location
Dysart Harbour 

33. Deanston Distillery / Jared’s Wine Cellar 

Also, while Jamie and Claire are staying in La Havre, Claire discovers some sailors who are being carried into a warehouse. She discovers they have smallpox and so they and the ship must be burned.

What she doesn’t know is that the ship belongs to the Comte Saint-Germain and she makes a new enemy by sticking her nose in.

This all takes place in Jared’s wine cellar in Le Havre, which is in fact the whisky cellar at Deanston Distillery.

Located just a few minutes away from Doune Castle, you can pop into the distillery and learn how whisky is made in Scotland.

Also, as part of your tour, you’ll see the warehouse and sample a wee dram.

Click here to read my complete guide on how to book a tour

Deanston Distillery Outlander Location
Deanston Distillery

34. Na Kampe / Parisian Streets 

Prague is often seen as the best-preserved city in the whole of Europe because it suffered the least damage during World War II. 

So, it was the perfect location to shoot some of the 18th-century streets of Paris in series 2 as most of the buildings are original.

The main one that featured is Na Kampe in Mala Strana. You’ll often see Jamie and Claire pass through here on their carriage to head on into Jared’s home in Paris.

This amazing and colourful cobbled street can be found near the famous Charles Bridge in the city centre. 

You’ll need to walk down the steps to get closer to the street itself from the West Bank. You’ll also see an iconic archway that was shot in for the series.

Na Kampe Outlander Prague locations
You could just imagine yourself in Paris here!

35. Czech Ministry of Culture / Jared’s Home 

Although most of the interior scenes of Jamie and Claire’s apartments in Paris were shot in a studio. Where were the outside shots of Jared’s home filmed? 

The outside of Jamie’s cousin Jared’s home in Paris was shot in the Czech Ministry of Culture. 

Years ago, this building used to be the Nostic Palace that was first constructed in 1660 by the Count of Nostitz, Jan Hartvig. 

Nowadays, you can visit the ministry and attend cultural performances throughout the year. 

Lookout for the iconic archway where the carriage goes in and out of the home for Jamie and Claire!

Prague Outlander locations | Where do Claire and Jamie live in Paris? | Where is Outlander filmed?
Czech Ministry of Culture or the Nosticky Palace! Ludek – CC BY-SA 3.0

36. Radnicke Schody / Steps to Raymond’s Apothecary

In series 2, we see Claire donning her gorgeous yellow and blue silk capes up a set of stairs in Paris to visit an apothecary. It’s here she meets Master Raymond who owns the apothecary and makes a new friend! 

These steps can be found in the Prague Castle district in Mala Strana. The location is outside the entrance of Prague Castle.

Prague Castle is one of the largest castles in the whole world and I visited here around five years ago before my obsession with Outlander began. 

It’s located on a high defence hill, with fairytale cobbled streets. There is SO much to see and places to eat with captivating views.

Where is Outlander filmed in Paris? Outlander series 2 locations
Radnické Schody steps!

37. Military Church of St. John of Nepomuk / The Exterior of the Charity Hospital

When Claire confesses to Master Raymond she feels lost, he encourages her to visit the charity hospital to pursue her medical work. 

She agrees and visits L’Hopital Des Anges, meeting Hildegarde and the nuns of the Couvent des Anges. Plus her adorable dog, Bouton.

The exterior scenes of the charity hospital in Paris were shot outside the Military Church of St. John of Nepomuk (Vojensky Kostel Svateho Jana Nepomuckeho).

If you’re planning on visiting Prague Castle, the church can be found in one of the streets hidden nearby.

The outside of L’hopital Des Anges in Prague
The outside of L’hopital Des Anges in Prague, Matěj Baťha CC BY-SA 3.0

38. Glasgow Cathedral Lower Crypt / L’Hopital Des Anges

It may surprise you that the inside shots of L’Hopital Des Anges were shot over a thousand miles away in Glasgow Cathedral in Scotland. 

The High Kirk of Glasgow, is a bucket list activity when in the city and it’s even better when you can visit an Outlander film location too. 

Once you’re inside the cathedral, head down to the Lower Crypt where the tomb of St Mungo is kept. 

You’ll instantly recognise the iconic cloisters down here. Although there will be a lot of displays rather than dying patients! 

A notable place is an area where Claire recovers after losing Faith. It’s in the spot near St Mungo’s tomb and there’s a small sign with some behind the scenes photos.

Click here to find out more about plannig a visit to the Lower Crypt

Glasgow Cathedral Outlander location L'Hopital Des Anges
L’Hopital Des Anges
Glasgow Cathedral Outlander L'hopital Des anges Place where Claire loses Faith
Glasgow Cathedral Outlander L’hopital Des’ange

39. Drummond Castle Gardens / The Gardens of Versailles 

Another one of my favourite locations in Scotland is Drummond Castle Gardens. In Outlander, you’ll recognise this as the gardens in the Palace of Versailles.

Claire and Jamie join the Duke of Sandringham at the Royal Stables for a garden party. It’s here Jamie discovers Black Jack Randall is still alive and challenges him to a duel!

These gardens are some of the best-preserved manicured gardens in Scotland and the view you get from the Castle are breathtaking! 

Take some time to explore their fabulous walking routes.

There’s lot’s to discover here and if the weather is fine, it lights up in all different colours. You can almost imagine yourself in King Louis’ court.

Click here for more information on visiting these amazing gardens

Drummond Castle Gardens
Drummond Castle Gardens

40. Gosford House / The Royal Stables 

If you’re wondering where The building for the Royal Stables was filmed, you can find it at Gosford House in East Lothian. 

The back of this incredible property was transformed into an 18th century Parisian stables. In fact, the whole building was changed so you’ll hardly recognise it on your visit. 

It’s here Jamie helps the Duke of Sandringham choose a horse to buy at the garden party.

Visiting Gosford House is only possible on certain days of the year. You can buy a walking permit to explore the grounds. 

Fans will be happy to know it’s also the location of the Helwater Estate in series 3 and the inside of the Earl of Ellesmere’s home. 

Click here for more Outlander film locations at this beautiful historic home

gosford house outlander
The exterior of Gosford House was used for the Royal Stables in Versailles

41. Wilton House / The Palladian bridge in Versailles

Another Outlander film location shot in Wiltshire in England (only an hour away from me), is a Palladian Bridge on the grounds of Wilton House. 

When Claire is presented at court to King Louis’, she finds out through the Duke of Sandringham that Black Jack Randall is alive. So, she goes to take some air. 

It’s here the Minister of Finance, Duverney, mistakes her interest in him and tries to seduce her. Jamie catches him in the act and throws him off the bridge into the river.  

Wilton House is home to the 18th Earl and Countess of Pembroke and their historic Palladian Bridge is one of four left in the whole world. 

The house and grounds have also been featured in movies like Tomb Raider (2017), Young Victoria, Pride & Prejudice (2004), Johnny English reborn and TV shows like The Crown and Blackadder. 

The house is located near Salisbury and is open on select dates from April – September. You can buy house and ground tickets separately if you only wanted to visit the bridge. Click here for dates and admission prices.

Wilton Palladian Bridge
Herry Lawford | CC BY-SA 2.0

42. Strahov Monastery / Where Jamie and Duverney play chess 

The Strahov Monastery is a Premonstratensian monastery founded all the way back in 1140.

Making it one of the oldest monasteries on Czech lands. Here, two rooms featured in Outlander;

The Philosophical Hall – where Jamie plays chess with Duverney. Also, later in the series, the Comte Saint-Germain poisons Claire here. 

The Strahov Library – where Claire walks through to meet King Louis in his chambers to try and free Jamie from the Bastille.

Where is Outlander filmed in Paris? where Jamie and Duverney play chess
Philosophical Hall where Jamie and Duverney play chess

Both rooms are libraries that contain very rare medieval manuscripts, maps, globes and have beautiful frescos painted on the ceiling.

Tours of the monastery and the Strahov Library take place daily and photos are allowed inside but you must buy a photo pass. 

The Philosophical Hall is only open for private tours which you must sign up for beforehand and are very expensive. 

The Strahov Monastery often said to contain the beautiful libraries in the world and is somewhere many say you have to visit once in your lifetime.

Click here for more information on tour times, prices and photo passes

Strahov Library Outlander
HutheMeow | Strahov Library | CC BY-SA 4.0

43. Dean Castle / Beaufort Castle 

When Jamie and Claire return to Bonny Scotland, they make a journey over to Jamie’s Grandfather, Lord Lovat (The Old Fox).

They arrive at Beaufort Castle to convince him to commit his clan to the Jacobite cause. Colum MacKenzie also arrives for the clan gathering to discuss, bringing Laoghaire in tow.

The castle that was used for the exterior scenes of Beaufort Castle can be found in Dean Castle Country Park. 

Unfortunately, they are currently making renovations until 2021. But, some private tours to take place on the last Sunday of the month. A hard hat is required.

Beyond an Outlander location, Dean Castle Country Park in Ayrshire is a lovely green place that makes a nice day outdoors.

Click here for more information on visiting

Dean Castle Outlander location
Dean Castle

44. Torbrex Farm / Battle of Prestonpans 

The fields on Torbrex Farm near Cumbernauld were used to shoot some of the Battle of Prestonpans in the second series. 

It’s a private residence that can only be accessed by country roads, so ask permission before you go exploring! 

According to some of the stuntmen, a tent was set up here to make the location look smoky and eerie for the surprise attack! 

This area also came back to shoot some of the beginning scenes of series 3, in the aftermath of Culloden. 

45. Muiravonside Country Park / Prestonpans

Some of the grounds in Muiravonside Country Park were used for the encampment in the scenes leading up for the battle of Prestonpans. 

For example, this is where Dougal rides out on his horse to test out the grounds. Later on in the series, it was used as the English encampment.

The park has acres of land to explore and is located between Falkirk and Linlithgow. It’s free of charge and is open all year. 

Muiravonside Country Park Outlander
Mike Smith | Trees at Muiravonside Country Park | CC BY-SA 2.0

46. Tullibardine Chapel / Where Claire is taken by the redcoats

After Jamie tries and fails to convince the Bonnie Prince to turn back and march to take London. He receives orders to proceed onto Inverness with his men. 

Along the way, a band of redcoats make trouble and the party to flee on their horses. Rupert is shot in one eye and wounded.

Eventually, they stumble upon a church to take shelter so Claire and sew Rupert’s eye. But, the redcoats find them. 

Tullibardine Chapel Outlander
Tullibardine Chapel 

Claire pretends she is being held hostage by the Scots. They allow the men the flee in exchange for Claire’s freedom. 

The church where this all happens is Tullibardine Chapel in Perthshire. It is maintained by the Historic Environments Scotland and is free of charge.

Although in the series, it was full of religious artefacts. When you visit it will be quite plain. But, it is the exact same place. 

Read my guide all about this quaint chapel in the countryside here

Tullibardine Chapel Outlander
Tullibardine Chapel

47. Drumlanrig Castle / Bellhurst Manor

When Claire is taken to a Bellhurst Manor in the area, little did she know she would be reunited with the Duke of Sandringham! 

He traps her in his home with his goddaughter Mary Hawkins and stops her trying to escape. Instead, he wants to trap Jamie when he comes to rescue Claire. 

The outside of Bellhurst Manor is Drumlanrig Castle that is home to the Douglas Family, located in Dumfires and Galloway. 

Inside you can see the room where Claire and the Duke dine, the Bonnie Prince Charlie room Claire sleeps in and even the secret door she escapes through. 

You can only go inside the castle with a private tour and photos are not allowed inside for security reasons! 

As they were renovating a painting in the usual tour route, I got to open and go through the secret door which was the ultimate fangirl moment for me. 

Click here to find out how to visit and all the Outlander locations inside

Drumlanrig Castle Outlander location
Drumlanrig Castle

48. Callendar House / Duke of Sandringham’s Kitchen

The only room in Bellhurst Manor not shot in Drumlanrig Castle is the kitchen. This was shot on location at Callendar House. 

Their authentic Georgian kitchens were the perfect spot to film the scenes with Claire and the Duke. This is also the place where Murtagh lays vengeance at Mary’s feet (the Duke’s head!).

The Callendar House kitchens are FREE to visit and inside they have some activities that are perfect for fans.

They make recipes from the Outlander Kitchen Cookbook, like Black Jack Randall’s Lavender Fudge and Gingerbread and have an open fire running. 

You can ask the staff any questions about what life used to be like in the kitchens back then and try on some Claire and Jamie masks too. 

The rest of the museum is worth a peek and you can see an old printing press like A. Malcolm’s upstairs. 

The kitchens open later than the house at 11am. Click here to see find out how to visit.

Callendar House Outlander kitchen
Callendar House kitchens

49. Touch House / Culloden House

Touch House near Stirling played the infamous Culloden House where the Jacobites camped on the eve of the battle of Culloden Moor in 1746. 

Many scenes were shot in the camp set up on the grounds of the house for the production. Including when Bonnie Prince Charlie tries to convince Jamie and his men to fight.

Colum pays a visit to the house and asks Claire to help him die as he is gravely ill. Plus, this is also the house where Claire and Jamie plot to kill the Prince.

Dougal is furious when he hears that Claire helped Colum die and of the plot and Jamie ends up murdering his uncle! 

Touch House is a beautiful historic home but is a privately owned residence. However, the family do not mind visitors taking photos on the driveway at a distance. 

50. Falkland Palace / Apothecary

At the end of series 2, Claire arrives in Culloden and meets Mary at an apothecary who is buying laudanum. 

Claire learns that the two are going to be married but he is very sick, so Mary is taking care of him. Clare offers to stop by to help ease his pain. 

This apothecary scene that is in ‘The Hail Mary’ is located in the Kitchen area of the palace.

Beyond an Outlander location, Falkland Palace is famous for being home to Stuart monarchs including Mary Queen of Scots.

Inside you can explore many rooms including one of the oldest tennis courts in the world from the 16th century used for Real Tennis (Royal Tennis), the sport of kings. 

The scenes where Alex Randall and Mary are staying and where Black Jack Randall confronts Claire are also located in Falkland on Rotten Row. 

Click here to see how to visit and more even Outlander filming locations in Falkland

falkland outlander inverness
Falkland Palace 

51. Loch Katrine / Bree and Rogers Road trip

In the end episode of Series 2, we see Bree and Roger take a road trip. First, they stop at Fort William and then carry on to sit by a Loch.

It’s here they discuss something Bree read in a letter between Frank and the Reverend Wakefield. 

This beautiful scene was shot at Brenachoile Point in Loch Katrine, Trossachs National Park.

Sir Walter Scott’s described its beauty in his poem ‘The Lady of the Lake’, so has drawn tourists for centuries. But, you can only access it by taking the ferries. 

I tried and failed miserably to try and access by car. When I finally pulled up to the car park, the ferries stopped running and it would be a 3-mile walk. It was almost dark, so I decided to give it a miss. 

If you did want to plan a day out at Loch Katrine, check the opening days and timetables here.

A ‘Freedom’ tickets that allow you to stop off anywhere throughout the day are £15.50 an adult. 

Brenachoile Point in Loch Katrine Outlander location
The exact spot is Brenachoile Point in Loch Katrine!

51. Pathfoot Building / Inverness College

At the end the second series, Bree and Roger visit Inverness College in the 1960s. 

While here, Bree stumbles upon Geillis Duncan who is campaigning for the White Roses rally, a movement for an independent Scotland.

All of the scenes shot at Inverness College were in the Pathfoot Building in the University of Stirling. It’s a graded building from 1967, so it’s protected.

The public is also allowed to visit for a tour. Inside you can find some visitor exhibits and art galleries, as well as following in the footsteps of Roger and Bree.

Click here to see more information about visiting.

University of Stirling Outlander Pathfoot Building
Pathfoot Building

53. Culloden Moor

The last location to visit in series 2, is Culloden Moor. Claire visits the site in the 1960s to pay respects to Clan Fraser. 

It’s here she finds the Clan Fraser gravestone, believing Jamie died in the battle of Culloden. She tells him about his daughter Bree and everything that happened after she went back through the stones.

Culloden Moor has a visitor centre and exhibition run by the National Trust for Scotland.

Here, you can learn about all the events leading up to the battle and how it had a quick bloody end, killing thousands of Scots. 

The immersive in the round theatre experiences are particularly moving. When you walk outside on the Moor, you can visit the Clan Fraser memorial stone.

But remember, the sites ask you to show respect for those that died here in shallow graves.

Click here to read more information about visiting

Culloden Outlander Clan Fraser at Culloden Battlefield
Clan Fraser at Culloden Battlefield

Outlander series three film locations 

Series 3 sees Jamie and Claire separated from each other for over twenty years. Claire moves to Boston with Frank in the 1940s – 60s, raises Bree and trains to become a surgeon.  

Meanwhile, in the 18th century, Jamie lives his life isolated after Culloden as the Dun Bonnet in a cave. 

He is captured and sent to Ardsmuir Prison, then he gets a position as a groomsman for the Dunsany Family.

Finally, he assumes a new identity as A. Malcolm and sets up a printer shop on Carfax Close in Edinburgh. 

ardsmuir prison craigmillar castle outlander

This is always the hardest part of the story to watch for me, so I often skip the first few episodes (oops!).

Eventually, Claire and Jamie are reunited and return to Lallybroch. But, she learns of his second wife Laoghaire. Jamie wants to divorce her but she is demanding payment. 

Young Ian is then captured while looking for the treasure Jamie found on Silkies Island. Jamie planned to use it to pay off Laoghaire. 

He’s then held captive on a boat heading to Jamaica, so Claire and Jamie board the Artemis to save him. 

bakehouse close edinburgh outlander print shop a malcolm
Bakehouse Close

Where is Outlander series 3 filmed?

Most of the scenes for Boston were actually filmed in Glasgow, so make sure you read my list of locations around the city here. 

Also, the scenes set in Edinburgh are shot on location and I have a whole walking tour of the royal mile here for Outlander fans. Or, check out my complete list of Outlander filming locations around the city here.

The scenes in the Caribbean and Jamaica were shot in South Africa. This includes the beach where Claire and Jamie are reunited, the Governor’s mansion in Jamaica and the residence of the Bakra. 

signet library afternoon tea signet library outlander location
Upper Signet library 

54. Dowanhill Street / Furey Street 

When Claire and Frank move into Furey Street in Boston. They try to make a home to raise Brianna together.  

Although it looks eerily like Beacon Hill in Massachusetts, it’s actually shot in the West End of Glasgow on Dowanhill Street!

The streets of red brick Victorian houses were transformed into an American street. Even the lampposts cars were replaced to be historically accurate.

The streets were also cleared and lined with classic American cars.

If you want to know how to find the exact location that was used to play Claire and Franks home, click here.

Dowanhill Street Outlander location
Dowanhill Street

55. University of Glasgow / Harvard University 

Frank moves to Boston with Claire as he accepted a position as a professor at Harvard University. 

So, we see Claire and Frank visit the campus on more than on occasion. Later, Bree and Roger visit the hallowed halls and Claire visits again for Franks memorial. 

There were scenes shot around the main campus of Glasgow University including the picturesque cloisters. Also some of the classrooms from the Joseph Black Building.

As well as an Outlander location, the University of Glasgow is one of the oldest in the English speaking world. So, it attracts many visitors each year and you’re welcome to go on a self-guided tour.

There is plenty of things to do including a tour of the many historic buildings, art galleries and museums too. 

Click here to read my complete guide to all the Outlander locations a the University

University of Glasgow Outlander location as Havard University Boston
University of Glasgow as Havard University

56. Kelvingrove Park / Where Claire pushes Bree

We see The Prince of Wales bridge at Kelvingrove park appear two times in Outlander series 3.

Firstly, we see Claire push Bree through the park in her pram, then later we see Claire walking over a bridge to Boston medical school.

She sees someone playing the bagpipes, so tips him. 

Kelvingrove Park sits in the heart of the city, near the University and Kelvingrove Museum. 

It’s FREE to visit and is open 24 hours a day. So, you can easily factor in a visit on your Outlander itinerary.

On Google Maps make sure you follow the pin for Prince of Wales Bridge. Or, look for the bandstand on the signs (the bridge isn’t on the signs) and make your way over from there. 

Click here to read more about this exact location

Kelvingrove Park Outlander location, Glasgow
Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow

57. Summerhall Anatomy Room / Claire’s Medical School 

When Claire signs up to train at a Medical School in Boston, we see her attend a lecture on her first day. Much to the despise of her peers as she is a woman.

It’s here she meets a kindred spirit, Joe Abernathy.

They become close friends and later, they open a medical practice together in Boston.

This unique curved lecture theatre can be found in the Anatomy Room at Summerhall. 

Years ago, Summerhall used to be The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies hence the name.

Today, the building has been repurposed into a community art centre and café. It also transforms into a venue used in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

You will need to book a visit to the lecture theatre in advance as it is often used for conferences. Click here for more details.

summerhall edinburgh summerhall outlander

58. Craigmillar Castle / Ardsmuir Prison 

After Jamie is captured as “Red Jamie” / the Dun Bonnet, he is taken to Arsmuir Prison with some of the other Jacobite rebels. 

Lord John Grey arrives as the new prison warden. The men call Jamie Mac Dubh and see him as their leader in the prison. 

It’s here that Jamie is forced to translate for the English as they want to find the hidden gold. 

ardsmuir prison craigmillar castle
Craigmillar Castle

Kerr, who is talking in tongues, tells Jamie of a white witch and some French gold that has been hidden away for the British. Jamie thinks Claire may be on Silkies Island. So, he escapes to try her. 

The castle that was used in Ardsmuir Prison was Craigmillar Castle in Edinburgh.

It’s one of the best castles I visited in Scotland and has so many floors, rooms, staircases and turns. You could spend hours getting lost.

Mary Queen of Scots stayed here in her lifetime and this was supposedly the spot where she planned her husband’s murder!

The most recognisable part is the two fairytale Yew trees at the entrance of the castle. The whole courtyard was transformed into a Highland prison.

Click here to read all the Outlander filming locations used at this castle

ardsmuir prison craigmillar castle outlander
Ardsmuir Prison 

59. Dunure Castle / Silkies Island 

When Jamie hears the Kerr say that the French gold was gifted by a white witch.

He immediately escapes looking for Claire on the Silkies Island as she is also known as La Dame Blanche.

He swims over to the ruined castle in the sea and climbs onshore to find her.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t find Claire. But, he does find a hole with the MacKenzie crest above it containing a chest with the gold and precious jewels. 

He takes one Sapphire and tells Lord John he didn’t find the gold. But, gifts the jewel to Lord John to prove no gold was there.

You can visit Silkies Island castle in real life and don’t worry, you won’t need to swim over the sea to access it!

silkies island
Dunure Castle

It’s on the mainland in the ruined Dunure Castle, that’s absolutely FREE to explore.

This tiny village in South Ayrshire has exploded with tourism since the Outlander series and they even have a sign to celebrate. 

Around there castle you can also visit the Dunure Labyrinth where Claire and Jamie watch young Ian being kidnapped and the beach where they run down to try and help. But, it’s too late, he is captured on the Bruja.

They then go to board The Artemis to Jamaica. These scenes were shot at Dunure Harbour around 800 yards away.

Click here to read my full guide to Dunure for Outlander fans

Dunure Beach Outlander
Dunure Beach

60. Old Glasgow Infirmary / Claire and Joe’s medical practice

If you’re wondering where Claire and Joe Abernathy’s medical practice was filmed in Boston in series 3 it was at the Old Victoria Infirmary in Glasgow!

Unfortunately, this beautiful building on the south side of Glasgow has since been knocked down.

It used to be an unused hospital but has now been redeveloped and replaced with a newer hospital nearby. I thought it still worth a mention though, to leave no stone unturned.

Old Glasgow Infirmary Outlander
Malcolm Neal / The old Infirmary / CC BY-SA 2.0

61. Gosford House / Helwater Estate

Gosford House was used again as the backdrop for Helwater Estate, but this time it was shot from the front of the house.

This is where Jamie works as a groomsman for the Dunsany family after Ardsmuir.

We first see the estate in ‘Of Lost Things’ and it’s here that Jamie is blackmailed by Geneva to sleep with her. She then has his baby, Willie. 

gosford house outlander
Gosford House

The inside of Gosford House, or their magnificent marble hall, was used for the Earl of Ellesmere’s home.

When the Earl learns that the baby isn’t his, he threatens to kill him. Jamie intervenes and saves Willie’s life. 

You can visit inside Gosford House on select days throughout the year but photography is not permitted.

I was invited to visit and had permission for photography. Walking passes are easier to purchase and you can see the outside of the house on the grounds.

Click here to see all the Outlander locations at this historic home

gosford house outlander helwater estate
The stairs of Helwater Estate at Gosford House (I had permission to walk here)

62. Hopetoun House / Earl of Ellesmere’s Estate

So, we know that the inside of Gosford house was used for the Earl of Ellesmere’s estate. But, what about the outside?

This is when we see Jamie and the Dunsany family pull up in their carriage to check on Geneva and the baby. Well, the front of Hopetoun House was filmed as the exterior Earl of Ellesmere’s estate.

This will be the first thing you see as you drive in! 

As well as the Earl of Ellesmere. Hopetoun house has over 15 film locations featured in Outlander within the house and on the grounds.

Don’t forget to read my complete guide to tick them all off!

Gosford House interior of the Earl of Ellesmere's home!
Earl of Ellesmere’s home!

63. Bakehouse Close / Carfax Close 

Up there with the likes of Castle Leoch and Lallybroch, this is one of my favourite locations. I mean who can forget the ultimate scene when Claire and Jamie are FINALLY reunited! 

After Frank dies in a car crash, Claire locates Jamie as A. Malcolm living in the 18th century. She decides to fly back to Inverness and go through the stones again to find him, with Bree’s blessing. 

When she arrives in Edinburgh, she finds his print shop in Carfax Close on the Royal Mile and walks up the stairs to be with him. 

bakehouse close edinburgh outlander print shop a malcolm
Bakehouse Close

This heart-wrenching scene was shot on Bakehouse Close on the Royal Mile. It’s one of the most well-preserved closes on the mile and has been used in countless period dramas. 

You can walk through the tunnel as Claire did and find the staircase where she walks up to his print shop. 

Although the stairs don’t lead to anything and the print shop won’t be there, you can still get some iconic photos and stand on the steps like Claire. 

Another location filmed here was the brothel that Jamie takes Claire too. This can be found behind a door on the close that’s now Edinburgh Old Heritage. Years ago, this used to be a real brothel called the Cock and Strumpet!

Click here for direction on how to find the print shop

bakehouse close edinburgh outlander print shop a malcolm
Stairs to the Print Shop
royal mile outlander edinburgh locations
Bakehouse Close

64. Tweeddale Court / Edinburgh Market Place 

Bakehouse Close wasn’t the only close used on the Royal Mile for the series. A little further up the road, you’ll come across a tunnel leading to the hidden Tweeddale Court. 

This sleepy area of Edinburgh was transformed into a bustling 18th-century market place for the series and is where Claire reunites with Fergus!

Some fun facts about this area are that it is home to the smallest graded building in Edinburgh, a Sudan chair house.

Plus, It was the location of the murder of William Begbie. Supposedly, his ghost still haunts the place after hours so watch out. 

There is so much too this unassuming close including a colourful history, make sure you check out my article with more fun facts

Tweeddale Court Outlander
Tweeddale Court

65. The World’s End 

Jamie eventually brings Claire to The World’s End Tavern to save his friend Mr Willoughby. 

It’s here we see him fighting with a waitress. He gets into trouble for not paying for licking her elbow! 

Although the tavern we see in the series is one created in a studio, you can visit the real World’s End Pub on the Royal Mile.

Years ago, the vicinity of Edinburgh only reached from Edinburgh Castle down to the border of Canongate. In the middle stood Netherbrow Port.

A tollgate where you need to pay to enter or leave Edinburgh.

The World’s End Edinburgh Outlander
The World’s End 

So, that spot was considered the end of the world as the people of Edinburgh knew it. Hence why a pub sits there with the same name. 

In the books, this was Dougal MacKenzie’s favourite watering hole. So, you can visit their bar to have a wee dram or treat yourself to supper in their restaurant. 

Reservations aren’t possible and it’s always completely packed with long wait times. But, it’s worth it if you’re not too peckish. You can always grab a drink and wait it out. 

Click here for all the reasons why you should visit this iconic pub

The World’s End Edinburgh Outlander
The World’s End is near Canongate, Edinburgh

66. Dunure Harbour / The Artemis 

Another location in the adorable village of Dunure nearby the castle is Dunure Harbour.

This historic harbour is where Jamie and Claire board the Artemis with the help of Jamie’s cousin Jared. 

In series 4 of Outlander, this also featured as the port where Brianna buys passage on a ship heading to Carolina with her new maid, Lizzie.

Later on, Roger follows in her footsteps boarding a different ship with Stephen Bonnet. You can walk down to the harbour from Dunure Castle that’s only 800 yards away from there. 

Although the port was completely changed for the series with 18th-century props, it’s still a pretty place to explore with a small harbour café nearby. 

Click here to learn more about all the locations you can visit at Dunure

Dunure Harbour Outlander
Dunure Harbour was used to shoot the harbour where Jamie and Claire boarded the Artemis

67. Silverstroom Beach / Where Claire reunites with Jamie 

After Claire is captured by the English to cure the men on board and separated from Jamie, she jumps off the Man-of-War the HMS Porpoise to try and find Jamaica where the Artemis is headed. She gets lost in the jungle and is rescued by Father Fogden and Mamacita. 

Eventually, she learns a ship is wrecked nearby on a beach with a chinaman on board, who she believes is Mr Willoughby. So, she runs to the beach to find the ship and Jamie! 

The Artemis has been fixed and is about to sail away when Claire calls out to Jamie and they are reunited!

The beach where the shipwreck and the amazing scene happens is on Silverstoom Beach on Cape Town’s West Coast. 

Fun fact: the Outlander team used real working wooden ships for The Man-of-War the HMS Porpoise and the Bruja. But, they were anchored still in a carpark.

They used recycled water tanks and blue and green screens were used to make it look like they were at sea!

The boats were used before in Black Sails.

68. De Grendel Wine Estate and Restaurant / The Bakra’s home

When young Ian arrives in Jamaica, he is held prisoner and first hears of the Bakra who bathes in the blood of virgins. 

Later, he is brought to the Bakra’s home, Rose Hall, which turns out to be the home of Geillis Duncan! 

Sure enough, she is taking one of her blood baths and trying to seduce him. She believes he has the sapphire that was taken from Silkies Island.

The interior scenes at Rose Hall were filmed inside a studio, but the exterior scenes for Rose Hall were filmed at De Grendel Wine Estate and restaurant. 

It’s an award-winning estate near Cape Town, that was built in the 1720s. So it fitted in perfectly as Geillis’ mansion in the colonies.

Fun Fact: The gardens that Claire and Geillis walk through outside the Governor’s Mansion is at Rustenberg Wine Estate 

69. University of Stellenbosch / Outside of the Governor’s Mansion in Jamaica 

When Jamie and Claire arrive in Jamaica, they are invited to a lavish party at the Governor’s residence. They decide to attend to see if anyone knows anything of young Ian’s whereabouts. 

When they arrive they find out that the Governor is in fact, Lord John Grey, who has been stationed here!

The outside of the mansion, where all the carriages arrive for the ball is shot at the University of Stellenbosch in the Western Cape of South Africa. 

This gorgeous historic house dates back to the 17th century but is now a public university. 

If you were wondering where the Kingston port scenes were shot in Jamaica, the Outlander team also shot these on the Black Sails sets.

As the Black Sails Kingston was only 80 years apart from Outlander’s it made perfect sense to reuse the set rather than completely rebuild.

Stellenbosch University Outlander
Vysotsky | Stellenbosch University | CC BY-SA 3.0

70. Upper Signet Library / Inside the Governor’s Mansion in Jamaica

Although the outside of the Governor’s Mansion maybe a little out of reach in South Africa, you can go inside the Governor’s Mansion at the top of the Royal Mile in Scotland! 

The Signet Library is home to one of the oldest professional bodies in the world and is a place of learning for the official writers of the Signet. 

Years ago, they had the responsibility of preparing and sealing documents with the royal seal of the Scottish monarch. 

The WS Society owns the Signet Library on the Royal Mile and upstairs you’ll find the Upper Signet Library.

When George visited Edinburgh in 1822, he called it the “finest drawing room in Europe”. 

signet library afternoon tea signet library outlander location
Upper Signet Library 

Although the Upper Library where they filmed Outlander is closed off to the public, you can have a delightful afternoon tea in their Colonnades restaurant downstairs. It looks exactly the same. 

On the menu is plenty of sweet and savoury artisan treats with some of their organic teas. Also, if you fancy, you can order a ginger ale like the actors in the series!

Click here to see a full review of the afternoon tea and some exclusive Upper library snaps

signet library afternoon tea signet library outlander location
I sat in an alcove amongst some of the oldest books in the library – some from the 18th century!
signet library afternoon tea signet library outlander location
The Colonnades

Outlander series 4 filming locations

At the end of series 3, Claire and Jamie wash up after their shipwreck on the shores of the New World, America. 

This time their adventures take them from Wilmington to River Run, meeting Native American tribes and the beginnings of Fraser’s Ridge! 

In series 4, Brianna decides to find her mother and finally meet her father, so she travels back through the stones to their time.

When Roger finds out, he is devastated and is determined to find her in Carolina. 

Loaghaire's House in series 4 was filmed in Curloss on Wee Causeway
Laoghaire’s House in Series 4, Culross

71. Gray Buchanan Park, Belmont / Hayes Burial

Their journey in the New World doesn’t start off on a great chapter.  In the first episode ‘America The Beautiful’, Gavin Hayes, is hanged in Wilmington for stealing in Charleston.

Afterwards, Jamie and Young Ian take his body to bury it properly in a churchyard. 

These were all shot in Gray Buchanan Park in Polmont. Although on your visit you won’t see any gravestones. They were only added in to make the scene look more realistic. 

Some fans were able to look on at the stars digging the graves at night during production.

Some even got to meet young Ian’s fluffy friend, Rollo. The park is open all year round to visitors and is completely FREE to visit. 

72. Newhailes House / Governor Tryon’s Residence 

Claire and Jamie are invited to a Limington dinner at Governor Tryon’s residence in North Carolina.

Here, they try and find a buyer for a ruby they want to sell and are introduced to the Wilmington society.

Later, Jamie discusses a grant of land in exchange for service to the English crown. The outside and inside of this incredible Palladian house were used in the show.

It is currently closed off to the public until spring 2020 for renovations. 

However, you can still admire the house from the outside. The park, which is only a few miles from Edinburgh is still open and you can enjoy the many walks the estate provides.

There is also a Shell Grotto, Ha-Ha, Doocot and ‘Wee-Hailes’ play park.

Click here to read my complete guide for visiting

Newhailes House Outlander location Governor Tyron
Newhailes House in Musselborough

73. Abercairny Estates in Crieff / River Run 

Jamie and Claire arrived by boat to River Run, after coming into blows with the fugitive Stephen Bonnet. The beautiful River Run, is plantation home to Jamie’s Aunt Jocasta. 

If you ever wondered where this incredible home is, unfortunately, it was specifically made solely for the Outlander production. 

The team built it ground up and then dismantled it after filming. It’s a shame as it really is a fantastic set. But, it was only used for shots of the front anyway. 

All the rooms and scenes shot inside River Run were made in a studio. The location where they built the set is in the Abercairny Estates in Crieff which is often used as a wedding location. 

It’s been home to the Moray family for over 700 years. Outlander fans can visit on their open days enjoy a walk in their beautiful parkland to see the area. Click here to find out more.

74. Beecraigs Country Park / Where Claire and Jamie are parted in a storm

After Claire and Jamie leave River Run, they ride out into the wilderness and are eventually separated during a storm.  It’s here, in ‘The False Bride’, that Claire is haunted by the ghost of Otter-Tooth. 

All these scenes were shot in the Beecraigs Country Park near Linlithgow. Where fans saw Claire and Jamie riding on horseback.

The park then made another appearance when Jamie meets Quincy Meyers where they discuss how to make peace with the Native Americans. 

You can visit the park any time of year and it is FREE. You can pop into their visitor and even get lucky and spot a red deer or Highland Cow around the grounds.

75. University of Stirling Link Bridge / Boston Airport

Back in the 1960s, Roger decides to visit Bree to attend the Scottish Festival. He is reunited with her at Boston Airport.

Although he seems little more excited to see her than the other way around.

These airport scenes, you may be surprised to know were shot on the Link Bridge at the University of Stirling! 

They transformed this old looking bridge by adding some signage and filled it with extras who are passing through Arrivals. 

Anyone is allowed to visit the University of Stirling with a visitor pass, so you can ask for directions to see this on your visit. 

Click here to see even more Stirling University Outlander filming locations

University of Stirling Link Bridge was Boston Airport in Outlander.
University of Stirling Link Bridge was Boston Airport in Outlander. Credit J G Harston under C.C 2.0

76. River Edge Lodges / Hotels used in the Scottish Festival 

During the Scottish Festival, Brianna and Roger stay in the lodges nearby. It’s here that Roger tries to propose. But, Brianna feels it’s too fast.

These scenes were all shot on location at River Edge Lodges in Perthshire. The outdoor of the huts were ideal to represent American lodges.

The inside was completely stripped and redecorated in 1960s decor. The owner even told me they changed the plug sockets to American ones for the show. That’s how dedicated the team are!

Fans may love the fact they can actually rent out the same lodge as Brianna or Roger for the night.

I had the pleasure of staying in the one they shot in here, number 14. So, make sure you put in a request. 

You can read my complete guide on how to book your stay for the night here

Where is Outlander filmed?
Brianna and Roger’s lodges for the Scottish Festival

77. Calderglen Country Park / Where Jamie and Willie go hunting

During season 4 in ‘Blood of my Blood’, Lord John Grey, arrives with Willie at Fraser’s Ridge. John is sick with a fever. 

Jamie decides to take Willie on a hunting and fishing trip, which turns out to be a bit more dangerous than he had hoped. They are set upon by angry Native Americans and they are trespassing on their lands.

These hunting scenes were shot in Calderglen Country Park in South Lanarkshire. Just a 30 minute drive out of Glasgow and has 17th century Torrence House on the grounds. 

You can walk around the acres of woodlands and just imagine you’re in the American wilderness here. 

It’s a free park and you can find the exact location used for filming at Rotten Calder River near Horseshoe Falls. See here for more details. 

Rotten Calder Below Horseshoe Falls .uk 1022167 2
Iain Thompson / Rotten Calder Below Horseshoe Falls / CC BY-SA 2.0

78. Arniston House / Wilmington Theatre

If you wondered where some of the Wilmington Theatre scenes were shot in series 4, you only need look at Arniston House!

The inside of the house, that has been owned by the Dundas Family for over 400 years, was transformed into the reception for the theatre. It also played the area where Claire tries to save Edward Fanning’s life. 

Arniston House is open for tours throughout the year but photography is strictly forbidden inside on request of the family. However, you can take as many photos of the outside as you’d like.

If you want to take a private tour, you can book one here that runs on select days. They even have special Outlander tours which you can check out here.

Read my complete guide on how to visit and what to expect

Arniston House Outlander Location
Arniston House

79. St Andrews in the Square / Wilmington Theatre

St Andrews in the Square is an 18th century, A-listed church in Glasgow that is now a centre for Scottish Culture.  

It was used for filming in series 4. Firstly, for the theatre scenes when Claire and Jamie go to watch a performance at the Wilmington Theatre.

Secondly, when Frank talks to Brianna about moving back to England with him in the 1960s. 

As a heads up, although Visit Scotland’s Outlander map and Google say it is open daily. It’s actually only open on Tuesdays from 11 am – 1.30 pm.  Which is quite limited! 

There is also a café called Café Source that is underneath the church open Wednesday – Saturday. Typical that I arrived on a Monday and both were closed!

If you want to see where the rest of Wilmington Theatre was shot, check out my post

The Wilmington Theatre was filmed at St Andrews in the Square Glasgow
The Wilmington Theatre was filmed at St Andrews in the Square Glasgow

80. Faskally Forest / Home to the Native Americans 

During series 4, we come across the Native Americans many times at their home, the Mohawk Village. This is where Roger is held captive with his new friend Father Ferigault.

The woodlands that were chosen for filming these scenes can be found in Faskally Forest near Pitlochry.

This is not too far away from Craigh Na Dun in Perthshire, so you could join the two for a day out in the countryside. Click here for more details. 

81. Abercorn Church / Frank’s Grave site 

In season 3, we learn of Frank’s fatal car crash in Boston. Then, in season 4, episode 7 ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’, we see various flashbacks of scenes with Frank and Brianna before he died.

At the end of the episode, Brianna is seen paying her respects to Frank’s grave. 

The graveyard that was used for this scene can be found in the quaint hamlet of Abercorn on the Hopetoun Estate. 

Abercorn Church and graveyard were used to shoot this heartfelt scene.

Although it was only for a few moments, the scene is certainly recognisable. Beyond an Outlander location, this area dates back to the 7th century and the church was built in the 12th century.

It’s well worth a visit while you’re here! You can read more about it in my guide here. 

abercorn church outlander
Abercorn Church

82. Kinclaven Bluebell Wood / Witness Trees

Another popular attraction that Outlander fans love to try and find is the Witness Trees in Kinclaven Bluebell Wood.

This was the spot in series 4, where Jamie carves an F . R into the tree so that all who pass know they’re entering Fraser’s Ridge!

Of course, it’s quite hard to find these trees in amongst a whole forest of them! But, if you’re determined you will find it. 

You will need to start your journey in Kinclaven Wood (previously known as Ballathie Wood) and you can park up in the car park outside. This is a few miles from the Balllathie House Hotel.

If you take the path leading onto the forest go to the end. Turn right and you can find the Witness Trees there.

I recently managed to visit these trees from series 4 and it really felt like I was on Fraser’s Ridge!

Click here to read how to find the Outlander Witness Trees from Fraser’s Ridge

Outlander Witness Trees Fraser's Ridge at Kinclaven Bluebell Wood
Witness Trees

83. Cumbernauld Glen / Where Jamie fights ‘The Bear’

The team also decided to shoot some scenes at Cumbernauld Glen nearby the Wardpark Studios.

Here they built the small shelter Jamie and Claire sleep in while building their cabin and the Muellers’ cabin too, where the family have Measles.

Later, we also see it reappear as the forest where Jamie fights ‘The Bear’.  Once the word was out about filming in Cumbernauld Glen, fans flocked around this area and got to watch some of the stars in action.

Both Sam and Catriona came to visit the fans and were signing autographs.  Cumbernauld House Park is located in North Lanarkshire and is home an 18th-century mansion.

You can explore the grounds here free of charge all year.

84. Where is Fraser’s Ridge in Outlander?

Fans have been dying to know where Frasers Ridge is filmed since it was released on screen. Although it has long been a well-kept secret. Now, it seems the cats out of the bag! 

Although the production team don’t want to disclose the exact location for safety reasons (of the set and the public). They have released the fact that it is on Hill of Row, near the David Stirling Memorial.

Scotland has a law where anyone is permitted to walk on private land, so the team can’t stop you looking for it. But, always be cautious and don’t interfere when the team are filming.

Although I’m sure that won’t deter avid fans of the show, just be aware that when filming isn’t taking place the set is covered with a huge iron shell to protect it. Both from the elements and people vandalising it.

Outlander series 5 filming locations 

As Droughtlander is now FINALLY over!

I can’t wait to see what film locations are yet to unfold during the new series that was released in February 2020. 

The show even released the premiere a few days early for Valentines Day, how sweet is that?!

During the filming period of series 5, some keen Outlander fans have already scoped out some of the new locations already. Many were able to meet some of the stars there!

So, I’ll go through some of the ones we definitely know about below with some news articles and videos. A lot of them have theories as to what they were used for but nothing is certain yet. 

As we know some filming can be done and be removed from the final cut. It’s the nature of the beast.

Each Outlander series 5 location will be updated as soon as we see them appear here. Watch this space for more; 

85. Paisley Church 

Outlander Fans flocked to Paisley when the team started filming at the grade A listed Thomas Coats Memorial Church for series 5.

Here, we saw Claire or Catriona Balfe donned in a 1960s outfit.

Filming took place inside and outside of the church but what is was used for we don’t know yet. 

It used to be known as the Baptist Cathedral of Europe but the church is no longer used for worship. However, you can still go and visit this amazing building in Paisley to see the impressive architecture. 

Coats Memorial Church Paisley 2015 08 19
© User:Colin / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

86. Queen’s Park in Glasgow

Built by Sir Joseph Paxton in the 19th century, Queen’s Park in Glasgow is named after Mary Queen of Scots who fought her last battle nearby. 

The Outlander team were seen filming here in July 2019, but we don’t know what the area was used for yet. 

Although most suspect that some scenes were shot here to represent Boston.

Whether it’s Claire, Bree, Frank or Roger that filmed here we have yet to find out during the series. The public was kept far away from filming. 

Queens Park geograph 2537966
Thomas Nugent / Queens Park / CC BY-SA 2.0

87. The Hermitage 

For the filming of the last few episodes of season 5, the Outlander team decided to shoot scenes around the Hermitage near Dunkeld in Perthshire. 

It’s a popular beauty spot that attracts many tourists to visit Black Lin Falls.

Although we are unsure what scenes the area was used for in the series, what we do know is that the area around the Falls of Braan was used. Many fans spotted Sam Heughan here. 

The businesses in the local area welcomed the team, hoping it will attract fans as part of the Outlander effect. 

Falls of Braan .uk 55326
Iain Millar / Falls of Braan / CC BY-SA 2.0

88. Bridge of Allan

A possible series 5 Outlander location is the Bridge of Allan in the Stirling area. 

The location around Sunnylaw Road was shut off to the public in May 2019 and fans were filming the camp that had been set up there in the area. 

We’ll have to wait until the episode is released in series 5 to see what that is for, but you can still visit the area now to jump the gun.

89. Cumbusbarron 

Many Outlander fans came to watch Murtagh or Duncan Lacroix filming at Cumbusbarron near Stirling.

The team set up for a night of filming here along with Characters like Lord John Grey. 

Again, we will have to wait for the episode to air before we know what this is used for. 

Walstale Dun Defensive ditch
Peigimccann | Walstale Dun | CC BY-SA 3.0

90. Cumbusmore Estate

The team also have been reported to be seen filming at the Cumbusmore Estate in Callendar. 

A lot of fans suspect that scenes between Lord John Grey and Governor Tryon were filmed here. Some even predict that this is the area where the big house is.

Where Brianna and Roger get married at Fraser’s Ridge in episode 1! 

In other darker reports, some have even seen a noose hanging from a tree, could this be the end for one of the characters in the show? Only time will tell.

91. Ravensheugh Sands, Dunbar 

Tyninghame Beach or Revensheugh Sands saw the team shoot some scenes here off the coast of East Lothian. 

It is a popular walking route that attracts many visitors during the summer but is a ghost town in the winter months.

Recently, Sophie Skelton let slip in an interview that they were filming on a beach for season 5. But, not what for.  I guess we’ll have to wait it out to see where the Fraser’s end up on a beach in the New World soon.

1599px Tyninghame Beach 6912106961
Marsipium Photography | Tyninghame Beach | CC BY-SA 2.0

When is series 6 of Outlander going to start filming? 

Although no official dates are set yet, Caitriona Balfe revealed at a recent Q&A that the show will begin filming as soon as the script is ready.

She predicted this will be around May 2020, so naturally, this has fans super excited! 

The best way to keep up to date with filming is to follow the stars themselves. They often post tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts of updates.

Some of my fave are;

@SamHeughan (Jamie),



@RikRankin (Roger),

@Writer_DG (Diana Gabaldon),

@CesarDomboy (Fergus),

@llaurenLyle (Marsali) and of course the official @Outlander_Starz account. 

As you know, the Outlander show has a massive fanbase.

So, the word doesn’t take too long to spread that the production team and the beloved actors are in the area. You could even join them!

Waiting for Outlander season 6 like…

With thanks to the following sites and resources

As a HUGE fan of the show, I did go on an Outlander journey through Scotland last year and visited many of these locations myself.

Although I would love to take all the credit for finding out where these are alone.

It really wouldn’t have been possible to find all of these amazing places without the following resources below. 

A massive thank you to the following;

  • Visit Scotland
  • Outlander Cast  
  • Outlander Locations
  • Outlandish Scotland

Check them out for even more Outlander inspiration and news about filming!

What do you think? Have you visited any of the Outlander filming locations in this list? Let me know in the comments below what your experience was like.

LALLYBROCH 6 of 35 1
Midhope Castle

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